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10 people dead while 15 others injured in Ciubet County

March 15, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — 10 people were reported dead while 15 others were injured in Cueibet County of Lakes State on Thursday when the intra-sectional fighting between the Ayiel and Pagok sections of the Gok community erupted.

A cattle camp in an unidentified location in South Sudan (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
A cattle camp in an unidentified location in South Sudan (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

According to the local authorities, the fighting occurred in Ngap and Agangrial following the migration of Pagok cattle into Ayiel territory without consultation triggering the long-existing animosity which left six women killed in 2020 between the two sections of the Gok community of Cueibet County.

The acting commissioner of Police in Cueibet County Colonel Machar Mourwel said that the cause of the fighting was due to Pagok cattle migration into Ayiel grazing land.

He explained that four people were killed and eight others wounded from the Pagok section while six people were killed and seven others wounded from the Ayiel section. According to him, the two communities were separated when they were tried to resume fighting on Friday.

“Pagok section which migrated with their cattle into Ayiel land had evacuated Ayiel grazing land and they had moved to Pathiong land for grazing,” said Colonel Machar Mourwel.

Colonel Machar added that most of the injured were being treated in remote villages for the fear of being apprehended by the police.

The police officer urges the Pagok section to return to their territory for the sake of peaceful coexistence.

However, the Acting Executive Director of Cueibet County Makuac Chol also said more than 10 lives of people had been lost on both sides and tensions remained high.

Chol pointed out that there were not enough forces to separate them since fighting happened on Thursday.

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