BREAKING: Thousands of Citizens Still Fleeing South Sudan To Neighboring Countries, Officials Say!

Torit, Imatong,

The internally displaced persons in UN protection camps within the capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
The internally displaced persons in UN protection camps within the capital, Juba(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

October 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) officials reported that thousands of citizens in Imatong state are fleeing the volatile state to take refuge in the neighboring countries, Kenya and Uganda, for their own safety.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia press over the phone, Hon. John Odongi Simon, the Acting Director of South Sudan Relief & Rehabilitation Commission of Iamtong state confirmed that majority of those fleeing the country are women and children.

“The flight is worsened by fears of insecurity and tough economic conditions in the country and few weeks the area had increased in very big number,” Odongi said.

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Feremino Odwoyiong, the Chief of Lolil Village, confirmed the reports saying many of his village residents left for Kenya and some still packing at the moment, preparing to leave.

“We are afraid of worsening insecurity situation in our homes, and in South Sudan at large, I am wondering on what will happen to me and remaining residents as we expecting Christmas and time where there will be no rain,” Odwoyiong told Nyamilepedia press.

Ohia John, a youth resident from Loronyo told Nyamilepedia press at Kapoeta, the capital city of Narmurnyang state, that he is going with his widow mother to Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya because of insecurity in the area, adding that they have nothing to survive on.

Hellen Ilir, who was in the same convoy with Ohia John told Nyamilepedia press that she came from Kakuma to pick up her mother and two brothers for Kakuma.

“Torit, Lafon, Lopit, Magwi and Kapoeta corridors becoming unsafe area for human settlement,” Ilir said.

On Oct 21, The United Nations Mission in South Sudan or UNMISS in Imatong State called on the leadership in Juba to listen to the cries of citizens for peace and to open up ways for developmental projects in the country.

According to UNMISS Reports South Sudan is deeply affected by the conflict that the country may not achieve Global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 if the war continues.

Bashir Alligella, the UNMISS Acting Head of Field Office in Torit, says achieving the Sustainable Development Goals will be very difficult in the country.

Alligella added that countries around the globe are working on the new Sustainable Development Goals but South Sudan might not succeed if the violence remains a threat.

However responding to the reports, Brig. Gen. Hon. Okidimoi Ogura, the Imatong State Minister of Local & Law enforcement Agency says the government is committed to bringing peace and to allow the UN agencies to continue reaching the needy “with their developmental projects”.

South Sudan has worsen since July 2016 after the peace agreement and the Transitional Government of National Unity collapsed.

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