Full List Of Omar Al-Bashir’s New Cabinet

Omar el Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan
Omar el Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan

May 11, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Sudan President Omar al-Bashir has formed his new Cabinet in the government of national unity. Below is the full list of Ministerial Formation.

  1.  Lieutenant General Bakri Hassan Saleh, First Deputy President and Prime Minister
  2. Dr. Altjani Sisi,  Vice President of the Republic
  3.  Imam al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, Deputy Prime Minister
  4. Maulana Hassan Mohammed Othman Al Mirghani, Assistant to the President of the Republic
  5. Mubarak Abdullah Al-Mahdi, Assistant to the President of the Republic
  6. Tayeb Hassan Badawi, Assistant to the President of the Republic
  7. Dr. Ahmed Saad Omar, Advisor to the President of the Republic
  8.  Eng. Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamed, Advisor to the President of the Republic
  9.  Mr. Fadl al-Sayed Issa, Adviser to the President of the Republic
  10.  Dr.Mahmedmokhtar Hassan Hussein, Minister of the Presidency of the Republic
  11.  Lieutenant General Ali Mohamed Salem, Minister of Defense
  12.  The first security team engineer Mohamed Atta Moli Abbas, Minister of Interior
  13.  Dr. Ibrahim Ghandour, Minister of Foreign Affairs
  14. Mr. Kamal Omar Minister of Justice
  15. Dr. Abdul Rahman Dirar, Minister of Finance
  16. Dr. Faisal Hassan Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Electricity and Dams
  17. Dr. Hassan Abdulqader Hilal, Minister of Foreign Trade
  18. Prof. Awad Haj Ali, Minister of Higher Education
  19.  Prof. Hamid Hammad Ismail Mehdi, Minister of Public Education
  20. Prof. Taraji Mostafa Mahmoud, Minister of Environment
  21. Dr.Bahdradris Abukrda, Minister of Health Haidarjalkuma Minister of Labor
  22. Mrs. Mashaer Mohammed Al-Dulayb Minister of Social Development
  23. Dr. Taha Ali Al-Bashir, Minister of Youth and Sports
  24. Dr. Nasr Abunajima, Minister of Human Development and Resources
  25. Dr.Medther Hamed Al-Madh, Minister of Transport
  26. Prof. Rashid Diab, Minister of Culture
  27. Prof Rashid Mohammed Hussein, Minister of Minerals
  28. Eng. Mohammed Abdul Rahim, Minister of Communications
  29. Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Daqeer, Minister of Industry
  30. Mr. Abu-Qasim, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
  31. Mr. Fadl al-Mawla Al-Haja, Minister of Federal Government
  32. Dr. Fadl Ali Fadl, Minister of Investment
  33. Dr. Farah Aqar, Minister of Agriculture
  34. Dr. Ahmed Bilal, Minister of Information
  35. Eng. Yousef Hussein Labbas, Minister of Roads and Bridges
  36. Osama Abdullah, Minister of Oil and Gas
  37. Eng. Munjid Abulqasim Hassan, Minister of Electricity and dams
  38. Team Siddique Mohamed Ismail, Minister of International Cooperation
  39.  Babeker Ahmed Dokneh, Minister of State at the Ministry of Transport and Communications
  40. Adam Adam, Minister of State at the Ministry of Roads and Bridges
  41.  Bishara Juma Aror, Minister of State, Ministry of Commerce
  42. Dr. Jalal Rabeh, Minister of State at the Ministry of Justice
  43. Hasabo Abdul Rahman, Minister of State, headed by the Council of Ministers
  44. Professor Abu Majd, Minister of State in the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  45. Professor Mai Al-Fadhel, Advisor to the President for Women Affairs

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