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GPOC to meet demands of employees during first quarter of 2020

Photo: GPOC employees as they protest at Unity oilfields

February 6th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – The Greater Pioneer Operating Company (GPOC) will meet all demands by its South Sudanese employees during the first quarter of the year 2020, a spokesman for the employees said.

Gabriel Matut Malia, the GPOC employees’ representative told Nyamilepedia in a statement that he visited field workers to brief them on the outcome of a meeting they had with the GPOC management.

“I and Mr. HENRY Swaka were sent by the Union leadership to Unity Base Camp and Wizeen Base Camp to brief the field employees on the agreement reached between the Union and GPOC management,” he said in the statement to Nyamilepedia.

“On the ten points apart from the outstanding bonuses and market Adjustment allowance adoption to the gross salaries, we have reached an Agreement with the management to implement all of them BEFORE the end of quarter two of the year (April, May, June 2020),” he added.

He further said other issues were summited by the management to the ministry of petroleum for consideration. These includes the outstanding bonuses and adoption of Market Adjustment Allowance into gross salaries.

“With this letter, we lifted the strike until 29 March 2020 waiting for partners’ response. If the response is negative, we have the following options at our hands: 1. GPOC National employees to go to strike on 1 March 2020, 2. GPOC WORKERS TRADE UNION OF PETROLEUM AND MINING to sue GPOC to court (national, regional or international courts).”

The employees last month conducted a strike demanding improvement in their financial conditions.

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