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By Yien Lam,

The Leaders of the compromised regional bloc, IGAD, IGAD summit heads of states and governments, deliberating on South Sudan conflict(Photo: IGAD)
The Leaders of the compromised regional bloc, IGAD, IGAD summit heads of states and governments, deliberating on South Sudan conflict(Photo: IGAD)

Jan 10, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– As the concern South Sudanese citizen, I sincerely believe in bottom of my heart that the Region has purposely forgotten the people of south Sudan greatly due to its business tie with our nation. For that matter, it does not want to solve South Sudan problem rather than fueling it in three ways:

 First, the region has been known by many as the ones that uses the playing card of IGAD to bring peace in south Sudan.  In that case, if I could ask each and every one of you, do you really think an acronym IGAD that stand for Intergovernmental Authority on Development will do anything for everlasting peace in South Sudan.  In my view, this is a questionable organization if not already a business ones.

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 It is so in my  view as we speak, Uganda traders are running all the small and the big businesses in South Sudan that supposed to be ran by the indigenous. This is a simple fact, they are indeed continue to be the builders, peddlers, trucks drivers, and you name it. Whether you believe it or not, they are the ones that bring raw commodities with Nimule road from Uganda. The purpose of This  highway was to connect the no man land with Uganda. It was purposely done so in order to bring the Ugandans business to the free land of south Sudan. Is there anyone who could repudiate this in the country that we call home?  I think no rational or proud south Sudanese that could contradict this rather than the goons’ supporters of the rogue regime. This is the fact that speaks by itself and make no mistakes; Uganda has been an asset for south Sudan president since the war broke out in the Country by helping the regime militarily and remind to be so if Ugandans are still naïve to watch their future through naked eyes

 Within this regard however, not only Uganda has befitted from south Sudan, Kenya banking institutions become South Sudan banking system. Most banks if not all are being ran by Kenya national in the country. Is that not? If that is so, what should you expect from the Country that runs the banking system as such to do in the peace process? Should you expect the country as such to not deport the rebel spoke person that want the change in the country?  Probably not! Unless you have disability issue that needs the attention of the physician. This is a deal for the most East Africans countries if not all. In addition to the allotment of the services, Kenya is also running leadership of the NGOS in South Sudan. Most organizations are being ran by Kenyans  rather than south Sudanese.

 In the like manner unbelievably, Ethiopia is running the Hotels business in that nation. Most expensive Hotels in south Sudan are being ran by Ethiopians. Am I not? I think I am and I truly believe if you are not bias or mentally impaired in our country issues, you may agree with me. In this matter, I sincerely believe that IGAD countries are the ones that failed south Sudan as the state with the help of JCE. Without such a things, South Sudan would have been the East Africa economic hub by now.  Unlike,It has no judicious president who  can think about the well-being of the nation rather than his own kin. Because of  that, now we are in the mess in which most of us do not know how to get out of it including the cowboy president

 Second, IGAD Countries detest south Sudan to be in state of stability to itself because they do not like the incoming president Dr.Riek Machar. The reason is, All IGAD heads of states are dictators while Machar is advocating for the federalism. And you know what! Dictators grounded the flow of water. If they were to allow the water to follow freely, they may feel how cold or warm the water may have been. For such a reason, they do not want him to have a chance to be the leader of that part of the world. This is the tricky case, as you may have known that thieves could not allow their fellow ones to be taken by the authority on their watches. This is exactly  the case  in East Africa countries because they are all dictators and corrupted leaders that are intended to condone themselves.  Therefore, their likes is entitle of an immunity in their organization.  This has been the case and reason why this organization cannot continue to be stakeholder. If that is the case, as we all know, how comes an organization whose member  states have an immunity as such be the participant in the peace process? Do we really mean to bring peace in this great nation rather than kidding ourselves? Be the judge! To me, I don’t’ think an IGAD is there to bring peace in soutsudan rather than exacerbating the sufferings of our people. In this case, I would like to urge an IGAD member states to be smart not to support the regime that will never win the war than the people of south Sudan who will eventually do so.

Third, IGAD Countries are now getting a resourceful business that in fact add the fuel into the fire that is fitting into the mentioned interests.  If you do not know it, An I GAD member states are now receiving the influx of south Sudanese refugees daily. I need not to name them. I think you are smart enough to know them according to the UN. Unbelievably, all those countries employed many people in UN on the benefit of our civil war. If you have boom employments as such in your country, would you like to fix the problem that brought them to your country if you are undemocratic state that does not have a good economic that produce employment? Be the Judge! To me, this is another issue that an  IGAD countries want south Sudanese to prolong its civil war in order them to gain economically, socially and emotionally.

Nonetheless, the world has ran away from its democratic and human rights principles and completely forgotten the people of south Sudan. This is so because it has been siding with the killings regime and IGAD that do not value any of the mentioned principles. As Yien, I naively thought earlier that, the world should have held kiir government accountable for the pogrom of the Nuer on December 15-8; 2013.But did not happen as anticipated.

 Instead, the world allowed clandestine assassination attempt of Dr. Machar on July the 8, 2016.That assassination attempt was in fact ditched the long awaiting peace agreement that was signed on August 17, 2015. If you think rationally as I do, should you think the world is healthy and still thinking about its human and democratic rights? In my view it is not, if the world is to be still in its principles of human and democratic rights, it must review and rewind its principles that have been known and respected all over the it, and United States of America new leadership has to step in and lead in front not behind like the outgoing administration.

Finally, if August 17, 2015 agreement is to be resuscitated, an IGAD must be excluded completely from the negotiating table, or a new  team from its ally has to be selected. This should be so because IGAD interest is greater than the south Sudanese interest. Therefore,it  should not be allowed again to play a crucial role in future south Sudan peace if any at all because of its business tie , dictatorship tie and the interest tie  with the  regime that is created by the influx of south Sudanese refugee.In addition,the world needs not to abandon its principles of human and democratic rights that has been known for years. It needs to review the South Sudan peace without bias. Otherwise, peace will never be in south Sudan if an IGAD that makes business in the nation still in front seat.

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Deng Malual January 11, 2017 at 12:20 am

Agree with the writer. IGAD has completely lost the plot. Equating the victim with the aggressor. Biased for the sake of trade and the economy of their own nations instead of worrying about the ongoing genocide in South Sudan.
AU is the only viable option here, the US UK and Norway have blown it big time, and the inefficiency of the UN and the silence of the EU not helping either.

The talk about “implementing the pace agreement which Kiir and Taban babble like old parrots is meaning less. Taban is now part of the Kiir/JCE complex and part of the genocidiaries. You can not create peace with yourself nor can you have a national dialogue with yourself (unless you suffer from a mental condition).
And that the international community not publicly laugh the parrots out of the room is a sad, why participate in the charade at all. Everyone knows about the genocide, everyone knows about “Kiirs unknown gunmen”, everyone knows about the horrors perpetrated by the Kiir forces against civilians, everyone knows about the SPLA rape of the US aid workers in Juba, everyone knows about the SPLA shooting at US embassy vehicles, everyone knows about the abduction and torture/killing of journalists, everyone knows about Kiir lying all the time to UNMISS about free and unfettered access, everyone knows about Kiir’s lies to the UN Security Council, everyone knows – yet no international effort to bring about change. It is a tragedy and the price paid by millions of poor South Sudanese women, men and children every day.

Lakueijik Dut January 11, 2017 at 5:33 am

wow, in coming president of nuer not south Sudanese president Mr poster


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