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President Salva Kiir Monitors a New War Brewing In His Army Headquarters Bilpham – Juba!


South Sudan's President Salva Kiir (C) accompanied by army chief of staff Paul Malong Awan (R) attends an independence day ceremony in the capital Juba(Photo: ghettos)
South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir (C) accompanied by army chief of staff Paul Malong Awan (R) attends an independence day ceremony in the capital Juba(Photo: ghettos)

Jan 29, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- A confidential leak report obtained from senior officials in South Sudan capital, Juba, indicates that a brewing tension between the Chief of Staff and the Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs is spontaneously running out of control.

Explained by senior officials, who preferred not to be named, the internal conflict which they believe has been managed for nearly two years between the Chief of General Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan and South Sudan’s Defense Minister, Gen. Kuol Manyang Juuk, has now left the army headquarters – Bilpham – “deserted”.

According to the officers, the army leadership is divided with some generals supporting Gen. Kuol Manyang, others supporting Gen. Malong Awan and others supporting Gen. Salva Kiir.

With exception of Salva Kiir, who has so far been neutral between Gen. Kuol and Gen. Malong, many officers supporting Salva Kiir are believe to be leaning toward supporting Gen. Kuol.

“This is not something new, we have had it now for two years but it is definitely getting worst. We held many meetings here at Bilpham to bring the two leaders together but now every one is taking side. It reminds me of 2004 when Salva Kiir and late Dr. John Garang had differences but this time it is even harder because the country is already in war” Said the Commander, who refused to be identified on the media.

Bilpam is deserted, Kuol is asking Kiir to choose between him and Malong….Yes, Gen. Malual Ayom went to Bor, nobody is approving request now in the Ministry of Defense.” He continued.

The officer went on to elaborate that among the six Deputy Chiefs of General Staff, Only Gen. Thomas Cirilo is still neutral and only Gen. James Ajongo Mawut supports the Chief of General Staff.

“Gen. Malek Ruben, Gen. Malual Ayom, Gen. Magar Buong and Gen. Bapiny Manytuil are supporting Salva Kiir. These deputies are supporting Kuol Manyang” he said.

“Marial Chunoweng of presidential guards, Marial Nuor of intelligence and Akol Koor of National security are siding with Kiir” He added.

The insider believes that the Chief of Staff has lost popular support among the generals as it was in 2014, however,  many confirmed that most of the fighters are loyalists of Gen. Malong.

Malong went to meet Salva Kiir to raise the case but Kiir told him “you people confused Kuol”. Kuol had a similar two hours meeting with Kiir as well but no progress made, still a deadlock.” the credible source explain.

Gen. Paul Malong Awan, the army chief of general staffs posts for a photo......
Gen. Paul Malong Awan, the army chief of general staffs posts for a photo……

After several unsuccessful meetings, Malong asked to go for medical treatment in Nairobi, Kenya, as part of his Blood Pressure and Asma treatment. This report was also verified by independent bodies in the army and also by eyes witnesses who visited Gen. Malong in Nairobi Hospital this week.

Malong was last seen with Dr. Adwok on the second floor of Nairobi hospital on Tuesday afternoon, according to the eye witnesses.

According to army insider, Malong was under pressure to leave the headquarters, however, he believes that Malong could be relieved of his duty any time.

“It seems he was under pressure prompting him to go to Nairobi I was told. He got fainted on several occasions here but he has his medication. We are still in suspense though we now report to Malual Ayom now Undersecretary has remained defunct with no staff!! God save our country !!” he explains.

The officer believes that the tension at the army headquarters could be one of the reason why President Salva Kiir refused to travel to Addis Ababa as he tries to calm down the situation.

In attempt to reconcile the army generals, President Salva Kiir has dispatched Dr. Bona Malual, the former advisor of President Omar el Bashir to Nairobi to meet Gen. Paul Malong Awan.  Bona has arrived in Nairobi on Friday and more reports are yet to follow!

The two generals, who are now heading the army, have served in the SPLM/SPLA for many years and also served as governors of their respective states until towards December 2013.

Malong is one of the South Sudan army generals who are implicated and proposed to be sanctioned for directing the war, committing human right violations and war crimes.

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Kiir Riak Bai January 30, 2016 at 9:52 pm

Confused leaders have cost the nation for their unforgivable and monopoly greed, Kuol has lower himself down and reduced his dignity before Malong, shift he was not Kuol who put Kiir on the throne, and made him chief of staff, a position malong would have never seen if not Kuol worked.

Keep argue and confuse the people of south Sudan, as Marial always lied comparing themselves with child. I never see greed child since my youth. the child bankrupt the country. they all must resign and leave us to nurture the country for better, not for their worse.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 31, 2016 at 3:16 am

Hhahahahaha. this is true BIG BIG GOOD NEWS

GatNor January 31, 2016 at 6:59 am

These generals are warlords & war criminals who must be held accountable for crimes carried out on their strict dirrect orders. Any fall out between them should come as a great news to their surviving ethnic victims.

Thon DJ Machar February 2, 2016 at 6:18 pm

GatNor, it is always good to use your mind and good judgement when you think not your ass. If you call the generals warlords and criminals, then what do you call your confused and retard Riek Machar? Just get your head of your ass and think first before you write next time.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 31, 2016 at 12:59 pm

It is just be begining of the curse. These curses will follow you for generations. Always it is not good pour blood of innocent citizens without any justification. The good Lord cant forget us, Jesus cant forget the blood of Our People taken by force by dinka Council of elders

JOHN PAUL February 1, 2016 at 1:21 pm

You goons, will end up in whims, wishes and naivety. Squabbles are as normal as they happened to habitual rebels Riek and Gadet who killed innocent civilians in Bor in 1991 and 2013. You said your people were killed who killed first? There is no proof that your people were killed but we have those of 1991 and 2013 by international Journalists. Let’s see if ur so called leader Riek will escape those criminal cases committed. ICC awaits!!!

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 6:57 am

beek and tolio,

Things do not look good in as you usually predict. you are informed by the IGAD that this Peace agreement must be implemented without the jenge tribal 28 states. What reply will you give IGAD? Your generals are also tearing one another in Bilpham military base. How can you defend this mess this time? The answer is simple, you have to give way for the Peace. The voice calling for reforms is so loud that no body can stop it. Therefore do not Waste time talking nonsense. The OLD STONE RULE STYLE OF ONE TRIBE OUT O 63 TRIBES is not longer existing on Earth. Just give way for modern rule of true DEMOCRACY.

JOHN PAUL February 1, 2016 at 1:44 pm

You baffoon, do u really know the meaning and the application of democracy as u purport? How many times have South Sudanese conducted elections? How many times were the results rigged? How many terms has one tribe u talked about led the country? It seems we just got our independence in 2011 with Salva Kiir Mayardit as the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Will it be democracy when we just give leadership when the tenure has not elapsed? Do u want it that way so as to fit as democracy? No, Dinka have not been thinking to lead South Sudan as u think. It was the chain of leadership that was followed when Dr. John Garang died. Did u want Riek to be appointed to replaced Dr. John when he was far away in the rank? Be clear in ur mind and call a spade a spade! Don’t just be blinded by your usual egregious, nefarious, chauvinistic and divisive ideologies that cannot clearly disambiguate between the truth and false!!!! Dinka is a tribe and if u want to talk of individual, don’t begrime the name of the whole tribe!!! Fear God!!!!

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 5:03 pm

You idiot,

do you really know God? If you know God, you have to fear God first before turning to your neighbor and tell him/her about God. You could have told Your dinka community who attacked one another in dinka emanuel Church in Juba. You could have told kiir’s son who was once Arrested in Nairobi after his mother reported of trying to rape her own sister. You could have stopped stopped the massacre carried by dinka in Juba. You have have told Your dinka council of elders of land grabbing in GREATER EQUATORIA.

Paul the blind. No body celebrates the lost of any human being. I do not celebrate the lost of innocent South Sudanese in 1991 and in 2013, NEVER. But you must understand the difference between the killing of 1991 and 2013 if you are wise enough to differenciate between Gorilla movement and a government. Let you put in Your empty mind that the records of Juba massacre are not in Your hand. They are in the hands of the international human rights committe and you face justice before those who carried massacre in 1993. Paul, you will never deny this.

Paul, you made an excellent point when you pointed out that jenge or dinka is a tribe. Now can you explain why only one tribe decide to create 28 tribal states without consulting the other 63 tribes and at the same time claim that this is a popular demand of the citizens. You idiot do play people’s rights. Please touch your head to check if it is still there.

I never told you I want Dr. Riak Machar to replace Dr. Garang. You need not to get furious and agressive like a cow. I do not care how agressive you are. It is enough that you have been grabbing our ancestral land in Greater Equatoria, looting the Public funds, killing innocent civilians in Lainya county in WUNDURUBA, Yambio, Juba and so on. Do you think people have to keep silent. No ya mr. cow. The voice calling for changes is very loud and you will never stop it. Democracy is what we want weather you like it or not. Massive reforms including FEDERAL RULE is the popular demand of the 63 tribes not your 28 tribal states of

I tell you, Your uncles who carried the killing in this country will face justice after the IMPLEMENTATION OF THIS PEACE AGREEMENT. No way mr. paul. And you must forget the killing of 1991 because Dr. Garang took the evidence with him.

By the way, my name is DINGIT NA TUGGÖ which in BARI LANGUAGE means only time explains. You know what? The time is telling the 63 tribes that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. So you are just wasting Your time if you think dinka will never Accept the reforms we are asking for. Look around you, what is the price of one galon of oil? Please, please paul, once again try to touch Your head…………………

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 1, 2016 at 5:32 pm

John paul,

you are really behind the News. Who told you that the evidence of the JUBA MASSACRE OF 2013 is not avialable? Of course it is not with you paul because you are just a junior officer or kiir’s cattle keeper. But the document was given to kiir 14 days before it was made Public. Who are you trying to decieve. Once again I would like to make it very clear to you that there was no any massacre took Place in 1991. The international human rights committe never talked about it. You might be right but as I told you, our hero Dr. John Garang took the document with him. And no body is accounted for it. Its documents are burried forever and we working very hard to burry any ugly rule in our country forever. Hhahahahaaa. We can make realised it, it is not impossible.

Another report was published yesterday that the jenge soldier have locked 50 into a container where by all perished. So you must follow the world so that you talk sense. ……………………my friend John paul, FESTUS MOGAE is not in Juba to knock out the remnance of Your teeth. He is there for true human rights rights business and you need to shut up you dirty mouth


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