BREAKING: 400 British Forces Expected To Arrive in South Sudan Soon


British members of UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan(Photo: UNMISS)
British members of UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan(Photo: UNMISS)

Jan 15, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —- About four hundreds British forces will be soon arriving in South Sudan to join forces with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan.

UK has sent its first batch to joint the UN Peacekeeping mission in South Sudan; however, following the July fighting in the capital, Juba, the United Nations Security Council called for 4000 Protection Forces to be deployed under the UNMISS in South Sudan to protect civilians and vital installations including the airport with extra mandates to separate or disarm warring parties including the main SPLA factions.

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With this number, UK ambassador to South Sudan, Amb. Tim Morris says South Sudan will be the only country hosting the biggest number of UK soldiers in the world.

Mr Tim told our Press Team in Juba that the troops will engage in various activities including engineering and protection of structures.

Amb. Tim’s statement came barely a few hours after government officials called on UN Security Council to make a new resolution for the protection force but the UK ambassador to South Sudan assures that bilateral talks are currently underway with Juba to get approval for the landing of their forces.

“It’s being negotiated now and we hope that in the next few weeks the first troops will arrive” Amb. Tim said.

It is not clear why UK would negotiate directly with South Sudan if the UK forces are deployed under UN Mandates which are currently overseen by UNMISS within South Sudan.

British government critics last year criticized the move, saying sending in more troops is “a high-risk gamble in the absence of a credible peace process” for ending the three-year-old civil war that has killed thousands and displaced more than two million people.

According to British Critics, the International Community lacks a long-term international strategy for South Sudan and deployment of more forces alone will not stop the conflict.

In a resolution passed in August last year, the UNSC increased the UNMISS forces to a ceiling of 17, 000 with 4000 more troops to be contributed by countries within the region.

“Decides to increase the force levels of UNMISS up to a ceiling of 17,000 troops, including 4,000 for the Regional Protection Force, and requests the Secretary-General to take the necessary steps to expedite force and asset generation” Reads part of S/RES2304, August 12, 2016.

Since August last year, Salva Kiir’s government refused the deployment of the 4000 troops forcing the troop contributing countries to backtrack.

So far only UK, Japan and some African countries have pledged to take the challenge but it remains to be seen if Juba will agree to their deployment.

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thowdor January 15, 2017 at 8:56 am

UK is better to bring more troops.because south Sudan is under her colonial He might know how this conflicts should be resolves


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