Government accuse UNMISS of not paying for using the PoCs site Land

UNMISS (File photo)
UNMISS (File photo)

April 19th 2018(Nyamilepedia) – The South Sudanese government has accused the United Nation Mission in South Sudan of not paying South Sudanese citizens whose land is being occupied by the world body and using it as PoCs sites.

Sources from the ministry of foreign affairs told Nyamilepedia, on the condition of anonymity that UNMISS has been using the land for PoCs in Jebel in the nation’s capital  Juba without the consent of the owners of the Land.

“There are complaints from concerned citizens that the UN mission in the country is occupying their land without their consent and without paying them. The government through the ministry of foreign Affairs is following legal and diplomatic procedures to inform the UNMISS about the new development so as to to sit in order to handle this problem with the concerned citizens,” one source said.

Another source said the government is not aware of any consent obtained by the UN mission in South Sudan but said could not confirm whether the later had obtained the ‘supposed’ consent from the ministry of land and housing.

“I personally as a official at the ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation, I am suppose to know whether UNMISS is using the land legally or not, but I am not aware whether the world body’s mission is staying there legally upon the consent of the ministry of land and housing or not,” the source said.

Nyamilepedia could not independently verify but the UNMISS chief in Juba said in a notice that he was surprised as the land has got a memorandum of understanding in August 2017 after the ministry of foreign Affairs – Department of Privileges and Immunities – requested UNMISS to attend an audience for the purpose of getting an amicable solution before closed-door meetings take place between between the ministry and the UN mission in the country.

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