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Breaking: Another Senior Politician Defects Juba and Calls On Youth To Support SPLM/SPLA-IO

Youth to stand – supports Dr. Riek, SPLA/M-IO’ Hon. Dabe says

Hon. Francis Elisana Murve, Yei River state Member of Parliament, second to left, announcing his defection to SPLM/SPLA-IO in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: file)
Hon. Francis Elisana Murve, Yei River state Member of Parliament, second to left, announcing his defection to SPLM/SPLA-IO in Nairobi, Kenya(Photo: file)

Sept 22, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Hon. Dabe Francis Elisama Murye, a member of State legislative assembly for Yei River and the former Minister of Youth and Sports in Central Equatoria State, declares his defection to SPLM IO under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny on September 22 in a neighboring country.

In a press release seen by Nyamilepedia,  Hon. Francis said a few elites in Salva Kiir’s government have hijacked the liberation that all South Sudanese sacrificed for and now try to claim credits for themselves.

“Today to our dismay, all these voluntary victories and sacrificial realities has been denied as others run away with the credit of liberation” Hon. Francis said.

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The Honourable says it must be noted in black and white that nobody is a minority whether one’s community is small or not.

“all are equal before the constitution of the republic of South Sudan, and indeed before the Holy Bible and Holy Quaran.” The Hon. Francis speaks out.

“This time it is not a business as usual, whether it rains blood or water under the sun and the moon it’s unthinkable and impracticable,” He added.

Francis said on the same note that “I would like to thank and appreciate Dr. Riek Machar, the Chairman and Commander-In-Chief of SPLA/M –IO for considering the demands of the Equatorians in the recently killed Compromised Peace Agreement and having stood to the occasion of defending us when president Kiir and his JCE denied the Equatorians -IO Cantonment  sites and referred to our forces as bandits whom he would hunt down as rats. This is not the Nationalist leader whom we very much need at this critical time”.

“When they failed the attempt assassination on Dr. Riek Machar, which was systematically carried out in Juba, it was not only him that they aimed to kill but also the Equatorians Demands as well,” Hon. Said.

He stated that in relation to Federal Democratic state; the quest for federalism has been a demand of South Sudanese since the colonial and post-colonial era.

“It requires no beating around the bush and neither manipulation of any kind. it is not the number of states that indicates federalism but rather the presence of Constitutionally Developed Powers and Structure (Legislature, Executive and Judicial) that enable people to govern their own affairs with some degree of autonomy. Unlike what Kiir has done; decentralizing structures and concentrating powers in Juba”. Hon Francis continues.

Francis reiterates that South Sudan has failed under Salva Kiir and now the country is surviving on borrowing money and committing crimes such as money laundr to fund the war.

“What do we do with states that survive on printing money and borrowed funds from abroad Governments, what do we do with states that are constitutionally meant to grab other people’s land, causing insecurity and instability, what do we do with states meant for political know Kiir has no National Agenda, wisdom and vision to lead South Sudan and therefore I decided not to swear in, in the so called ‘Yei River state’ in dignity and respect,” Hon. Francis said.

He said that working for Salva Kiir entails blessing the Jieng Council of Elders or accepting Dinka domination and corruption.

“I cannot constitutionally bless Jieng Council of Elder’s decision and neither can I swear in before a corrupt government in order to become corrupted by induction. government in Yei River state is an old wine in a new bottle” He clarifies.

The Honourable added that the media censorship had caused a media lack-out which breaches the transitional Constitution of South Sudan Art 9(34) Bill of Rights.

“No right to free access to information, no right to freedom of expression of views and opinions etc. as a member of parliament elected in universal suffrage to be voice of the voiceless, to represent the under-privileges, I cannot tolerates the pain and the much suffering of my people who are always arbitrarily detains, killed, women and girls gang-raped and property looted and therefore appealing to all my colleagues, members of Parliament, ministers that it is either one is with our people or one is with the enemies of our people.” He continued.

In his conclusion, Hon. Francis says “I therefore appeal to our youth to rally behind SPLM/A-IO and give the much needed support to the popular demand of our people ;regime change’ a change to liberate us and our next generation from the bondage of tribalism, corruption and dictatorship, dump it of dust bin of history.”

Other senior politicians from Yei River, including the deputy Governor, have defected to Machar’s SPLM/SPLA within the last two weeks.

The officials have to traveled to neighbouring countries to express themselves and then declare defection from the government as they would be hunted down, killed or jailed if they speak out within the country.

Other senior politicians including governors and senior SPLA commanders have been arrested and tortured whenever they are suspected by Kiir’s security officials, an indication that the government could explode any time as many disgruntled politicians are coerced to silence.

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