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Breaking: South Sudan State Governor Arrests More than 10 Senior Officials, SPLA, Police and Security Officers For Staging An Ambush in Lafon

Members of South Sudan military intelligence arrest officials, police and security(Photo: file)
Members of South Sudan military intelligence arrest officials, police and security(Photo: file)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan’s security agents in Imatog State have arrested more than ten senior officials including Minister, MPs and Community Leaders for staging an ambush on Lafon County Commissioner’s Convoy last week.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia press over the phone in an exclusive interview, Henry George, a police officer, says the arrested officials are;

  1. Mark Akio Ukinbul , former Eastern Equatoria State Information Minister,
  2. Hon. Charles Udwar, Imatong state Member of Parliament from Lafon County,
  3. Hon. Severino Maira, Imatong state Member of Parliament from Lopa County,
  4. Hon. German Ojok, former Torit County Commissioner,
  5. Hon. Benjamin Ochan, Imatong state Member of Parliament from Magwi County,
  6. Hon. Hassan Urbano, former member of parliament from Lopa County,
  7. Dario Ukondo, SPLA member & Chairperson of Lafon Community in Torit,
  8. Angelo Ukoo, Police officer & Deputy Chairperson of Lafon community in Torit,
  9. John Uyu, Police technical Officer,
  10. Andrew Lithela Dingmoi, National Security Officer.

The police spokesman said their arrest was ordered by the Imatong State governor, Hon. Nastisio Loluke Manir, as immediate suspects of an ambush on Hon. Ukal Kwong’s convoy last Sunday.

“Their arrests came in ordered by Imatong state Governor Hon. Nastisio Loluke Manir on the issues relating to Sunday ambushed on Lafon County Commissioner Hon. Ukal Kwong’s convoy, they are all under investigations at National Security Custodian,” George said.

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The Police officer said that those ten suspects are involved in planning or carrying out barbaric acts that have led to lost of lives of more than ten people, two injured and some still unfounded up to now.

On October 09, Lafon County Commissioner’s convoy was attacked by “unknown gunmen” on Sunday afternoon at Lohudo, Bur Payam, in Imatong state.

The attack was not condemned by the central government or broadcasted until some officials contacted Nyamilepedia correspondent.

Speaking to Nyamilepedia press, Hon. Ukal Kwong, the Lafon County Commissioner over the phone at Torit Referral Hospital he said he felt into an ambush about 10 Kilometres from Torit.

“We fallen into ambushed of unknown gunmen on our way from Torit about 10KM away from Torit, some put on Soldiers’ uniform and others in civilians dress” Ukal said.

Hon. Ukal said at least six of his officials were killed and two were injured including himself, who got injuries on both legs and arms. At the time of this report, they were all getting treatment in Torit’s Referral Hospital.

At the time Hon. Ukal was contacted by Nyamilepedia this week, he said “no arrests have been made so far” but when Nyamilepedia contacted police and security officers in Torit, we learned that 10 were arrested and more suspected were still being hunted down.

We later confirmed the number of people who have killed, injured and still missing from the Torit authorities and found:

“Five SPLA officers, Deputy County Executive Director, one County Commissioner body guard, one policeman and one Civilian were killed; one policeman is still missing; one SPLA officer and County Commissioner were both injured,” Security Source in Torit confirmed.

It is yet to be confirmed if this ambush has connection with similar ambushes on government officials and unarmed civilians in Lafon, Torit and Yei and on main roads leading to Juba.

A Catholic Cathedral and other properties have been destroyed in Lafon County by government soldiers.

If investigated and sentenced, this would be the first time anyone is held responsible for destruction of lives and properties in South Sudan.

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Mawien Magol October 16, 2016 at 10:17 am

Equatorians militias and their communities leaders agrees to informs South Sudan’s government if they saw rebels walking in their communities and that is good news. They agrees to tells government should they saw Nuers people in the road block.

Long Rain October 19, 2016 at 10:21 pm

Even a blind Equatorian will smell DINKA and react to the best of their ability,they started it and we are following and will never switch sides like forbidden good’s


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