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Wherever you may be: A eulogy to Cde.Lam kuei Lam

By Makneth Aciek.

Dear Lam kuei Lam,

Oct 23, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– Your death, when it came, was something we least expected, but like any death faced by revolutionaries it descended in one of its unforeseeable guises. Your comrades are almost razed to the bone of their resilience by your passing.

Death is the natural curse of our species, but the realities of your passing are most unbearable. Though the driving forces of your death are imaginable, they will remain a difficult train to map but your innocent and noblest blood will still stand for what is fair and just.

Late Lam Kuei Lam, a renowned journalist, who served as Press Secretary of SPLM/A-IO from January 2017 till his death on Oct 21, 2017(Photo: supplied)
Late Lam Kuei Lam was a Press Secretary of SPLM/A-IO from January 2017 till his death on Oct 21, 2017(Photo: supplied)

Reminiscing about the rare movement we shared; you were indeed a man driven by principle. You refused to go along with deception and faced life with unremitting truthfulness! You refused to calibrate your commitment to material possessions, and honorably refused to engage in “Taban -Lol” project which rejects the basis of togetherness and nationhood.

Brother and comrade, you were out there to mend what was torn apart by men without principles; your death came a time when you were working so hard to make unity and peace in South Sudan realizable. In revolution and a messy state like South Sudan, we can count on so few to go that far ideologically as you did.

In your youthful age, you answered the most importance question of existence -that’s standing for what is right  and dignity of men.

Unlike many who see rebellion as utilitarian tools that help to advance one’s personal goal, you stayed focused to the ideals of national unity and search for genuine peace.

Comrades, your life saved the real definition of a revolutionary; a once-sacred term now vacated of meaning by chronic misuse and lack of ideology. Your life demonstrated that with ideology, we can’t be fed into wrong thinking!

Wherever you may be now, know that we missed you already, and be assured that we shall endure the worst affliction of your demise with bravery and resolute staunchness.

Comrade, accept my eulogies and ignore my weaknesses for I may not send you off with a gun salutes, but I send you off with our “Screaming song”- VIVA VIVA VIVA….

May your soul rest in eternal power!

With comradely solidarity,

The author, Makneth Aciek, can be reached for further comments at mkdagoot@gmail.com

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Beek October 28, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Who else had killed him, Riek in order to stop peace agreement.


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