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Gen. Peter Gatdet is a Hero: Gordon Buay

Gordon Buay Malek thinking of what to post on Facebook...
Gordon Buay Malek thinking of what to post on Facebook…

July 15, 2015(Nyamilepedia) – Gordon Buay who is a government diplomat in Washington D.C and a controversial figure has caused another controversy after calling rebel commander Peter Gatdet as a hero during discussion with pro-government supporters, drawing angry response from wider Dinka community especially Bor.

In a heated discussion on social media Gordon Buay blasted one senior elder from Greater Bor Dr. Lual Achuek, telling him and others that Gen. Peter Gatdet was a Hero, something supporters didn’t expect to her from Salva Kiir’s government official.

It all started after rumour emerged that General Peter Gatdet and another senior general had defected, the claim was later dismissed by the SPLM-IO as rumours and normal administrative changes within the opposition ranks.

“What Dr. Lual Achuek Deng wrote in development forum claiming that Peter Gatdet and Gathoth Gatkuoth were arrested is NOT true”. said Gordon Buay on his social media page.

Dr. Lual Achuek Deng who is a well respected elder and former government official from Bor had suggested that Peter Gatdet should be arrested, but Gordon Buay fired back at Dr Lual Achuek leading to rage and anger within the greater Bor community who see Gordon Buay’s remarks as an insult to those Dinka killed in fighting of Bor.

“I want to inform Lual Achuek that HERO Jundi Iraq (Peter Gatdet) ….is fine… and arrived in Pagak” Amb. Gordon Buay wrote in reply to claims from Dr. Lual Achuek against Peter Gatdet.

Buay’s remark has caused anger and confusion amongst government supporters especially those from Dinka Bor who have called for Gordon Buay to retract his remark or give further explanation.

One pro-government support describes Buay’s remark as absurd, saying Buay has finally revealed his true colours.

“We’ve been led to believe something else but surely there’s a crack in Buay’s rhetoric. One wonder if Buay has finally succumbed to his inner self given this language. Unless this term has lost its meaning but this is totally absurd” said a government supporter by the name Leek.

Another pro-government supporter by name Ayuen said Gordon Buay remarks was an indication of enemy from within, calling Buay to be careful what he says as a government official not to hurt peoples feelings.

Amb. Gordon Buay could not be reached for comments by the time of this report.

General Peter Gatdet Yak who until recently served as the oppositions deputy chief of staff for Operations is seen as one of oppositions formidable rebel commanders, he carries huge support amongst opposition supporters and is seen by his supporters as a Hero general who stood up to fight Kiir’s dictatorship government.

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Reath Koak Mut Oman July 22, 2015 at 10:49 am

Buay eate your blood brethers ‘sisters ‘mothers children and fathers slit en with our claims. You are die body walk.

chuolkhan July 22, 2015 at 10:40 pm

That is some thing is going to be happen from Buay Plse ,plse we have told you so many time that do not deny the massacre which was happened from Juba Dec-15 up to now a day .See what is going to happen from your supporting Kiir good for your support of Dinkas man your death will come like blinking of the eyes with out knowing man we are your people instead to claims that no, Nuer who have been kill during that time u remember that statement we are recorded bro event if they kill us and no body who will ask about us i think God will us you each of every one but you does not know how God will judge you guys Consequence ,consequence on you Buay

chuolkhan July 23, 2015 at 1:17 am

Plse Buay we don,t want your words to say Gatdet is hero we know our heroes why do you pronounce it that is hero for what???????? or if you want to surrender plse tell us if not just kept quit otherwise you will be in between nowhere to go till u die

Gordon Buay Malek July 23, 2015 at 1:27 am

In war and politics there are no permanent enemies. Gatdet is a hero. What that dinka bandit call Lual Achuek said is misleading and intolerable. I keep my words.

To you Nuer brothers and sisters, death to all of you who support rebels. As I said in 2014 only death is between us. Kill me when you find me or I will kill of all of you first. You will never defeat us.


ALONEWOLF July 23, 2015 at 2:25 am

Gordon Buay is not your blood socker Riek Machar and Jaban Taban are your blood sockers.

chuolkhan July 23, 2015 at 2:39 am

Man the problem is that i will not kill you by myself but if i found you bro i will do it so but the bad thing which have to see Dinka will kill you before me mark my words plse becuze of misleading them and you correct them while you taking their dollars because you deny the killing of nuer before they trusted you so now you must to be hung.Okay if you say there is no permanent enemies is for you to me i can say that there will be permanent like Dinkas and Nuer some things in norm we will teaches our children on that in war and politics tell me what if foreigners troops are not there to protect you Juba is already in our side right? i think you know that blind could not give stalk to go on the road one should go by him self or herself not yet bro let us cook it until it will get ready to eat bro shame on you those who support kiir while kiir will not leave your mother ,sister,brother and children he will burn them alive ,and fuck them time is coming for you guys foods lovers or Nuer wew one will rape his sister and mother by force dinka will let you do it so wait some time it happen there in Bul-nuer areas Dinkas will laugh at you tomorrow when things got change this is too much shame on you guys .I can say and it should be good when Dinkas burn our children alive and rape them by themselves and castrated our young boys by themselves some thing proud to other world if we fear to them not resisted their fighting man not joke.

Karab July 23, 2015 at 2:58 am

Useless GB, how can you wish to kill some one who is having a different idea from yours? I know you are mentally sick but did you forget you were a rebel a while ago. If there was a real democracy in south sudan, there would not have been rebels. Only the dictatorship of salva kiir forced the SPLM IO to rebel. that is all. And then you jumped in the middle to fill your hyena stomach & cooperated with salva kiir to kill, rape & destroy your community. If i were you, i would have hanged my self. talking about death, you are right. you deserve death but those people opposing salva kiir are heroes who will be remembered in history of south sudan.

chuolkhan July 23, 2015 at 6:24 am

Dull in mind you know me i was joint spla/m since i was immature person having 15 years i have good experience of the government since there is no dollars which make people active you can not compete me then your father Buay and you common man i have been train by spla/m 1995-6 ask some one there in areas where u do not know event let me asking you one q do u know khordeng majiok(jaberat which jonglei state ) there around Buma like you go to murle areas ???????????? at the time there is no money like now i was there dude Am not like you i think at the time you was in enjoying what so call Matoka there in Uganda or you just go at the time of your father ,s corruption right? i think so man Buay was there in Ethiopia i know him very well at the time some year like 1998 he when to America that is why you can not competed with me duma Karab

288weechwang July 23, 2015 at 6:54 pm

Disgraced forever . you are desperate lilttle fellow where can you go now? Staying in goverment isn’t good nor to try to joint those you called “terrorist” Your mind have been confused by dollar. Your life and carrer as politician is over.I am wondering,where can you go now? Only one way ticket to bar el ghazal. Remeber,you aren’t welcome to any nuer land forever. Even your body ‘ll not be buried in nuer territory.

ALONEWOLF July 24, 2015 at 3:32 am

chuolkhan my is not choul khan I’m. a terrorist, besides you can not touch me because. I live in sheraton hotel as bodyguard for hotel commander in chief Dr Riek Machar in Addis Ababa. and in Nairobi Kenya. also if you like Dinka name and then name your baby’s name Dinka.


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