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Gen Gathoth Gatkuoth Of SSAF/FDP Will Land In Juba In March

Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, addressing the wounded hereos in Akoboi on 2nd September 2014.(Photo: Nyamilepedia/Yuer Dang)
Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang, addressing the wounded hereos in Akoboi on 2nd September 2014.(Photo: Nyamilepedia/Yuer Dang)

Feb 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- The leader of the splinter group of South Sudan Armed Forces and Federal Democratic Party Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang is scheduled to land in Juba on March 10, 2016 in what is viewed as the final phase of the implementation of the agreement between the Government of the Republic of South Sudan and SSAF/FDP, a reliable source close to defected Generals, who has chosen to be anonymous, contacted Nyamilepedia newsroom.

On December 24, 2015, SSAF/FDP signed MoU in Intercontinental Hotel with the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in Nairobi, Kenya. In the signed MoU, Gen Gathoth GatKuoth Hothnyang represented SSAF/FDP whereas Presidential advisor for Security Mr. Tut Gatluak Nimni (aka. Tutkew) represented the Government of South Sudan.

The copy of the MoU received by Nyamilepedia reads in part,cognizant of the recent compromise peace agreement signed by the government of the Republic of South Sudan and the SPLM-IO, SPLM-FDs, considering the President’s call for peace and harmony to return to the people of South Sudan, and recognizing the efforts of the President to unite all South Sudanese for building and developing the country, the government delegation and the delegation of the Federal Democratic Party/South Sudan Armed Forces, with support of the Kenyan Government.”

In a confusing scenario, Gabriel Yoal Dok, leader of Nuer Council Elders led SSAF/FDP to Juba while Former Minister of Youth and Sport and presumed leader of FDP Changson Chang denounced the agreement, prompting Gathoth to sack him (Changson) from SSAF/FDP. Gen. Peter Gatdet Yak later angrily reacted by saying Gen. Gathoth has no powers to dismiss any Member of SSAF/FDP. The defected Generals have ever since shuttled between Nairobi and Khartoum, the two capital cities are their focal points where they piece their ideas together as they have no GHQ on the ground.

Generals Gathoth Gathoth, Gabriel Tangginye, Gabriel Gatwech Puoch, Malith Gatluak, Chuol Ghak Yier and Hon Changson Chang spent months in Khartoum to mend fence and convince the leader of the SSAF/FDP Gen. Peter Gatdet to bless the MoU and its implementation. In an extreme position, Gen. Peter Gatdet, Gen. Tanginye and Hon. Changson are reported to have disagreed with the rest of the team saying they will still fight Salva Kiir who is imposed on South Sudanese people by international community in the name of peace.

The SSAF/FDP faction under the direct leadership of Gen. Gathoth Gatkoth is back to Nairobi disregarding Gen. Peter Gatdet and, met by South Sudan army chief Gen. Paul Malong Awan in Nairobi last week, is scheduled to arrive in Juba on March 10, 2016 for the full implementation of signed MoU. The SSAF/FDP entourage to Juba will consist of Generals Gathoth Gatkuoth Hothnyang (leader), Gabriel Gatwech Puoch, Malith Gatluak, Chuol Ghak Yier and Biel Torkech Rambaang (from Minneapolis, MN/United States).

Rumors have been floating around ever since that Gen.Gabriel Gatwech Puoch, younger brother to former Upper Nile State Governor Simon Kun Puoch, is Paul Malong Awan’s agent implanted into SPLM-IO to destroy it from within and is viewed as the brain behind the MoU. Brig, Gen Gabriel Gatwech joined the SPLM-IO in April 2015 on the grounds that he was left out in the promotions of senior officers in South Sudan army under the Government of President Salva Kiir, he served as the SPLA Administrator in 5th Division in Western Bahr el Ghazal before his defection to SPLM-IO.


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philip tut February 27, 2016 at 6:50 pm

They defects from splm-io b/s they don’t want agreement signed by,

Salva want sidelined agreement to use others force against nuer as he used those of monytuil, mule &Ethiopia anyak , a person can use toilet carefully b/s others will smell him/her if u decide to join the regime that killed your people’s be careful as they want you to smell bad as they are , joined& take care

Abu gruun February 28, 2016 at 4:48 pm

Your master Riek Machar signed agreements with government and he knew that government kill many of his people and his relatives. You try to blame the generals because they will go to Juba and your people are already there in juba so what is different.

Bol Gatjang February 28, 2016 at 8:10 pm

Friends, I believe politics is like wrestling, it’s kind of tactical in nature.You are not supposed to blame our politicians in general and Nuer in particular for their flexibility.Dr.Machar his colleagues know what they doing to fights both in words games and ammunition.

GatNor February 27, 2016 at 7:28 pm

God bless Gen Peter Gatdet Yak.

Abu gruun February 28, 2016 at 4:40 pm

Thanks for saying God bless general Gatdet and Hoth Gatkuoth because these days to come , these generals they will curb the whole South Sudan.

Beek February 27, 2016 at 8:20 pm

Oh dear Nuer. I think most of those so-called Generals need to be force to retire and find them non skills work because there is no way for them to serve as officials or diplomats in foreign countries since they don’t writer or read.

Abu gruun February 28, 2016 at 4:35 pm

Your are the imbecilic person in this web. Why you wishing these generals to retire and you portrayed the generals as uneducated, but they are better than Kiir and more educated than Kiir.

Bol Gatjang February 27, 2016 at 8:30 pm

Like any body from Nuer, Shulluk, Equatorial and others allies,I personally have exalted all those generals for rescues.It was marvellous jobs that they have done specially Peter Gatdet Yak,Gathoth Gatkuoth and Gabriel Tang but right after their defections, I became extremely sceptical about them. I think there’s something fishy about those deep around the cl
corner probably the bribery. Therefore , in long run may be they will be mythical to their own community.

GatNor February 28, 2016 at 12:11 am

Great point the generals have earned themselves the praises, respect deservingly.The issue here is.. no South Sudanese under any circumstances should accept nor recognized this mass murderer Kiir as the head of state(South Sudan) given Dec/2013 Juba incident. Kiir regardless of what ethnicity he comes from or the policy he chosen to indoctrinates, he(Kiir) has failed to give citizens of South Sudan a better reason why his dictatorial genocidal leadership and tribal government should not be fearsily resisted. All tyrants leaves power at a gun point this will get into your heads soon enough. Two years and counting and South Sudan still have concentration camps with IDP fearing attacks from their your so called president that is s’possedly charged by the constitution to protect the very displaced. All talks is garbage. Kiir must go!

Bol Gatjang February 28, 2016 at 8:22 pm

Yes buddy “talks are garbage” when you talk to someone who has obsessed with murdering and money.Salva Kiir is dumb and mute because of money and hatred in South Sudan.

deng deng February 28, 2016 at 6:08 am

joined the SPLM-IO in April 2015 on the grounds that he was left out in the promotions of senior officers in “South Sudan army under the Government of President Salva Kiir”.

It is clear that the politics are decided based on what money can be put inthe pockets rather than by ideology. Would you sit for dinner with the man who killed your brothers and sisters?
The answer to that question very simple. There should be no trust with people behaving in such a despicable manner.
Yet again a sign of the Big Men in Juba not not enjoyi g loyalty because of deeds, only by handing out stolen money to peopke of weak character.
Human weakness on display for everyone to see. . Greed,. lust for power, glutton, big talajas – sickening to see


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