Amnesty International Urges Kiir To Release Prisoners Under NSS Detention Centres

South Sudan President Salva Kiir opens his hands to God during a prayer service in Juba. Despite they pray on occassions, they also ordain fighting as a solution to the conflict(Photo: file)
South Sudan President Salva Kiir opens his hands to God during a prayer service in Juba. Despite they pray on occassions, they also ordain fighting as a solution to the conflict(Photo: file)

March 28, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— World’s human rights agency Amnesty International has written to President Kiir urging him to release all prisoners detained by National Security Service in various NSS compounds. In a letter dated 28 March 2017 and addressed directly to Kiir, a copy seen by Nyamile newsdesk, signed by written by Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International warned Kiir for not committed to his statement he issued during national address at National Day of Prayer that he would release Generals Elias Waya and Andrea Dominic as well as any other political detainees.

Salil Shetty accused Kiir of arbitrary arrests, prolonged detentions and disappearances of some people who are opposed to the government views.

“Since the start of South Sudan’s ongoing conflict in December 2013, the National Security Service (NSS) and the Military Intelligence Directorate have carried out hundreds of arbitrary arrests, prolonged detentions and enforced disappearances of individuals perceived as government opponents. Detainees are held without charge or being presented in court, they are often subjected to torture or other ill treatment, are regularly denied access to their family members, and are not provided with adequate medical care. Numerous detainees have died or been killed while in the custody of government security agencies,” explained Salil.

Amnesty International brings to Kiir’s attention that arresting people without due process of the law is the violation of South Sudan’s Constitution as well as international law. He’ urged to ensure  you to ensure that these individuals under NSS detention must should be released  or, if credible evidence of a recognised offence exists, promptly charge and present them in court. Salil has urged Kiir to publicly disclose the fate and whereabouts of detainees who have been subjected to enforced disappearances, and to investigate the circumstances under which other detainees have died while in government custody.

“We urge you to ensure independent, prompt and effective investigations into the arbitrary detention practices of government security agencies, including enforced disappearances, deaths in custody, torture and other ill-treatment, to publicly disclose the findings and to hold perpetrators of human rights violations accountable in fair trials without recourse to the death penalty. Victims of arbitrary detention and torture and relatives of individuals who have died or “disappeared” while in government custody should be provided with reparation, including financial compensation and physical and psychological rehabilitation.”

According to Amnesty International, among hundreds detained in Juba by NSS, at least 28 men are confirmed to be in a prison within the compound of the NSS headquarters in Jebel neighborhood, and has established the date of arrest for some of the detainees. Among the chief political detainees is James Gatdet, Machar spokesperson who was arrested in Nairobi on 2 November 2016 and transferred to NSS detention in Juba on 3 November 2016.

Amnesty International that those who died under NSS detention without being charged or presented to court at Bilpam and at the Giyada military barracks include Duer Lia Lew (27 years-old, from Mayendit, Unity), David Duku (40 years-old, from Yei, Central Equatoria), Philip Kenyi (35 years-old, from Magwi, Eastern Equatoria), Mading Gany Tirit (41 years-old, from Nasir, Upper Nile), Garang Kuot (35 years-old, from Bor, Jonglei), .James Koang Tap (34 years-old, from Ayod, Jonglei), Joseph Friday Kebela (29 years-old, from Lopa/Lafon, Eastern Equatoria), Gatluak Wel Deng (35 years-old, from Fangak, Jonglei), Joseph Oiaha Dominic (40 years-old, from Yambio, Western Equatoria), Deng Bol Gai (26 years-old, from Akobo, Jonglei) and  James Gatlol Bany (40 years-old, from Uror, Jonglei), Chuol Diang (43 years-old, from Ayod, Jonglei), Tito Uwar (27 years-old, from Magwi, Eastern Equatoria), James Wijang Kuol (40 years-old, from Koch, Unity), Maliah Malieth (45 years-old, from Nyirol, Jonglei), Gatpam Luak Moch (35 years old, from Ulang, Upper Nile), and Chop Rueh Nyinyar (45 years-old, from Rubkona, Unity).

Amnesty International emphasized that Dong Samuel Luak, a lawyer and human rights advocate, was last seen in Nairobi town centre at approximately 9:00 pm on 23 January 2017, when he was on his way to board a bus and return to his residence must be located. The call is placed for Aggrey Idri, chairman of the SPLM/A-IO Humanitarian Affairs Committee, was last seen in the Kilimani neighbourhood of Nairobi at approximately 8.00 am on the morning of 24 January 2017, his fate and whereabouts must be revealed.

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