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BREAKING: Amadi State Governor Prevents Humanitarian Access To Greater Mundri Counties As Rebels Fear Chemical Weapon Attack On Their Position

A WFP-operated helicopter in South Sudan. (Photo: WFP/George Fominyen)
A WFP-operated helicopter in South Sudan. (Photo: WFP/George Fominyen)

Nov 21, 2017(Nyamilepedia) — Four humanitarian organizations who requested for permission today to go to Bari, Garia and Bangolo starting from November 21, 2017 to conduct humanitarian needs assessment among the civilian population living in SPLA/M IO controlled areas were denied permit by the governor of Amadi State Col. Joseph Ngere Paciko.

According to SPLA/M IO supporters inside Mundri town, the governor has planned to send the military tomorrow morning to Bari, Garia and Bangolo to fight with SPLA/M IO Forces.

“This is why, he refused the humanitarian organizations to go to the same areas tomorrow” Reads part of a report extended to Nyamilepedia.

Responding to this report, Lt. General Wesley Welebe Samson, the Deputy Chief of Staff for training of SPLA/M IO, said such an action violates international humanitarian law and must be condemned.

“This action of Amadi State governor is a serious violation of the ceasefire, human rights, international humanitarian law and the law of armed conflicts.” Lt. Gen Wesley Welebe said.

“It is worth mentioning that on Sunday November 19, 2017 i received a confidential report from SPLA/M IO army supporters in Juba that the government army headquarters in Juba is preparing to carry out major military offensive in all SPLA/M IO controlled areas in Amadi State that will involve use of chemical weapons and heavy artillery to crush rebellion and scare off populations that are seen as obstacles to free movement of military.” Lt. Gen. Welebe continued.

A senior government Military Commander said this operation will begin very soon and that people of Amadi State who are living in IO controlled areas must take serious precaution as dry season approaches.

Whether this was intended to scare the civil population that prefers to live in rebel held areas more than government controlled areas is not yet know, however, details of the alleged report shows that the regime intends to control Medewu and use it as its launching pad to capture neighboring areas.

“The plan is to airdrop Government army at Medewu airstrip with chemical weapons and tanks and make Medewu their operation headquarters. This is very urgent and very important for our people as Chemical weapons have very severe consequences if used on civil population.” The report continues.

The insider said neither himself nor his senior colleagues from Equatoria were involved in this decision making which was made during a security meeting held at Bilpham on November 18th 2017 except the Governor of Amadi State Col. Joseph Ngere Paciko.

If Juba goes on to use chemical weapons as alleged, this will not be the first time for such weapons to be used against international law. Between January and March 2014, Juba and her ally, Uganda, used internationally banned cluster bombs at Medewu and along Juba-Bor roads when the rebels advance was too near to the capital.

Although the use of cluster bombs was verified by the UNs and other international bodies like TROIKA, no serious measure was taken against Uganda and South Sudan.

Lt. Gen. Welebe again calls on the International Community and the United Nations to closely monitor Juba regime and Amadi State government ahead of next dry season.

“I once again call upon United Nations to take urgent actions to prevent South Sudan government from using chemical weapons to kill innocent people of Amadi State as this is against international law and the law of armed conflicts.” Gen. Welebe continues.

“I also call upon IGAD to tell President Salva Kiir to pursue peaceful means of resolving the current crises as he cannot and will not defeat SPLA/M IO militarily.” He reiterates.

The IO military general warns that his forces will fight in self-defense and defense of civil population should Juba continue to attack their positions.

“We in SPLA/M IO remain committed to bring genuine lasting peace to the suffering people of South Sudan. However, we will fight in self-defense and in defense of the civil population in our areas of control if we are attacked by South Sudan Government army.” Welebe concludes.

Lt. Gen. Welebe Samson was speaking from his headquarters in Lasu.

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