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Dr. Machar pledged to stand for peace and stability in Ayod County

Juba, South Sudan

July 7, 2021 — The First Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar Teny met leaders from the Gawaar Community of Ayod County, Jonglei State, on Monday, July 5th, 2021.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny meeting with the commissioner of Ayod County and Ayod leaders on July 5, 2021(Photo credit: supplied)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny meeting with the commissioner of Ayod County and Ayod leaders on July 5, 2021(Photo credit: supplied)

Addressing the Gawaar Community leaders, Dr. Machar assured them of his support and pledged that the SPLM/A in Opposition is for peace and shall always support peace and stability in Ayod County.

The delegation was led by the Ayod County commissioner, Brigadier General James Chuol Jiek, who won the seat of commissionership through the government’s ticket.

Gen. Chuol was accompanied by two state ministers, Hon. James Mawich Makuach and Hon. Nyalele John Chuol, and members of parliament that include Hon. Gatkuoth Waat Joar and Co-Chair of the JDB Lt. General Gabriel Duop Lam plus other Gawaar leaders and elders.

In a statement extended to Nyamilepedia, the delegation briefed Dr. Machar at his office on the successful completion of the Gawaar meeting that was finalized at New Sudan Palace in Juba on Sunday.

The First Vice President commended Ayod Commissioner Mr. Chuol for the decisive initiative, adding that he has been always together with Gawaar and shall continue supporting the county leadership.

Machar promised them that SPLM-IO is committed to peace and shall not side with any group that oppose the appointed leadership of the county.

“He said if any group is lobbying for a change of leadership in the County, this is not the right time and I.O won’t be part of that because it’s not our concern since the leadership of the county has been allocated to SPLM-IG” Read part of the statement.

Machar also urged Mogok Community of Ayod county to nominate a competent person to the position of the Executive Director if the Commissioner has agreed to give it to the SPLM-IO, emphasizing that they should nominate someone who will not be thinking of competing and drugging Commissioner’s leg because if that happens, there won’t be a progress in Ayod.

According to the statement, Machar said he will instruct John Khan to lead the SPLM-IO Leadership that is currently headquarted in Mogok town to Ayod town before the Commissioner arrives.

Machar stressed that he will support the delegation that shall be accompanying the Commissioner back to Ayod , and urged the Commissioner to inform him once the team is ready to leave.

In his conclusion, Machar said the SPLM-IO is for peace and shall continue to support peace and stability in Ayod County and the whole country.

Meanwhile, he called on the leaders from both sides to unite and work together in collaboration for the betterment of the people of Ayod County.

The two sides have had misunderstanding right after the appointment of the new commissioner accusing him of lacking capacity to lead the county and questioning his leadership.

Chuol is a battle-hardened junior general who hanged onto control of Ayod town for Kiir’s side since 2015 for which he found himself isolated by the community.

Until a devastating flood forced a huge population into Ayod town late last year, 2020, Gen. Chuol had control of less than 25 percent of the county’s population as the county remains largely controlled by the SPLM/A-IO; however, to give peace a chance, majority of the population would allow him to lead the county as long as he will not impose his military interests on them.

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