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Dismissal of the press Release tittle Declaration of Breaking away of Lou Nuer from SPLM-IO, by two disgruntle members in Juba today 31st Jan, 2020.

Lou-nuer generals and local chiefs defecting from the SPLM/A-IO announcing their defections on January 31, 2021(Photo credit: file)
Lou-nuer generals and local chiefs defecting from the SPLM/A-IO announcing their defections on January 31, 2021(Photo credit: file)

Feb 15, 2021(Nyamilepedia) —  We, the members of Lou Nuer in SPLM/A-IO under visionary and wise leadership of H.E Dr. Riek Machar, Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A-IO, strongly dismissed and condemned in strongest term possible the use of Lou Nuer Community name in the press release defection in Juba today by discontented and disgruntle individual members, (Remembered in the Bible Judas didn’t use Jews name when he betrayed Jesus, please withdraw the name of OUR BEAUTIFUL COMMUNITY in your betrayal press release letter).

Lou Nuer in SPLM-IO are neither positions seekers nor did we joined this revolutionary movement for the money but for a just cause.
I would like to urge Jamuth Yuot Dak to immediately withdraw the use of Lou Nuer name in their press release, LOU NUER are not known for betrayal as you did today, however the use of Community name in the press release will have dare consequences not only for betraying the cause of the struggle but PLAYING with the name of the GOD GIVING COMMUNITY in the media outlet is none starter.
Yes Jamuth defected today simply because he lost his seat some weeks back when community were not happy with how he managed resources and security of Akobo County for the last three years and that is why he lost hope in the people’s movement, declared his misconceiving and misleading defection along with self claimed chiefs and private soldiers who were not in SPLM-IO Ranks and Files but from Waat barracks who joined the government in 2016 and are yet to be commissioned.
However, we the leaders, sons and daughters of Lou Nuer Community in IO are still loyal and adhered to the cause of struggle and we want to assure Lou Nuer Community and SPLM/A-IO supporters in South Sudan and around the world that Lou Nuer members in SPLM/A-IO are 100% committed to the SPLM/A-IO until freedom, accountability, justice, equality and prosperous South Sudan is achieved.
Viva SPLM-IO Viva!
Viva Freedom Viva
Viva Dr. Riek Machar Viva
Viva Lou Nuer Viva
Lt.Col. Puok Nyang Tutjiek Deng
Former Secretary of Physical Infrastructure.
SPLM-IO, Bieh State
WhatsApp: +211922217822

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