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Family of slain retired general demands justice

August 27, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — The family of Late Maj. Gen. Bior Ajoh Bior, who was killed by a gunman at Sherikat, Juba, South Sudan, on Sunday August 23rd, 2020 are demanding justice for their son.

Late police general, Bior Ajoh Bior, was killed on Sunday August 23, 2020 in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)
Late police general, Bior Ajoh Bior, was killed on Sunday August 23, 2020 in Juba, South Sudan(Photo credit: supplied)

According to a letter that was issued yesterday by the family of Late Maj. Gen. Bior, the family expressed sadness over how the matter has been handled so far.

Narrating the incident, the family explained that the murderer, who has been identified as Andrew Apukic Anhiem, said “you are Bior Ajoh that I have been looking for” before shooting him.

“Immediately he pulled out his gun that he had hidden near the vicinity in a sack and pointed it to the General’s stomach and said “I’m going to kill you in order to avenge Lual Marine”” the family explained in a statement issued and signed by Bior Keech Buor, cousin of the deceased.

The family reiterates that Apukic shot the deceased four time and remained on scene, which is a military barrack, for three hours.

“Eyewitnesses who were there say, the gunman Apukic Anhiem who had threatened to kill him, came and opened fire. Most of the people who were there ran for their lives. But the assailant concentrated his aim on Gen. Bior, shooting him four times and he died instantly”

“Although the incident happened within the premises of the military barrack, the gunman remained at the scene for three hours, standing over the body of General Bior and there was no any intervention from the soldiers who were nearby” The family explained.

The family has dismissed speculations and promised that they will not retaliate or avenge their son but as usual they will follow the rule of law.

“We strongly believe in the rule of law and hope that the government, as usual, will take necessary measure and do General Bior Ajoh Bior justice he rightfully deserves” The family concludes.

South Sudan capital has been experiencing gun violence from “unknown gunmen” for years and both civilians and member of the armed forces have succumbed to such incidents.

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