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Dr. Machar ready to table “South Sudan Vision 2040”

Sep 13, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — While sharing the Governance Cluster, South Sudan’s First Vice President and the leader of the main armed opposition, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, avails what would be Vision 2040 for the country.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President, holding the meeting of the Governance Cluster on Vision 2040, Sep 12, 2020(Photo credit: OoP/Nyamilepedia)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny, First Vice President, holding the meeting of the Governance Cluster on Vision 2040, Sep 12, 2020(Photo credit: OoP/Nyamilepedia)

According to the Cabinet Affairs Minister, Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro, the Governance Cluster shared its 15th meeting this week and recommended a full review of the South Sudan Vision 2040.

“Governance Cluster meeting number 15 this week reviewed the South Sudan Vision 2040, and recommended its full review with participation of representatives from the other Clusters before tabling it to the Council of Ministers meeting for final approval.” Reads part of the Statement from the Office of the Vice President.

In a statement seen by our editorial team, Dr. Machar recommended that various reforms that were recently established in the Revitalized Peace Agreement should be added in the South Sudan Vision 2040 that aims to project how the young country should look 20 years from now.

“Chaired by the First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar, the meeting conducted in the Council of Ministers meeting hall recommended incorporation into the South Sudan Vision 2040 aspects of crosscutting reform agenda provided for in the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCSS).” Gatdet said.

Among the key elements of the Vision 2040 is how the South Sudanese should build an academically informed nation that would be prosperous, productive and innovative, something that countries like Rwanda that emerged out of brutal conflicts are achieving in less than 30 years.

“The strategies for the delivery of the Vision include: building an educated and informed nation, prosperous, productive and innovative, compassionate and tolerant, free, just and peaceful, democratic and accountable, safe, secure and healthy as well as united and proud.” Read part of a statement extended to Nyamilepedia.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, Dr. Martin Elia said the Governance Cluster meeting also recommended construction of a new spacious hall for the Cabinet meetings.

“The new hall would be equipped with the State of the Art communications technology in preparations for E-Government.” the spokesman added.

Dr. Elia reiterates that the Hall will be built ASAP as a top priority as the leaders are falling behind on key protocols that need attention of the cabinet ministers.

South Sudan’s Governance Cluster that is headed by Dr. Machar is composed of 12 national ministers but relevant Undersecretaries from different ministries also take part in the Cluster meeting to provide technical support, depending on the agenda of the meeting.

The Vision 2040 has been a work in progress since 2010, however, due to conflict it stalled and now it has to be revitalized again.

To revitalize the Vision 2040 many reforms that emerged in the conflict will have to be incorporated and all clusters have to contribute and agree to its final version, something that could take months or even more years before it is launched.

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