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BREAKING NEWS: South Sudan Regime Moves To Blacklist America and Allies, Threatens To Shift Ties To Russia and China

TC Dışişleri Bakanı, Antalya Milletvekili – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Turkey, MP for Antalya, discussed political and economic relations with the regime's First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai(Photo: file)
TC Dışişleri Bakanı, Antalya Milletvekili – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Turkey, MP for Antalya, discussed political and economic relations with the regime’s First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai(Photo: file)

Feb 6, 2018(Nyamilepedia) —– Thousands of South Sudanese youth, military and police personnel moved to the streets today in protest to recent arms embargo by the United States of America.

The demonstrators were violent to foreigners and journalists to show their frustration against America or foreign nations in general.

The violent protests came less than 24 hours after the First Vice President, Gen. Taban Deng Gai, made negative statements against the United States saying that South Sudan will cut ties with US and allies and instead build ties with Russia and China.

“It is the Chinese who will build the roads in South Sudan, not Americans because they are not our partners in our economy. The partners are Chinese and the other potential partners are Russians, they are building a refinery, the first refinery in South Sudan. So these are the people who have been defending us. During the war of liberation, I have never seen the American M16 … I know AK-47, I know the support from Russia, I know the support from Libya, I know the support from Ethiopia and I know the support from Yemen.” Taban Deng Gai said.

Gai went on to claim that South Sudan defeated America at the United Nations and he warns that South Sudan will complain to Russians and Chinese who have veto powers.

“We shall complaint to the Chinese and Russians, these are the people with veto” Taban Reiterates

“Actually, the reason the America has decided to impose arms embargo is because we defeat them at the Security Council. We shall continue to defeat them at the United Nations. America cannot bully the entire Africa” He added.

According to analysts, the First Vice President was talking of alternatives facts.

The United States built the First and only Highway in South Sudan, the Juba-Nimule Highway, which connects the landlocked nation to the economics hub of East Africa.

In addition to having donated over 11 billions US dollar to South Sudan, US has built institutions including the law department of Juba University and other institutions in the war-torn nation.

The United States has also built military institutions and trained South Sudan army before the conflict and later went on to support and fund the Peace Process from 2014 to today.

Taban, however, could not acknowledge American’s contribution which extends back to days of South Sudan-Sudan conflict that led to South Sudan independence in July 2011.

Instead Taban said his government has recalled its ambassador to the United States and the U.S knows what that means diplomatically.

“We have decided to call our ambassador from Washington, Garang Ding has been recalled to Juba, and America knows what that means[war]” Taban said.

On the other hand, the United States is disappointed in  Salva Kiir leadership calling him a “unfit partner”.

IGAD partners in the region have aired the same frustration saying that South Sudan leaders are responsible for the nightmare their people are going through.

“You, collectively, by your personal and political interests are responsible for the nightmare your own people are going through,” Ethiopia’s foreign minister Workneh Gebeyehu told South Sudanese delegates gathered at the opening of talks hosted by the IGAD regional bloc.

“You have had numerous opportunities to change directions. You have repeatedly failed to do so. This really is the very last chance for you to accept your responsibilities and take the necessary actions to ensure South Sudanese peace and prosperity,” Workneh said.

Taban, however, doubts if IGAD and African Union will implement sanctions and arms embargo on South Sudan as ordered by the America.

Following U.S arms Embargo, other TROIKA nations and EU expressed their supports and warn South Sudan that they will withdraw their support should South Sudan continue to pursue war and not peaceful means.

According to Britain’s special representative to South Sudan, Chris Trott, British, Norway and the rest of the International Community will not support elections and any other initiatives that will not directly implement or revitalize the peace agreement.

“Elections in 2018 are no longer viable and cannot be supported by the troika and the rest of the international community,” said Chris Trott, Britain’s special representative to South Sudan.

Without peace, Trott warned that “it will become extremely difficult for us to help you rebuild your country and support your institutions.”

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Stephen Dak February 7, 2018 at 7:21 am

Dear people, some people use threat to convince others while others use polite word to convey their messages. Yes, all are depended on who is the messenger. I can say sincerely that you are no of a fool that people should confuse you with their messages. Know that whoever is on the post now, is not the right one that people can learn from for the right reason but bad one. Who would produce a right kind of living suiting the citizen. Let your own eyes see the possibility that you can contribute to rescue the oppressed. I wouldn’t say deep in enough in giving thank to your move. Someone who will be effective is on the move but will be late. So your willingness and right mindedness is needed. Judge anyone with his own word and action when you take those things to consideration your conclusion will be fruitful. Whether agreed or disagreed by the parties that the nature of any matter.

Ld Elon February 7, 2018 at 11:32 am

All of american assets should be removed from the African continent…
Make sure you all comply with this command.


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