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Crime and Insecurity Reach Boiling Point in Capital Juba as Senior Police Chief admits failure by Police

Juba crime scene on the 2nd September 2015; Two young men shot dead by unidentified gunmen who according to witnesses had police and army uniforms on.
Juba crime scene on the 2nd October 2015; Two young men shot dead by unidentified gunmen who according to witnesses had police and army uniforms on.

October 02, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) – South Sudan’s Deputy Inspector General of Police says crime in Juba was spiralling out of control and criminals have become more intelligent than the South Sudan Police in Juba.

Speaking on the insecurity and crimes ravaging the young national capital, Juba, Deputy Police Chief, Lt General Andrew Kuol, told a radio station in Juba that the police could no longer cope up with crime rates and insecurity hitting the capital.

“criminals are now very intelligent… they counter, wherever they see there is no visibility of police” said Gen. Andrew Kuol

Gen Kuol says the Police is always not there so the criminals take advantage and exploit the empty gaps left by the police, adding that the Capital lacks enough Police to handle crime.

“They see the Police is not always there…they move immediately to where the Police is not there, so this is a vicious circle of the threat” Added Deputy Police Chief

Insecurity in the capital Juba has reached a record high with daily reports of shooting, armed robbery, killings and kidnappings which have now become a daily occurrence in South Sudan’s capital.

Last month unknown gunmen stormed Gudele Police station in northern part of Juba killing one officer and taking more than 10 weapons from the police station.

This week armed gunmen stormed a hotel killing two foreigners said to be Eritreans, other foreigners have also been caught up in crime. Last month two aid workers were stopped and raped at gunpoint.

Last weekend armed men, believed to be from the army, raided Juba Malakia Police Station ordering police to release one of their colleagues which had been earlier arrested for robbery, the standoff ended up in shooting of one police man.

South Sudan Police has been suffering from neglect and lack of funding from the government of President Salva Kiir.

Last week Juba was held at standstill when Police Protesters went on a shooting rampage for several hours protesting lack of salaries for several months.

South Sudan government has been using nearly 40% of the country’s budget driven from oil funding the war in Upper Nile region leaving the security in capital and neighboring Equatorian states as a master of concern to the communities.

It is not clear if the money is properly utilized by the concerned government institutions to train, arm and pay the Police and other organized forces.

Salva Kiir’s government is said to have used nearly $500 million dollars of the country’f budget on Security, but Police and other organized forces including the army often complain of lacking equipment and regularly go without salaries for many months.

Gen. Andrew Kuol says the civilian population was now more armed than the Police forces making it difficult for police to control armed crimes and insecurity in the capital.

The senior Police officer said he would like to see a comprehensive disarmament in the capital Juba.

When asked by the reporter why criminals are never caught or arrested, the deputy inspector replied by saying those who are committing the crimes in Juba are ‘still’ being arrested but have not yet been arrested.

The recently signed peace agreement calls for formations of a new Joint Police Force based on a a new formation which includes both sides of the country’s warring parties.

According to the peace accord, the New Joint Police Force will take up all security duties inside the capital Juba, including patrol and protection of citizens in Juba and also in the other states.

The warring parties have agreed to form a joint police force comprising of 1500 personnel each during a security workshop in Ethiopia, but have failed to agree on other aspects of the security arrangement for the capital including composition of the Presidential Guard and Guards Forces.

President Kiir’s regime still insists the new Police force to be formed should remain under his command and headed by his Inspector General, a requirement which the armed oppositions has rejected.

The regime also wants more forces from the National Security and Wildlife to be allowed to all stay inside the capital, but the armed opposition oppose the idea saying it is not inline with the peace agreement and demands for full demilitarization of the capital.

According to Micheal Makuei Lueth, security team comprising of senior officials and officers from the armed opposition are due to visit the South Sudan’s capital Juba in the coming few days to prepare for implementation of security arrangements, a report that Nyamilepedia could not confirmed.

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GatNor October 2, 2015 at 2:36 am

Oh wow, nice world of corruptions. Just give me 1 and 1 reason why the police commissionerror & his forces should even continue to keep his job if the criminals are smarter than them.

ankol thomas October 2, 2015 at 3:45 am

why do people of south Sudan not mining of their dear ones, killing one another everyday.
there is a say that the police are not controlling the town well,Not really the rate of crime in juba is more than any other state of south Sudan,for instance things like police uniform can be bought in market or in police HQ bulluk without verification of ID card, don’t think is a crime,
that’s why today rate of crime raise in juba high than any other state of south Sudan.

Biajuron October 2, 2015 at 4:20 pm

No well train police and security in South Sudan plus luck of salaries for the organize forces.

Eastern October 2, 2015 at 10:40 pm

This is expected to happen when non police personnel are allowed to do police work! Why does the government dress the Mathiang Anyour in police uniform; this is happening lately in South Sudan in anticipation of the demilitarisation of aJuba and and other towns. Dressing these former cattlecamp thieves would not solve the problems of insecurity in Juba but worsen it.

The indisciplined presidential guards should not be dressed in police uniform but relocated out of Juba leaving only the numbers agreed with the opposition to guard the presidency. Dressing them in police uniform, as is happening now, is a very dangerous comouflage which will undo the just signed peace accord.

sunday October 5, 2015 at 5:34 am

woo, no security, freedom and we are living in pain everyday better for all the security personnel to leave their positions vacant. Lets see other countries people move through out the day and night Security guaranteed, every one is certain of his or her life. GOD FORBIT OUR LEADERS!


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