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BREAKING NEWS: Fighting in Lou-Nuer, Near Yuai

Members of Salva Kiir's SPLA army patrolling streets in South Sudan(Photo: file)
Members of Salva Kiir’s SPLA army patrolling streets in South Sudan(Photo: file)

Jan 14, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — Latest reports from South Sudan’s Bieh State confirmed an intensive full evening of fighting between the two main warring factions, SPLA(IG) and SPLA(IO), in Lou-Nuer areas of Payai, Peiri and Paduay.

The affected areas are very close to Yuai, a small town under the regime control in Uror County, that is currently hosting a controversial First Vice President, Gen. Taban Deng Gai.

According to reliable sources, fighting broke out in Payai village at around 5:30pm on Saturday, January 13th, and was simultaneously echoed by another fighting in Paduay and Peiri. The fighting went on until 11pm.

“Yesterday 13th January 2018, the forces of Kiir and Taban moved out from their trenches in Yuai and attack Payai and Peiri. The fighting started at 5:45 pm and lasted till 11pm at night after many rounds of heavy confrontations, the enemy was defeated and force out of Payai and Peiri.” Reads part of a report extended to Nyamilepedia.

According to SPLA(IO) deputy Spokesman, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, the fighting is commanded by the regime’s First Vice President, Taban Deng Gai.

“This evening at about 7:00PM, the regime’s forces under the direct command of Gen Taban Deng Gai attacked the SPLA IO base in Payai and then Paduay.” Col. Lam Paul Gabriel said.

“Civilians have been displaced into the bushes for safety. The fight has just stopped as its night now.” Lam continued.

Despite that Gen. Taban holds the second highest seat in the presidency, observers and local populations fear that the first vice president is commissioned by Salva Kiir’s government to lead war into his Nuer territory.

Gen. Taban has promised to bring peace in 2016 after he claimed Dr. Machar’s position, however, the former Governor of Unity State struggles to get popular support among the SPLM/A(IO) and his Nuer community, which majority of it opposes his leadership.

More fighting continues in other parts of the country in Mvolo County of Equatoria’s Mid West and also in Burbur and Dhorbor of Rubkona County.

“This morning on 13/01/2018 the regime’s forces decided to station at Mvolo county of Mid West which is under the control of the SPLA IO. They came yesterday evening from Mundri ready for offensive.” Said the SPLA(IO) deputy Spokesman, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel.

“On 12/1/2018, the SPLA IO force of Division 4 in Unity State came under attack from the regime’s force at Burbur, and Dhorbor of Rubkona County and in the process our gallant forces repulsed the aggressors to their base.” Col. Lam explains more offensives, which he attributes to Juba based government.

Within this week more clashes were reported at Boaw of Koch County of Unity State, at Pakuah between Malakal and Tonga of Fashoda State, and also at around Kergulu and Lasu of Yei River State.

South Sudan is engulfed by an escalating civil war. There is fighting every single day, mostly, between the divided forces of SPLA under President Salva Kiir, who is struggling to maintain power, and SPLA in Opposition, under Riek Machar, the former First Vice President, who remains in exile in South Africa.

Since 2013, over 4 million people are displaced and more than 300, 000 are killed within the last four years.

A peace agreement that was signed in August 2015 collapsed in July 2016 and talks of Peace Revitalization in Addis Ababa seems to be encouraging more war than peace as opposing forces try to gain more territories before the peace process resumes next month, February 2018.


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