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Former Leader of South Sudan’s Major Political Parties Starts a New Rebellion

Dr. Lam Akol reaffirmed that South Sudan's incumbent president signed a document that was not negotiated by the parties and also accused the government delegation for lacking political will to political settlement(Photo: supplied)
Dr. Lam Akol reaffirmed that South Sudan’s incumbent president signed a document that was not negotiated by the parties and also accused the government delegation for lacking political will to political settlement(Photo: supplied)

Sept 26, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s former Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, and the former leader of 18 political parties, Dr. Lam Akol, has now formed a new rebel movement to work closely with other major armed opposition parties in the country.

Dr. Lam resigned all his positions that he held in Juba for the past 3 years and went to exile in Ethiopia in July following heavy fighting in the capital, Juba, between July 7th to July 11th.

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According to a document extended to Nyamilepedia, Dr Lam’s new armed resistance is called National Democratic Movement (NDM).

Together with other armed opposition parties, NDM will command its forces and wage popular struggle to oust Kiir’s “totalitarian, corrupt and ethnocentric regime in Juba”.

“The National Democratic Movement was born to wage the struggle, together with others in the field, against the totalitarian, corrupt and ethnocentric regime in Juba that is bent on dragging our country into the abyss,” reads parts of the statement.

Akol has previously chaired SPLM for Democratic Change(SPLM-DC) before he  renamed it to Democratic Change Party(DCP).

Both SPLM-DC and DCP have waged meaningful political opposition in the country, however, Dr. Lam and his collision, which composed of 18 political parties, did not insert any meaningful influence into South Sudan’s politics as Lam himself was in what he terms as “a big prison within Juba”.

During his time in Juba, Akol had spearheaded non-violence opposition and severally called for a peaceful dialogue between stakeholders, however, being in a government territory, Lam was blocked from attending the peace talks in Addis Ababa and was banned from leaving the country.

With his new rebel movement, Akol believes that his party will unit various fronts and rebuild social fabrics among the South Sudanese at home and abroad.

Dr. Lam explains that NDM will act as a tool for “transformation of the centuries-old conditions of extreme poverty, ignorance, illiteracy and cultural backwardness of the masses of our people.”

He further reiterates that the movement is founded on the principles and concept of national democratic revolution based on the core values of freedom, equality, justice and fraternity, and solidarity anchored in historical and philosophical perspectives.

“These values translate into fundamental rights and freedoms as provided for in the UN Conventions of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.” reads parts of the statement.

The political statement of the NDM set out in details what the NDM stands for and how to rid the people of the totalitarian ethnocentric regime in Juba and replace it with a pro-people inclusive government.

“It must be clear from the outset, the NDM is not just for change of personalities in Juba to replace them with others of the same feathers; it is out for a radical change in the country that will bring about genuine state-building and nation-building” the statement continued.

The statement stresses that NDM will work closely with the SPLM/A in opposition to ensure that a government of the people for the people is restored in the country.

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