Gawaar Community Dismisses Calls For Unsustainable Peace By Government Allied Individuals

Gawaar Youth meeting for an election in Juba, South Sudan in 2012(Photo credits: Gatluak Dak)
Gawaar Youth meeting for an election in Juba, South Sudan in 2012(Photo credits: Gatluak Dak)

July 16, 2015(Nyamilepedai) — Reacting to calls for “peace” by members of Gawaar-Nuer community in Uganda, leaders of Phou Community and Gawaar-Nuer subsection strongly condemn the family of Duoth Guet and their supporters for generalizing the community for individuals’ interests.

According to members of Phou state, who attended the event, a few members of Gawaar-Nuer community gathered in Thomas Duoth’s house in Kampala, Uganda, to welcome his sister in-law, who arrived from Pangak County last month.

Many members, who reacted to the political article, regret attending the function that they believe was done in respect of Nuer traditions and Douth’s sister-in-law but not for individuals’ political quests.

According to chairman of Phou Community, and the Secretary General of Constitutional Affairs of Gawaar-Nuer Community in Kampala-Uganda, Mr. James Tayien Koang, who submitted his report to Nyamilepedia the event was only attended in good faith.

“The meeting concerned to welcoming them in a good faith only without adding anything according to the mere messages that I heard from those who went and attended it.” Tayien explains.

Mr. Tayien condemns, dismisses and blames the chairman of Gawaar-Nuer community, Ter Manyang, for submitting the community to Salva Kiir’s government in the name of unsustainable peace.

Thomase Douth, the director of external security, is the only government official, who testified in the court of law in Juba in March 2014, alleging that there was a coup in the country.

Many other government officials including the chief of general staff of SPLA, and Chief of Military Intelligence, who are now dismissed, refuted the claims of coup in Juba.

Duoth has also been accused by other government officials, including Brig. Gen. Gatwech Puoch, who recently defected to the Opposition, of masterminding the coup in Juba.

The members of Gawaar-Community, who reacted through social media, recall members of their community, who were massacred in Juba at the watch of Gen. Thomas Duoth Guet, whose security officers, had much control in Juba as members of his ethnic Nuer tribe were killed in door-to-door raids.

“Repeatedly what happened in Juba no one could bind it with a baseless ideology if you are really created in God’s image. I too condemn and dismissed that it’s a total trick and hostage manner. What Ter did to us because we as a community are the key indicators and the mostly affected community in this war we are in. We don’t see any unity with that Man that so call Thomas  Douth Guet.” Tayien reiterates.

At the onset of the conflict, prominent members of Gawaar-Nuer community, including the Member of Parliament(MP) representing Ayod county, was killed in his house. Children and women were also killed.

“Because Duoth was the one who masterminded the coup in Juba that led to the killing of thousand of Nuer and indeed were exterminated like flies in 2013. In addition, many eyes’ witnesses documented by the International community and also confirmed with the evidence of three hundred dead bodies found in house at Manga Tien plus people were slaughtered to death like goats in Giudele.” part of the Gawaar-Nuer reports reads.

Actions Against the Chairman, Ter Manyang

According to the Secretary of Legal Affair of Ayod Student Association in Uganda, Tayien Koang, their chairman has violated their constitution for unilaterally deciding on their behave.

“As the secretary of legal Affair of Ayod Student Association, what this man [Ter] has committed I could called it a misconduct of Gawaar constitution which states in article 6:close 6.1:

(e) a chairperson shall have emergency powers to make decision on behalf of the association but in consultation with at least two or three members of executive, including the secretary general. in the same article clause 6.1 (b) the chairman shall preside over executive and emergency meetings.

“He did this without consulting his executive members as if he is keeping the leadership of Gawaar in his pocket. I humbly request all of you dear to stay tune for what our brother post on the media; to let the raise of Nuer people get to know that we don’t have compromises and reconciliations with those ones in Juba who have gained riches through the blood shade of Nuer, E.G Douth Gueet, Gathoth Mai, Marial Benjemin, Riek Geah, Nguen Muonytuel and many others.” Mr. Tayien continued.

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