Angelina Teny’s Speech In Brisbane, Australia Revives Hope For Peace

From right: Mama Angelina Teny, Amb. Stphen Kuol and Hon. Dobuol Wuol (Photo/Nyamilepedia)
From right: Mama Angelina Teny, Amb. Stphen Kuol and Hon. Dobuol Wuol (Photo/Nyamilepedia)

May 16, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Reports reaching our desk indicates that South Sudanese in Queensland, Australia were last Friday graced by Angelia Teny’s visit and her unprecedented insight about the peace agreement which collapsed last year. Putting the war’s humanitarian costs into statistics, Angelina Teny said the damages are simply scaring.

“As we speak we have nearly 2 million who have become refugees in neighboring countries, as we speak we have nearly three million who have become internally displaced, as we speak nearly everyone is needing intervention maybe with exception of Salva Kiir because he doesn’t live on salaries. He helps himself with whatever belongs to the people,” she lamented.

Angelina reproaches the genocidal regime for blocking humanitarian agencies from delivering services to the starving and helpless women and children in the war torn young country, including those trapped in the conflict zones and those internally displaced by the tribal war.

“We have a government preventing humanitarian access, we have government engaged in scorch earth policy, we have a government waging war on any citizens in the country, a government that rejects peace,” she said, citing the july 2016 incident at J1 which progressed into the current crisis.

The iron lady touched on the issue of use of rape as a weapon by Salva Kiir’s notorious Mathiang Anyoor terrorists, which she said confirms their ungodliness.

“They have forgotten that there is something called God in this world…….…” she said.

She however vowed to continue with other IO leaders to resuscitate the 2015 agreement. Although critic has it that it is not relevant now, Angelina said the agreement provides a robust framework for sustainable peace and therefore she would like to see it renewed, reviewed and implemented but she emphasised that Salva Kiir will not be part of it since he was behind its collapse.

“It is not impossible to negotiate him out on the table. Kiir has lost legitimacy and morals for bringing people together. He speaks as though he is speaking on behalf of dinkas, he ethnised political crisis in the country. He created the impression to the dinkas that their power is being taken away,” Teny reiterated.

She appeals to South Sudanese living abroad, to help with lobbying and advocating for peaceful resolution of the conflict as;

“Those back home” she said,

“…don’t have the voices that you in the diaspora have; they must comply with the government or else they face the worse, meanwhile those in refugees are busy trying to survive. You therefore should be their voices” she said.

Anglina Teny charged those in diaspora with task of reconciliation. She said S.Sudanese should be able to distinguish between dinka as a community and a government led by a dinka man because the crimes in S. Sudan are being committed by men in government uniform and not people wearing tribal uniforms. Failure to comprehend this she said will only help the real perpetrators to scapegoat on dinka communities.

Some attendees quickly rubbished off her analysis saying she just wanted to be politically correct but the fact of the matter is, all the dinkas are armed whether in uniforms or not. However, the slip of tongue or political correctness never overshadowed the spirit of revolution and prospect of peace she took with her to Australia. Cde. Alue Godfrey who is a representative of IO in Brisbane, Australia proudly posted on his Facebook wall that the event was successful and satisfactory.

“It was successful and satisfactory” his post reads.

Nicholas Osobi

Revolutionary Columnist,

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