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BREAKING: Another Massive Corruption In South Sudan Presidency Revealed

South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit on CTV (Photo credit: CTV)

Nov 19, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — Latest confidential reports released to Nyamilepedia by the insiders of South Sudan presidency, who are at odd over financial scandals, vividly explains how higher authorities in the office of the president of South Sudan, His Excellency President Salva Kiir, have drained national coffers to finance construction and renovation of their presidential houses in the capital, Juba.

Addressing the Minister in the Office of the President, in an official document dated November 16th, 2018, the Managing Director of Gener S Ltd, a Construction and Renovation, company that has been constructing and renovating high-end houses for South Sudan government officials in attempt to evacuate “the Honorables” from hotels to what they would call homes,  Mach Deng Daniel, explodes and reveals how “junior officials” in the office of the president misused their privileges and powers to illegally finance construction of their houses.

“Notification about the insensitive act by the junior administrators in the hierarchy of executive administration(office of the president) misusing privileges and powers of the office against the Business Community” the long tittle reads.

“Although I have already submitted a legal discourse notification, I still feel intense bitterness, Sir, as I strain writing a virtual stage-up concern to you, hoping that the issue captured here can be loudly heard because I have a strong believe that this confusion was a deliberate fraud intended for the weak citizen with just a layman abilities” part of Mr. Mach Deng Daniel document reads.

The Managing Director of GenerS, Mach Deng Daniel, was reporting what he believes was a fraud by the Executive Director of Administration and Finance in the Executive Department of Presidency, Hon. Gabriel Bol Deng, to the Minister in the Office of the President.

“Hon. Sir, I’m privilege to bring to your revered administration the misconduct of Deputy Executive Director of Administration and Finance in the Executive Department of Presidency, Hon. Gabriel Bol Deng” Mach said.

At the directive of president Kiir, government officials were directed to leave expensive accommodations in hotels and return to their houses, however, according to Mach Daniel officials in president Kiir’s office took this advantage to withdrawn gigantic amount of money from national coffers to finance construction and expensive renovations of their houses.

“Mr. Gabriel Bol, as a person, verbally contracted my company on January 2nd, 2016 to renovate and furnished his residence at Hai-Jalaba at a cost of $250, 000(two hundred and fifty thousands United States Dollars) against office fund from the presidential account, reason being they were requested by the president to stop putting up in the hotels because of the constraint”. Mach narrates.

“I positively and gently responded to the business on the standpoint of trust given at his status and met the implementation as expected, which to my dismay, turned a nightmare after the completion of the project. Bol, later, unconscientiously grew malicious and oddly asked a lion-share claim(kick-back) with impunity over the contractual money for the house of the gallant generals I was asked to construct or renovate” Mach continued.

It is not clear how Mach managed to finance the construction to completion, however, he claims that the Executive Director, who was responsible to follow up the money, paid himself a share Geners did not approve from the construction money.

“He designed to follow up the money from National Treastury and walk away later with his share as he pays us rest of the money from his cut to clear his debt after the payment is affected, a claim to which I did not consent to” Mach continued.

The Executive Director, Mach Deng Daniel, went on and on with hopes that the Hon. Minister will resolve the issue. If resolved, this will be the first time South Sudan presidency would resolve a case of corruption.

Many cases of corruptions have emerged from President Kiir’s office in the last 10 years, however, the final resolution has been a laid or a short jail term followed by a presidential pardon, and sometimes reappointment into higher positions.

South Sudan has been in through years of deadly civil war over the past 5 years, however, many officials in the inner circle of the president have continued to enrich themselves and live a luxious lifestyles in a country that is fed through humanitarian assistance and donations.

The civil war has claimed nearly 400, 000 lives and displaced over 4 million people, however, a recent peace agreement is reviving hopes that the politicians may once again allow peace to return and be consolidated.

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