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A South Sudanese Student Dies After Falling Off a Running Train In India As Her Father Dies In South Sudan

July 19th, 2018(Nyamilepedai) —– Jowahir Abdallah, a South Sudanese student who traveled to India on a government-sponsored scholarship, succumbed to a painful death on Wednesday morning following multiple organs failure at Sion Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Jowahir Abdallah, 24 years old, died in Sion Hospital after falling off a running train in Mumbai, India(Photo: supplied/file/Nyamilepedia)
Jowahir Abdallah, 24 years old, died in Sion Hospital(Photo: supplied/file/Nyamilepedia)

The 24 years-old female student traveled to India to pursue her studies at Rajarambapu Institute Of Technology, Islampur at Sangli just before the war broke out in South Sudan in December 2103, however, she remained here for four years without visiting her family back home.

Jowahir graduated last month and planned to return home to meet her family, friends and colleagues after 4 years.

On July 12th,  the day she planned to travel back home to South Sudan, Jowahir ran into a severe accident as she tried to align from a running train on her way to airport. 

Both legs were amputated after she was dragged by a train with hopes that she would survived, however, she succumbed to death yesterday, July 18th, due to what doctors have described as “severe bladder injuries and pelvic fractures”.

“Abdallah suffered severe bladder injuries and a pelvic fractures, besides amputation of both legs. She died around 1.10am on septicemia following poly-trauma from the amputation” Said Dr. Rajesh Dere who conducted the post-mortem.

Her family decided to bury her at the Chandanwadi crematorium as family goes through death news back home.

According to The Times of India, Jowahir and five other friends had boarded Koyna Express from Miraj to travel to Dadar with hope to head to airport that day to fly back to South Sudan, a home they haven’t been for more than 4 years.

Photo credit: The Times of India
Photo credit: The Times of India

Close friends believe that the incident should not have occurred if the railway increase halting time to allow passengers to align or board, however, railway officials argue that a boarding time of 3 minutes is long enough.

“Koyna Express has a halting period of three minutes which is sufficient to alight. Passengers should avoid getting down from a running train” Said a Central Railway official.

Jowahir, the youngest of six siblings, left her family back in South Sudan, however, due to ongoing conflict her family is scattered in the neighboring countries.

Reports from South Sudan indicate that Jowahir’s father Abdallah passed away on Sunday in South Sudan — a sad news that was not revealed to her while she struggled with pain in the Sion Hospital.

Jowahir Abdallah, 24 years old, died in Sion Hospital after falling off a running train in Mumbai, India(Photo: supplied/file/Nyamilepedia)
Jowahir Abdallah, 24 years old, died in Sion Hospital after falling off a running train in Mumbai, India(Photo: supplied/file/Nyamilepedia)

Her sister, Dr. Haram Mustafa, was flown in from South Sudan. Haram believes that Jowahir, a last born, was the closest friend to their mother and as such their mother was not informed of her daughter’s accident.

“Jowahir was particularly close to our mother. We hadn’t informed our mother of Jowahir’s condition after the accident but were forced to give her news of the demise” Said Dr. Haram, a gynecologist by profession.

Haram and a family friend, Toi, who arrived from South Sudan on July 15th caution authorities that they will request and review CCTV footage and if they find anything they won’t be silenced.

“We want to have a look at the CCTV footage and get to the bottom of the case. If we find anything suspicious, we will certainly not stay quiet” Dr. Haram said.


Upon hearing the news today in South Sudan, many of Jowahir’s relatives, friends and colleagues poured out their hearts in tears as they all waited to see the bright student after her graduation last month.

Jowahir at her graduation
Jowahir at her graduation

“There are no words to describe how shocked we r at the tragic passing away of u my class mate. After struggled with study n graduated last month n all were happy at home waiting for ur return n just to hear that u have passed away. Its so sad n painful wallai. Its too early to leave us Jowahir Abdallah u will be remember my dearest .May ur Soul Rest and Rise In Peace.” Said Isaiah G. Titi

“My heartfelt for this beautiful soul, dying is not in our hands one thing that is in God’s hand of sudden situation that take a turn and we are unable to react the feeling and heart is on the burn. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues we all need to stay strong so that we can make her smile above. Jowahir Abdallahyou will never be forgotten babe girl” Said Nancy Lawo Riak

“We may cry to much but we can’t change any plan that the almighty has for us…All we have to do is accept whatever he bring upon us and ask him the best after. Jowahir Abdallah we will always miss you. Allahuma Agfir laha wa arhamaha.” Said John Lan

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