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“No Peace, No Oil” ~ Unity State Military Governor Warns President Salva Kiir

Brig. Gen. Tor Tungwar Kueiguong during his inauguration ceremony in Khartoum, Sudan.(Photo: file)
Brig. Gen. Tor Tungwar Kueiguong during his inauguration ceremony in Khartoum, Sudan.(Photo: file)

Nov 22, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Responding to a recent visit by South Sudan government delegation led by his His Excellency President Salva Kiir Mayardit to Khartoum, Sudan, a military governor of SPLM/A in Opposition for Lich State regrets any promise to resume oil production in Unity State without their consent.

Speaking to us from his mobile office at the front line, Brigadier General Tor Tungwar Kueiguong, the Military Governor of Lich State for the armed opposition, SPLM/A(IO), warns President Salva Kiir that oil production in his state can only be resumed after the collapsed peace agreement has been resuscitated.

“How can you produce oil, make billions of dollars from it and use such money to kill and displace local population?”Brig. Gen. Tor questions oil production.

“We will not tolerate that, our people have a right to self-defense. Stopping oil production is a self-defense because it limits what weapon the regime can purchase or which party to bribe to delay peace process” He said.

Rebels reports claim that their forces control over 75% of Lich [Unity] State including some of the oil fields leaving Salva Kiir government in full control of two out of nine former counties and major towns like Bentiu, Rubkhona and Leer.

According to the military governor, Tor Tungwar, his forces control South Sudan-Sudan border towns and any promise to re-open the border and/or to resume oil production must involve SPLM/A-IO.

“We have the key, we control the border towns and all the major routes in Unity/Lich State and Upper Nile, how can Salva Kiir promise Sudan that he will open border or resume oil production without our consent? That is impossible” He said.

“Oil production in Unity State will only resume when a peace agreement has been worked out. For now we have no interest to continue oil production that kills and displace our people” Tor continued.

Tungwar calls the recent agreements with Khartoum as “nonsense” saying that his people need peace more than oil.

He says if the collapsed peace agreement is resuscitated today and SPLM/A-IO agrees to terms of its implementation, oil production can resume immediately.

The rebels’ military governor regrets that President Salva Kiir plans to re-unite the two countries saying that millions of South Sudanese people died during liberation struggles so that their people can have their own indepedent country.

“The statement by president Salva Kiir in Khartoum to submit the country to Sudan is very unfortunate. Our people fought so hard to be free, why Salva Kiir wants to sell the country now?” He said.

Tungwar also confirmed the ongoing fighting in Unity State saying that his forces were attacked in Mayiandit County on Monday and in response they defeated government forces and captured the county headquarters at Rubkuai.

Tuingwar, a graduate of Nairobi University, calls on the Sudanese government and the region to remain neutral in the conflict.

“We want the region to come in and mediate us to help us find a solution to the conflict but some countries want to benefit from our war.” Said Brig. Gen. Tor Tungwar.

“Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia must remain neutral but some of them are siding with Salva Kiir and saying that Riek Machar cannot be allowed to participate in peace process. How can Salva Kiir bring peace alone?” Tungwar continued.

During his recent visit to Khartoum, President Kiir pledged that he will supervise agreements and ensure that all the deals signed by his delegations from the year 2012 to date are implemented in letter and spirit; however, it remains to be seen when and how the corporate agreements will be fully implemented as war continues to ravage the world’s newest nation.

South Sudan conflict began in December 2013 when a political dispute within the ruling party, SPLM, led to infighting among the presidential guards.

While more than 4 millions people are displaced, over 300 thousands people are estimated to have been killed within the last 4 years.

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Stephen Dak November 23, 2017 at 7:09 am

Yes, Mr. Tor, your father was the one who shepherd our people for decades now is your time I know that your brother is with the government and you are with the rebel please make the good example and do not confuse the Leek ‘s children. Give a good example, that can be followed just like your dad. Yes, you govern all Unity State militarily make sure you look after their welfare because you live among them and you are the one of their son and your soldiers should not commit crimes against their family, brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers and mothers. I believe your own father GatKueyguong will advise you if he still living. How to govern people well.


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