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BREAKING: US says will not recognize South Sudan Gov’t if it extended its term

United States Ambassador to Juba Thomas Hushek (File photo)
United States Ambassador to Juba Thomas Hushek (File photo)

July 4th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – The United States government said on Wednesday that South Sudan’s government will not be recognized as legitimate by the United States, allies and the world should it extend its term for an additional three years rather than using the current peace efforts to legitimize itself.

South Sudan’s Justice Minister on Tuesday presented a draft proposal that seek to extend the term of President Salva Kiir and that of the parliament itself, almost three years after similar move resulted in a controversy.

Speaking to government officials at his official residence in Juba on Tuesday night, which marked the 242nd United States Independence anniversary, the United States Ambassador to Juba,  Thomas Hushek, said the efforts by the South Sudan government to extend its term through military and legislative or premature elections will not lead to a lasting peace in South Sudan.

“The short cut for unilateral efforts by the government to extend its term in the office by legislative or military means or be a premature elections, will not lead to a lasting peace or be recognized as legitimate by the world or by the people of South Sudan,” he told the high-level official gathering.

He said the government that is of the people is that kind of the government that is elected by the people themselves.

“The government by the people means that all citizens have the opportunity to exercise their duties as a citizen and to participate in free and fair elections” he further said.

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Stephen Dak July 4, 2018 at 6:02 am

Yes, dear one, when people say things there are always skeptic who do not want to believe and on my part I got that. The word that somebody says is not effective until there is a follow up action when it is not obeyed. Because word without action is meaningless and an action without word is not understood. So do what you mean and mean what you say, therefore everything will work accordingly. Do I say this without knowing its fruits? Not really, it is because I understand it works for me very well and will do the same likewise. The point I am making is that US, might say this and no one will pay attention until they fulfill it because they might already have learned that whatever, they say is not heeded by the party unless they want to use the other technique to make their voice unique on this matter otherwise it is another point which will not be meaningful.


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