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Fighting in Jalle Leaves 9 dead, State government appeals for disarmament

South Sudan conflict gets complicated as more guns ends up in the hands of untrained civilians.(Photo: file)
South Sudan conflict gets complicated as more guns ends up in the hands of untrained civilians.(Photo: file)

June 21, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — Responding to the news, the Secretary General of Jonglei State government, Mabior Atem Mabior, calls on the national government to avail a comprehensive disarmament plan so that all youth in the country can be disarmed to reduce tribal conflicts.

Hon. Mabior made his statement in response to the latest fighting in Pamuon cattle camp in Jalle Payam of Bor county where 9 people were killed and 9 others were injured on Wednesday this week.

At least two children were killed and three other children, including a 5-year old, have sustained gunshots and one child is in critical condition.

According to reliable reports from Jalle, at least 15, 000 herds of cattle were raided and many civilians have been displaced.

Fighting in Murle,

Retaliating the latest Murle attacks on their areas in Nuer and Dinkaland, thousands of youth from the two major tribes of Nuer and Dinka are closing in on Pibor Administrative areas.

Reports from Pibor indicate that while the Murle have tried to fight back, the Dinka and Nuer youth are advancing on pibor.

“This is a peace mission. We are only going to recover our cattle, children and women who were stolen by the Murle. It is a self-defense” Reads part of the white army report.

While more than 20 wounded youths have arrived in Bor town within the last two days, there is no clear reports on the number of casualties.

The Nuer and Dinka, however, are threatening to fight on until Murle is forcefully disarmed to avoid further attacks on their areas.

“What do you expect, Murle every day. Murle everywhere. They are killing our people and raiding our livelihood. This is our last resort” The leader of the white army James Gatluak said.

Attack on Makuach

White the Nuer and Dinka youth were matching to Pibor, the Murle youth came from behind and attacked areas in Bor county that include Makuach and Atet on June 18. Many people were killed and cattle raided.

“Murle attack Makuach and Atet right now /few hours ago . It’s getting crazy” Beth Maketh said.


It’s true makuach has been attacked” Majuch Joseph Alphamikekebiir confirmed.

Although the Alian youth have reportedly recovered their cattle and defeated the attack on their areas, there is fear in Bor town that the Murle could attack the Jonglei state capital any time.

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