Contributor's David de Chand


By Ambassador/Professor David de Chand, President, South Sudan Democratic Front Party (South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP), Chairman, the Civilian Militias Army (CMA) and the South Sudan National Revolutionary Army [SSNRA] in Opposition [CMA-SSNRA-IO]

Professor/Ambassador David de Chand during a past interview(Photo: file)
Professor/Ambassador David de Chand during a past interview(Photo: file)

March 23rd, 2018(Nyamilepedia) — “Never give up on your strategized vision or dream and do not let anyone sway you away from that preconceived vision or dream. Be strong, preserved, persistent, firmed, and committed to do or to undertake what you have preconceived to be the right thing to do no matter  hard,  no matter what happens, no matter how tougher things might be, hang on to your vision or dream. And, never ever you give up on your dream or vision or surrender that vision that that could become your first and your last undertaking or chance to do something worthwhile in your lifetime to bring about change in the world and South Sudan in particular. Continued dreaming to bring about change, but you never ever give up or surrender or to be swayed away from your dream by some bastards, who have no dreams, live from hands to mouths, and on the blood money of their comrades, ethnicity, hoarded or stolen money from the purse or coffer and/or ethnocentricity (tribal).blood and sweats” Professor David de Chand, Memoirs

“No matter what is going on in your life today, remember, it’s only preparation. People come and go, situations rise and fall; it’s still all preparation. You must stretch, reach, and grow into your goodness. Without the preparation we receive through adversity, disappointment, confusion, or pain, we appreciate the goodness when it arrives” Iyanala Vansant

“In order for Peace and social justice that have been far away in the Galaxy to return to South Sudan two or more things got to happen as pre-requisites to peace, vis-à-vis, Salva Kiir resigns or step down as the de facto illegitimate President of South Sudan. Dr. Riek Machar’s should call it quit because he could not become the President of South Sudan. Neither Salva Kiir nor Dr. Riek Machar has the ability and the capacity to lead any longer in South Sudan. They needed to get out of the way through peaceful mannerism to give chances to others with same capabilities and abilities to lead South Sudan.” [David de Chand Memoirs]

Any Nuer or anyone that seeks return to Salva Kiir’s regime must be crazy and they are going to Juba further killings. We would have no choice at all, but to continue with the intensification of the armed struggle until Juba would be defeated.”  [Professor de Chand memoirs]

THE South Sudan Democratic Front Party (SSDFP), South Sudan Defense Force (SSDF) Civilian Militias Army (CMA), and the SSNRA Alliance and Declared Politico-military Exit from Dr. Riek Machar’s Monolithic SPLA-IO

To the people of South Sudan as of today’s date, we, have resolved that the above-mentioned organizations in alliance having coined new dreams, have decided unanimously to exit or full out from Dr. Machar’s tyranny, dictatorship, corruption, and terrorism. Historically, we have been the non-SPLM “most humble, patriotic, silent majority, and the most spirited and committed nationalists” to the cause of emancipation or liberation that made us kept silent for so long for the sake of “National Unity” or the cause of unity in diversity, cultural diversity or multiculturalism, peace and prosperity. Nevertheless, we have discovered that we have been taken for a ride or for granted by the ruling party that failed to govern and to manage Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan and the people’s revolution. We could recall that it was John Garang that stated it candidly that “The Nuer would destroy South Sudan.”.On the contrary, above and beyond this lousy un-nationalist statement articulated by the Garang was not realistic, lie, but turned out to become political gimmick that has been the worst case scenario whatsoever because it became to be the reverse, the wicked, corrupt, human less, or cannibal-like Jieng [Dinka] who had been rest assuredly the ones that messed up the country or state as a whole or in its embryonic political, socioeconomic, and human development in South Sudan had been the Dinka. Supposedly, let’s say that what the Jieng had done were to have been done by the Nuer folks, they could have gone berserker and haywire by saying that John Garang, the wrong icon of the Dinka Bor prophesized it before he [Garang] passed way. What would the Nuer folks restraint by their leaders to remain silent would have to say now about the things the Jieng have done, which they ought not to have done? Could they deny this political reality? History would not absolve them at all. The Nuer nation should resolve to admit that whatsoever was preconceived of them it by the late John Garang that the Nuer brought uplifted or liberated from abject poverty had become to be true, every [Jieng] Dinka would have had an alibi or probable cause to celebrate with and to have implicated the Nuer folks with great joy by saying to the world that we told you so and all we have told you so along and that we have told reiterated along that the Nuer folks would destroy the state.”Thanks, Gracious. God, that the Nuer folks with advanced traditionally federal democracy, that embraces freedom, social justice, equality, fraternity, equalitarianism, the Nuer kinship, the Nuer socialism similar to African and the world’s socialist systems, have not been the ones that has destroyed the state in South Sudan and the people’s zigzagged and hard won social revolution through two scores and ten years that left  more than 2million martyrs compared to Algeria, but the it was the foolish, arrogant, human less, cannibal-like humans Jieng in South Sudan. We, the Nuer leaders, had been able to restraint our people to keep hands off the time bomb and let the Jieng and Museveni to explode it in order to negate the late John Gsrang’s preceded preconceived philosophy in prophecy and everything that he said, written, and foretold about the Nuer folks and the personalities involved in South have to come to fruity as we so speak.

We, [Non-SPLM/A} the nationalists and the patriots have been marginalized, practically, have been exceedingly and comprehensively excluded from the SPLA-IO that has become Dr. Machar’s family fortress or animal farm rather than a liberation movement designed to bring together different people with different political ideologies, political philosophies, strategic plans, “talent trees,” transformative political vision, and variety of preoccupations and professionalism in the movement. Dr. Machar’s hijacked the movement in Nasir and Pagak in 2013 and unilaterally proclaimed himself as the Head of the opposition because he was not formally elected as the head of the movement by a simple majority. He was self-ordained to become the head of the Movement that was already in existence before he was chased out from Juba like a naked emperor by his brother-in-law when the system fallen apart or gone berserker in the mid-December of 2013. Dr. Machar’s unilateral assumption of the Opposition gable and added the acronym of SPLA-IO was a stolen legacy that was truly stolen coined politics of deceptions, manipulations, and maneuverings.

When he was in castrated [and still is] for whatsoever circumstances that happened by the UN and the IGAD, he failed to let his followers know the root causes of his ultimate in castration in South Africa. He left the SPLA-IO “headless” in the post-ordeal or encountered with his-brother-in-law Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohamed Hassan El- Hagg Siddig Ibrahim) that put his life on the brink on Friday, 8 July 2016. Most important, he failed to provide the necessary war materiel for the foot soldiers to fight with and to get the job done or to get the mission to be accomplished. He wanted to become a leader, but he does not have the ability and the capacity to do it right. He has brought shame to the Nuer nation and its resilient people. Genocide have been committed against the Nuer ethnicity in Juba was duly because of Dr. Machar’s failed leadership and the Chief of the General Staff Gathoth Mai who had every amble opportunity to stage a military coup d’état to prevent continuous genocide or democide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity on all the people of South Sudan by Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime and its Twic Jieng Militias’. Most important, Dr. Machar’s has failed to provide medicine for the wounded both civilians’ populations and the guerrillas rebel forces and food for the foot soldiers and the tools to fight with and to get the job done. He failed to do so because not duly to the lack of money, but his weakness and indecisiveness to make viable and sustainable decisions-making. As I see it, Dr. Machar is an “impressionists” and indecisive in decision-making that often a risk undertaking for many leaders. Futuristically, we shall overcome this lousiness in Machar’s leader ability and capability..

Based on what we do know, Dr. Machar and his wife, Taban Deng, Castillo Garang, and all his proxies and protégés that he sent to China and Malaysia sitting on pretty huge cash and live luxuriously whilst his soldiers who have been fighting the war for him (Dr. Machar) do go naked, no weapons, no admonitions lack medicine, uniforms, food, and other useful materiel equipment for any fighting guerrillas rebel forces to fight against defined enemy in the bushes. According to our conservative estimate, Dr. Machar’s sits on more than US$3b received from China plus 40 houses bought paid for him and his associates for him and his counterparts in Nairobi, Kenya, for the prevention of the world’s toughest pollution created by China in Unity State and the fear of the Chinese for captured and destruction of Palloch oil wells in Northeastern Upper Nile State that has been already reduced and produced only 48% of the 150,000 barrels production per day prior to that period. Unity State and Jongeli when completed could produce more than 2 million barrels per day already had been shut down retrospect to December 23 2013 up to present. So the war in Unity State is based on two issues-that’s to say: Juba wanted to re-open the wells and Salva wanted to steal Nuer’s ecological wealth (petroleum & gas) through a pipeline that was constructed by the Chinese from Abiennoum, Unity State, to Warrap Oil Refinery (WOR) and none of these plans could ever succeed in both short and long terms. Oh, by the way, the readers

In my capacity as former Senior National Expert in the Presidency, the former minister of Energy Dr. Lual Deng and the former state minister Angelina Machar were responsible for such dealings and the crisis on oil in Unity State. Dr. Machar and Taban Deng Gai have mortgaged off Thoar or Panthow to unknown XY party that has been Arabicized and re-named “Higgilich”- meaning the same as in Nuer. Historically, Thoar or Panthow belongs to Unity State as of 1.1.1956. Assuredly, Dr. Machar and Taban have done something bloody wrong that the Leek Nuer does not know that their ecological wealth had been mortgaged by the very sons of Unity State for greed and corruption to get rich quick. It had been through research that we discovered such secret dealings and we would reveal more. Dr. Machar never spoke about arbitrary annexation of Thoar or Panthow to Abyei at the International Court of Arbitration (ICA) in The Hague, The Netherlands. We would have to return to that

Although we have decided to depart from Dr. Machar’s leadership as an individual, we have affirmed and reaffirmed our stand and fully committed to a united front perpetrated on the “Nuer Unity” takes precedence and top priority that remains a top priority that cannot be compromised and remains solid because we have one objective that’s to fight for- that’s how to overthrow Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime by any means necessary. This time around, democratic change would return even though it remains in the Galaxy and the Twine light Zone, Salva Kiir’s must and ought to feel that has to go out of power by any means necessary. The blames of the past have been loaded on Machar’s neck who self-proclaimed himself to be a leader, but did pretty poorly in the art of transformative leadership process. We should remain to be united to make Salva Kiir walks out from the Palace like naked emperor. We should not focus on positions, but on strategic plans and ways and means of defeating Salva Kiir.  Most importantly, we have to form alliances with all anti-Salva Kiir forces, including the Dinka.

Even General Paul Malong Awan if were to be sincere and honest, in despite of the atrocities he committed against the Nuer people per Salva Kiir orders, we could form an “Alliance of Connivance” with him for the purpose of overpowering Salva Kiir to get the Job done as quickly as possible and the sooner we could do it the better. This should be one of the intelligent ways of doing things and the rest would be added at the end of the day. Therefore, no matter with whom and who we ally with, we should not give up our strategized plan for a Nuer to become the next President of South Sudan. We should all become revolutionaries and united on this principle, but not to become Dialectic Materialists and capitalists of sort. We should seek first the political kingdom and the rest would be added. This could happen sooner rather than later and it’s only a matter of time and space. We could no longer wait for Dr. Machar’s to produce the goods. The Generals left in charge were inactive, incompetent and less skillful enough to change the situation on the ground because they are co-committed and loyalists to Dr. Machar’s “yes-men” and political “yo-yos”, sycophants, and Dr. Machar’s took good care of them and undertook good care of their families financially as well.

We kept silent because we assumed that Dr. Machar’s could a become an honest broker and  truly democratic leader, but he has  turned to be the worst dictator, tyrant, Stalinist, Marxist-Leninist of the third kind, killer, corrupt, and accumulated blood wealth at the expense of the Nuer people’s sweats and blood. He did neither differently nor better compares to his predecessors- the late John Garang and Salva Kiir alike. Nevertheless, to our sorrow, dismay, sadness, and at last we discovered and concluded that the guys, referring to the above-mentioned have been no significantly different in their dealings, but they all had the same political blind ambition for power, money, and control of the destinies of others of same like-minds. In short, they became tyrants and dictators that South Sudan ever produced the same of the same color, feathers flying together. This is how they committed corruption.

Conclusively, they have been thoroughly tyrannical, red communists’ dictators, racists, neo-Nazis, neo-Maoists, neo-Fascists, dialectic materialists, capitalist pigs of the third kind. For Dr. Machar’s and Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Ibrahim Siddig) who are-one-halves Nuers or bastards-the Nuer people should underscore that whatsoever experiences, pain, suffering, and mental anguish that they have suffered and have been passing through have been created by Dr. Riek Machar’s retrospect to the split of the United Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991.  It was followed by inter-factional, inter-ethnic, and intra-ethnic warfare that were perpetrated by the so-called self-superimposed leaders in the movement based on ethnocentric (tribal) lines as opposed to democratic process. We have worked with Marchar’s; not because we loved him, but we “tolerated” him for the sake of the Nuer nation and its resilient people united front and discourse.

Personally, I had served pretty closely with Machar’s more than any other Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals. I do know the man called Machar and know pretty well his socio-political, socio-psychology, political ideology, and philosophical, thinking and neo-thinking, his political culture, how he often feels proud or haughty of himself and assumes to be the “Golden Child” of sort and only the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème on the planet-Earth, how he designed and underscored his political ideology, socio-political, politico philosophy, and methodological transformation or metamorphosis. Even we made many attempts to educate the young Nuer Graduates that Dr. Machar’s leadership style would take them nowhere, but in a vicious cycle that it could produce them hell of good intentions at the end of the day. “ I am an intellectual man; I have in  me a  philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have written, lectured about or presented on the concurrent situation and personalities or dignitaries, foretold or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved have come to fruity in South Sudan as we do so speak  My Philosophical prophecy statements and vision have come to be true because it’s now the Nuer-fighting-Nuer on both sides of the civil war because both Taban Deng Gai and Dr. Machar have divided the Nuer to butcher or to kill each other. For instance, Taban Deng the I termed in my previous writings as the big Lucifer’s and the de facto illegitimate VP compared to his boss Salva Kiir claims that he is SPLA-IO in government. For logical, philosophical, legal, and an analytical reasoning and reasonableness, he had been already observed as part and parcel of the Kiir’s genocidal regime.

The objective of both Taban and Dr. Riek Machar has been to weaken the Nuer nation and its resilient people for them earn dollars to become most wealthy. For instance, we could apply many social conspiracy theories particularly, to study and to understand Dr. Machar Salva Kirr relations in this ongoing war, Mchar-Taban-Angelina Machar conspiracy theories and how they silent the Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals from the movement that they assumed to become a family affair. They could rise and fall compared to when a man die and nations rise and fall and all people come and go and all things rise and fall when they came and passed through; they would return to the Lord as simple as they came into this world. Certainly, we would all die anyway, whatsoever materials gains we have acquired would remain in this world. We would return to the Lord as simple as we came into this world.  We had only with our “birthday suits”- natural and literally meaning that we arrived naked to the planet-Earth. It’s not too late to restore the Nuer national dignity and it could live on and both Taban Deng and Dr. Riek Machar would have to repent now before its too late because purgatory and hell are waiting for them, including us all because of the things they have, which they have ought not to have to any the Nuer people in particular, but South Sudanese in general. They could be forgiven; but no one could forget the past because those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.


Be it known that CMA by through pro-Tempt President Professor David de Chand can only achieve peace by and through peaceful and political removal of the illegitimate, de facto, and the Dinka Dictator Saliva Kiir from the illegitimate and de facto government of South Sudan. CMA was the biggest ally with Dr. Machar’s in which without the CMA soldiers war efforts, he [Dr. Machar] could have defeated by Salva Kiir militias in the Greater Upper Nile region and in Greater Equatoria region. The CMA a former SPLA-IO components have opted to exit Machar’s tyranny, Stalinist, domination, oppression, and exploitation as a new management resulting from Riek Machar’s who was deposed by his brother-in- law the Great Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai (Alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Saddiq Ibrahim). We, the people duly recognize Pro Tempt President Ambassador/Professor David de Chand as the people’s choice and expressed by way of CMA voice. Any other form of expressed government outside of a Constitutional Republic form is notwithstanding.


  • Removal of Salva Kiir can happen by two different choices, namely peaceful and political means by way of sua sponte, in accordance to his own initial will for the sake of immediate peace; or
  • By way of force removal, trough the intensification of the armed struggle, with deadly catastrophic consequences with more carnage. If Salva Kiir will honorably concede to the will of the people that is to say CMA and all South Sudanese folks of the same like- minds, then carnage is more as a severe price for peace and freedom. To achieve peace and freedom is not cheap; historically the price was astronomical through bloodshed of innocent souls. This Choice is his and should be left is and should be left to his conscience. With contemporary history and his accomplices hands are blood stained with genocide.

Optional: United Nation Working with Allies

The United Nations advocates for peace of conflict resolutions through peaceful and political means, humanitarian relief, structure government amicable to economic fair trade, meaningful employment, quality of life, the combined nations aiding a country in distress is a blessing and long sought relief to the suffered souls. Carnage, genocide, hunger, homelessness, are increasing as we speak. United Nations must see a viable and vibrant leader can bring peace to South Sudan is Professor David de Chand. His good history, resume, and to his commitment to save his people from the crimes expressed to hereinbefore and hereinunder, that his aligned with United Nations expectation.


Pro tempt President David de Chand in Exile needs food, defensive goods for self- preservation from carnage and genocide was we speak, medical treatment/supplies for the sick-beds and the wounded and disabled persons.

IGAD’s Roles do not mean a thing in Resolving African Conflicts.

If IGAD does mean business in resolving African conflicts as a regional organization empowered so under Article 52 of the UN Charter, it should bear in mind that it has been entrusted by the international community to do the right thing in dealing impartially in the search for peace, social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice. In the case of South Sudan ongoing conflict IGAD has failed because it did do the right thing to stop the ongoing genocide, ethnic cleansing committed by and through Salva Kiir’s de facto and illegitimate regime in Juba. As long as the IGAD mediators and some IGAD Countries have been involved fight with Salva Kiir against the rebel  forces in South Sudan, it has virtually failed to achieve peace and it would be so imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. Conclusively, IGAD under the auspices of the African Union under Article 52 of thee UN Charter has mailed it greatest novel mission in South Sudan and to the people of Africa’s youngest failed state in Africa that should be declared as a failed stat that moved from stateless to statelessness. Before, We could proceed, we like  to give our early warnings and  experiences in IGAD retrospect to its inception in dealing with the North-South Sudan in 1994 that peace cannot be achieve without the invitation and involvement of higher calibers South Sudanese in involvement in the process. The SPLA culture of violence has given our young a loss cause to join politics and as such they do not understand the art of politics. This is also one of the failures of the state and its status ante. They have caught everything the middle of the stick or the middle of the roadmap to peace and they do not know the beginning and the end of the process of the past, the present, which makes up equality of the future generations.

This forthcoming roundtable presentation or discussion on ways and means of achieving peace or making peace to return to South Sudan, we would be obliged to make the following recommendations for the IGAD mediators as follows that:- (1) formation of a regional peacekeeping force that should become neutral, impartial, and to abstain in the bribery and extortion in all dealings with African affairs; (2) To hire African and foreign experts in resolving African conflicts and the applications of both traditional and modern conflict resolution in Africa; and (3) IGAD should not rely so heavily on foreign experts more than the African experts by and through experiences in peaceful and political conflict resolution in the traditional and the modern methods,


1)  Democracy is a two way street. One way is to have the will of the people expressed by way of Constitutional form of government. In other words, the people are the Voice to make their choice without international communities to supersede elections to install a problem to the solution.

2) Should  supersede comes into purview, then the majority of the people will resist any confliction to their Choice meaning continuation of war, suppressed humanitarian needs, to install the lesser of the two evils. Solution is not evil, to the contrary, is to usher in the Chosen one whom the people expressed their voice without any interruption and confliction.

3) To validate that concept, the international communities must witness the election and to its successor. The successor will be a Constitutional elected President of South Sudan without superseding ad hoc cause. Only then peace can be witnessed to its success. If superseding cause into serious consideration, then support David de Chand one without criminal past and the one who fought against genocide and the regime targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as final solution in whole or in part.

4) All the parties who attended and will future peace conference in Addis—Ababa are criminals and appendages of the Juba in nature without a constitutional government o represent the majority’s choice.

5)  The only reason my name is not mentioned, is because the criminals who purport to be the government do not have any standing Army emanating from Constitutional Government. SPLA-IO and the CMA- SSNRA and the New South Sudan are the majority of People’s army, and David de Chand is the leader of SPLA-IO Choice to usher in true peace to South Sudan.  The mentioned criminals want to hold on to tyrannical control of the people’s voice to exclude David de Chand who is better choice as oppose to the lesser of the two evils.

6)  SPLA-IO is not absolutely controlled by Riek Machar; Salva Kiir opposes SPLA-IO and its citizens, including other future federal state citizens have joined SPLA-IO constituting the majority of South Sudanese fight against genocide, or democide, ethnic cleansing, and anti-corruption.

7)  Now international communities must step back and analyze how peace can be gained by reinstalling criminal for the best result? There is classic political cognitive dissonance conduct. If that persists, then, making same mistake over and over again to expect a different result, then, it is to entertain political cognitive dissonance as a solution to the problem.

8) Perhaps out of chaos there is order, but order can’t resolve chaos in emanating from order [Political Dissonance].

9) The whole political system needs to be revamp by way of Election, not to install a person against the people’s wish.

10)  In the past history, donations were given to Salva Kiir for humanitarian relief, and such monies were unaccounted for, resulting from their pillaging to their deep pockets. Such theft will continue should the superseding appointment of criminal into office with hope of different results.

11) Corruption was triggered by the recent report published on Sudan –Tribune of September 11, 2013 (JUBA), where it was reported that the Council of the Nuer Youth Union (CNYU) in south Sudan has impeached its present, John Puol, in a vote of no confidence.

12) According to the report, John Puol was charged with embezzlement of 6,000 South Sudanese Pounds (SSP); an equivalent of $1, 500 USD as well as of unauthorized fees of 150SSP each from Nuer young university graduates who graduated from 2007-2013.

13) Corruption benefits few and leaving vast majority of the people inaccessible to the national resources. For instance, during the Interim Period of country national resources were shared among official in the government of Southern Sudan, leaving it in economic shambles.

14)  The silence of the government of Southern Sudan on the face of serious rampant corruption saw billions of dollars disappeared with any trace. The corruption was being practiced at the government’s face. However, the then Government of South Sudan [GOSS] was playing an ostrich politics of putting its head into the sand imagining that the danger is gone, which eventually will kill it. Former Vice President Riek Machar was 300 million dollars by Chinese government for protection of Palloch oil wells in northeastern Nuerland from being destroyed by the SPLA-IO rebel forces and was used to silence the Nuer and to render them into submission of defeat. Dr. Machar received another $400m from China to keep the Nuer Silence about the pollution in Rubkonyni oilfields and Gas fields, Unity State. In the same period, Dr. Machar received undisclosed millions to release Tanzanian Pilot and his craft with disclosed cash paid into his account in Nairobi, Kenya, or in London, UK.

15) Corruption became s deadly that it killed the moral fabric that is so valuable to all of us. The officials in the government reached the extent of transporting money in coffins like people for burial in East Africa. The situation was really pathetic. The government officials lost South Sudanese moral fabric and traditions.

16) There are areas of the country where humanitarian have failed or have been unable to deliver assistance and programs for extended periods, that compounds already dire food security and nutrition situations. One example is the Opposition-held territory of Greater Bagari and Wau, which is classified in  emergency phase of food insecurity- again a step away from famine- and where  due to access denials and SLA roadblocks. The situation will get even worse without improvement in access.

17)  In recent weeks, the Government as well as opposition forces and non-state armed actors have continued to interfere with the delivery of humanitarian assistance to people in need. Government security forces have denied humanitarian acc in Liewolo in Kajo-Keji County; non- state armed actors have denied access to Torit County’s Gunyoro town. Access blockade to a waste disposal site in Bentiu also continues despite assurances from the two Governors (Dr. Nyuen Montuiel, Salva Kiir’s SPLA-IG appointed and Lt.-General Raui Kuol, Machar’s SPLA-IO appointed military-Governors that humanitarian agencies would be provided unhindered access to the site.

18) Could superseding elections be a savant decision to contemplate and anticipate genuine results for betterment of South Sudan against people’s wish for de jure Constitutional form of government? When would we learn from previous and present political and military mistakes?

19) In early November 2018, Salva Kiir released a Republic or Executive Order for free, unimpeded, and unhindered movement of humanitarian Assistance Convoys’ to take of this order, which enshrines international obligations. I urge for it to be translated into concrete actions and instruction at all levels to remove roadblocks, bureaucratic red tape and other types of impediments and for it to be realized in practice on the ground. We have illustrated or alluded to, that is not happening now, because Salva Kiir government officials are not true to their actions or words. This is a violation of sovereignty that does not belong to the state, but to the people in both peace and war times alike.

20) They are holding on the idea that de facto government is legitimate as long as it went unopposed. This is one of the great failures of Dr. Machar’s SPLA-IO exert more politico-military pressure on Juba at all fronts and no matter what happens, let all hell break loose.

21) A government of right; the true and lawful government established according to Constitution of the nation, and lawfully entitled to recognition and supremacy and the administration of the nation, but which iis actually cut off or control.

22) A de jure government is legal, legitimate government of a state and is so recognized by other states. In contrast, a de facto government is in actual possession of authority and control of the state, which the present government in the present is the later as oppose to former concept.

23)  De Jure is a Latin expression that means legitimate or lawful. When I talk of government, I do, of course mean government that means legitimate and lawful. When we talk of governments, I mean de jure governments in place that implies legally elected and to be recognized by other states. However, if in if in a state or country it so happens that there is someone calling the shots from behind the scenes and having the real reign of power in his hands, he is said to be the de facto power. Imagine a country or state or a nation-state where the government has be overthrown by a military coup d’état and it has been forced to in exile. This government is then considered as de jure by other countries of the world while the de facto government in the one holding the reign of power in the country. The above are only to a few prep or to give you prep heads up. We can add more as we feel before us.


God Almighty the creator of all things, above and below has revealed itself to the people of South Sudan by provoking the ongoing genocide, ethnic cleansing and other heinous crimes and humiliations committed by all parties to the conflict. Since I am an intellectual man; I have in me a philosophy in prophecy and everything the I have written, lectured, foretold or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved in South Sudan have come to fruity as we speak. I could not be so happy that statesmen like Uncle Abel Alier Kaui who orchestrated this situation based on extreme, haughty and negatively sophisticated Dinka Bore pride for virtually for nothing and nothingism.

The Book of the Revelations teaches us that Christ says “I am the Alpha and Omega”, the First and the End and that he (Christ) shall become the First and the last and that the last shall become the First. This is truly the cycle of events in the ongoing concurrent politico-military situation in South Sudan. Those who have raised to the pinnacle of power in upper echelon of power and society, shall  rise and fall like that rise and fall, nations rise and fall, and a man may dies, but the idea still leaves on. They should become the last and probably that could constitute their down fall or diminishing status and political demise compared to the events that brought about by the rise of perestroika (restructuring) and glasnost” (openness) and those that suppressed fellow countrymen to become the down trodden and those that deliberately and willfully kept in the bottom, in the closets, social injustice for generations or in political incognito and political dissonance shall rise to become the first this time around We should also refer the concurrent situation in South to Perestroika and Glasnost, “the Arab Spring or the Arab Spring” that the toppled the  pro-Western octogenarian regimes in the North African nations-states of Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Surely, if the whole world left South Sudan unchecked and insisting that Salva Kiir’s remains in power or in the Presidency, they it got all wrong and kidding themselves. The war could escalate to maximum compared to Katanga in the Congo in the 1960s and the African national liberation movement struggle for political independence the Euro-Metropolitan powers. We could not give guarantees to Uganda and Kenya or some IGAD Countries that participated in the War on who should be the next President of South Sudan and how he would design or framework on his would-be foreign security policy agenda and the entire spectrum of foreign policy towards Kenya and Uganda. Specifically, Yuri Museveni’s should not ask for guarantees from the would-be next the head of state and government of South Sudan that he had abated to set ablaze South Sudan on 12. 12. 2013 to have guarantees on the would-be next South Sudan head of state and government. Mr. Museveni should have given it a sought a priori to his deliberate and willful direction intervention fighting for Salva Kiir’s regime in South Sudan civil war; he should have sought it out about this case a priori to his intervention and setting ablaze South Sudan before he could have entered the war on 12 December 2013 up this time. How about that? We have no guarantees for Kampala. South Sudan would-be foreign policy agenda would be constructed and strategized on case- by-case basis and we could not be dictated by any parties on what to do in this matter at the end of the day.


We would have no guarantees for Mr. Museveni that ordered his troops to kill many people, elderly, children, used of internationally banned bombs such as, Napalm bombs, White Phosphorous bombs, and Cluster bombs, including possibly chemical warfare compared to the use of Sarin Gas by Assad’s regime in Syria and the gassing of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein’s regime in Kurdistan-Iraq a few years ago and as recently as the last few weeks in April 2018 that the prompted the UK, France, and the USA pounded Damascus and its surroundings neighborhoods with showered of bombs and rockets as a warning and show of force against Assad. The question that we could be obliged to challenge the Western powers is that why they failed to do the same as in Syria against Salva Kiir genocidal regime in the pre-born and pre-failed South Sudan? Rest assuredly, the crimes of genocide defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity, human rights violations and heinous crimes against humanity and other humiliations have been committed and the world kept silent compared to the outburst in Darfur, Kurdistan–Iraq, Syria, and many other places around the world with exception of Africa..

The innocent South Sudanese people have murdered and genocide or democide had been committed by Uganda Soldiers fighting for Salva Kiir for political and military ambitions, adventure s, and the search for the ecological wealth that they have paid hefty collateral damage that the Nuer White Army (Reim Naath tin Bour) inflicted the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) with bloody noses in the Greater State of Jonglei in South Sudan in particular. Briefly, the political history of the Nuer White Army could to be traced the Anglo-Nuer War and the 1924 White Flag League that Fadil El-Mahesh- a Nuer Muslim named Tang Kuang of the Bull Nuer from Bentiu and Ali Abdulatif- a Dinka Muslim fought bravely against the British Army in Khartoum in the uprising to crackdown the anti-British elements in the aftermath of murdered of the Governor- General Sir Lee Stalk in Cairo in 1924. Uganda does not deserve to ask first for guarantees from the would-be head of state and government in South Sudan. There would be no iota guarantees and in my opinion, we could take the LRA into Uganda like Yuri Museveni himself was brought into Kampala by the Tanzanian troops per orders of the late President Mawlimu Julius Nyerere more than 40-years ago (1978-) and the British Government to over the Government of General Idi Amin Dada’s regime that was perceived to be a fest or “the bad guy on the block” by the British authorities in East Africa.


We have had this name of the SSDF for generation prior to the inception of the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A in May 1983 for generations prior to the inception of the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A was pre conceptualized and pre-born in 1983. For those who wanted to steal SSDF acronyms, we humbly asked them to refrain from this gross illicit, criminal, and pathetic act of hijacking other people’s intellectual property to make them to become SPLM owns property and rights. We forewarned those idiots that have illegitimately and illegally adopted the acronyms of SSDF to replace SPLA, that they should know firsthand and without delays that they have already committed an offense or a crime and we could file criminal case against the Government of South Sudan before the Court of law and the international tribunals. We urge and appeal to the SPLM to drop without any precondition or quip-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace the premature adoption of the SSDF to replace SPLA and to keep off because we are still alive and well. The SSDFP registered with the SPLA in Sudan reflects the acronyms of the SSDF plus that we could change to become South Sudan Democratic Party. It should be known and resolved by all parties that acronym SSDF belongs to the SSDFP. Therefore, we ask Juba to drop the acronym SSDF that it unilaterally adopted for its wicked, failed, and genocidal regime in South Sudan. We have not abandoned SSDF, but it remains alive and well. The SSDFP, the CMA, and the NSSM with their appendages historically known as South Sudan Defense Forces (SSDF) and even the SSDFP was known in its historic past of the said above-mentioned.

Sadly and regrettably, we have learned with deep regrets that Juba has adopted the name SSDF as it new military insignia to replace SPLA insignia for those wicked and genocidal forces and as, such an act would constitute a criminal case that would not appease anyone at all. We request Juba to relinquish the name as soon as possible [ASAP] before we could file a motion against the GOSS in any jurisdiction of our choice to adjudicate this malicious  act of stealing and/or hijacking other people’s intellectual property rights in violation of national and international law that govern such universal rights or all worldwide. We urge and appeal that the SPLA should continue wearing its insignia and continuing maintaining its SPLA notorious forces. We, the Non-SPLA rebels forces bearing no relations to the SPLA, we are there true owners of the SSDF insignia and incorporates any military units that have been non-SPLA origin could become legitimately and truly the original part and parcel of the “SSDF” forces insignia known as such, and no idiot could arbitrarily proclaim and change or to steal SSDF unilaterally without a fight on the aforementioned insignia. Our head of the SSDF has-Lt.- General Gordon Koang Chol who is alive and well in exile in Khartoum. The SSDF could produce the dream of democratic change sooner rather than later. We would have no choice, but to file a lawsuit worth millions of USD lawsuit against the SPLA and the GOSS for having stolen and adopted SSDF insignia. They wanted to repeat the legacy of the SSPLM/A founder by the late Colonial Samuel Gai Tut that Garang’s swiftly murdered abated the former Ethiopian Communist Dreg regime that ruthlessly and brutally governed Ethiopia with an iron fist from 1974-1991.

The following points of discussion should be incorporated as part and parcel of our peace revitalization agenda to achieve democratic change in South Sudan in the shortest  possible ways and means as follows:-

  • Africa’s youngest state in South should be declared as a failed state that moved from political insecurity, political instability to stateless to statelessness. It has become the second Somalia as a failed state in the Horn of Africa (HOA). Some IGAD Countries that have participated in the war fighting for Salva Kiir’s regime should declare exit or divorce from the revitalization peace process. They could be peacemakers and at the same tie war makers. They already made them to be with Salva Kiir and it would imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to become free, fair, and democratic because of the conflict of interests.
  • Most important, failure of the regional and superpowers failure to intervene for tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) peaceful and political conflict resolution in South Sudan, the entire region of the Horn of Africa could be engulfed with many protracted wars and could set ablaze the region with unquenchable or un-stoppable bloody wars similar to Central African Republic (CAR), Libya, Yemen, that could warrant direct foreign intervention to assist the parties that have been denied the rights to participate in the revitalization political process. On the contrary, some analysts like John Prendergast and his old colleagues, namely, Roger P. Winter, Bryan de Silver, Ted Diane, Dr. Susan Rice and many others lobbyist in Washington, DC., who are still  pro-SPLA partisans for years retrospect to the glorious days of the late John Garang could be identified as having been responsible for the ongoing mess in South Sudan for years asserted that South Sudan is “not a failed state”, but “a hijacked state” from whom, by whom, and for what, remains a myth to be de-mythologized.

Reasons for Yuri Museveni intervention in South Sudan:

  • Foreign powers and the lobbyists’ premature encouragement of the UDF intervention in Soudan domestic affairs fighting with Salva Kiir’s regime against the rebel forces.
  • Peace would not return to South Sudan as long as Salva Kiir’s doesn’t step down or resign.
  • What pre-empted Uganda involvement in the domestic’s affairs of South Sudan? Was it a conspiracy against the Nuer ethnicity and their leader Dr. Riek Machar?
  • President Yuri Museveni should know that even though we made a political exit from Machar’s outfit, we would standup firmly with him and would not permit him to go to Juba to be slaughter like a ram by stunt detractors supported and abated by President Yuri Museveni and President Uluru Kenyatta.
  • Both Salva Kiir and Yuri Museveni should know in advance that any death against Machar’s by assassination, by poisoning with Helium imported from X-county similar to chemical used against the former Russian Spy in London and his daughter recently that now created a political raw between the UK and the Russian Federation or the UK PM Theresa May vs. the Russian President Putin over the affair of poisoning of the ex-Russian Spy in the UK, could surely spark the “African Spring” or the “African Streets” from Juba to Kampala similar to the Arab Spring or the Arab Street that toppled the octogenarian leaders in Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt alike and beyond. South Sudan could become the first victim and then follows by Uganda and goes beyond.
  • Both Museveni-Kiir have design a plot for the elimination of Dr. Machar’s would be considered as a serious provocation that could cause the third World War in the region in which the Nuer ethnicity and its White Army could avenge what Ugandans have committed in South Sudan by bombarding our innocent people with international banned bombs, such as, Cluster bombs, Napalm bombs, White Phosphorus bombs, and possibly bio-chemical weapons. As a US professionally and military trained soldier and a veteran of the US Army (Vietnam Era), the above-mentioned bombs could produce tremendous impact on the health of the people in the area they have been used similar to South Vietnam where such bombs and Agent Orange were intensively used by the US Air Force (USAF) during the Vietnam Quagmire (1958-1971). People bombed with such weapons should know that they could have health impact within a decade or less. So they check experts from the CDC, WHO and OPW…etc.
  • Why President Yuri Museveni is so much interested to murder Dr. Machar? Was he responsible for the rebellion in northern Uganda? Didn’t Museveni committed genocide against the Acholi people in northern Uganda before the international community?
  • First and foremost, he must and ought to persuade Salva Kiir to step down or to reign as a pre-condition sine-qua-non to peace in South Sudan.
  • We are determined and motivated with guts and gusto and have the ability and the capability of overthrowing Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime in Juba by any means necessary.

The following points of contentions indicative characters of a failed state:-

  • No guarantees to freedom of the pres and speech and journalists have been crackdown and killed by the security forces to do their work as the gatekeepers.
  • No established legitimate and democratically elected government to maintain law and order, delegation of authority and powers, to manage the affairs of bureaucracy;
  • The National economy has collapsed;
  • President has been illegitimate for years retrospect to 15 July 2015;
  • Rejected the democratic process and put squarely the blames on the Obama’s Administration;
  • Salva Kiir has become an ethnocentric (“tribal) president led by the octogenarian the so-called Jieng Elder Council JEC);
  • Peace would not return to South Sudan as long as Salva Kiir remains in power.
  • Lack or liquidity, arbitrary increment in goods and services, and gas hikes, corruption, embezzlement, ethnocentrism (tribalism) have been all signs of reasonable disasters.

Dr. Machar’s and his protégés, including his yes-men, and sycophants and others should become beware of the hyenas lurking in the midst of the Nuer Community and, but nobody ever captured or realized my political and philosophical, political theories, and prophetic writings. My very own people [Nuer] termed as a crazy Professor, Arrogant Sudanese-American, controversial crazy Professor, and Dr. Machar’s painted me negatively that I was crazy. I could not be more than happy that everything that I have lectured, written, foretold and or prophesized have come to be true as we so speak. So where is the one that ad infinitum or adjudge or adjunger (French) or adjudicare (Latin) and prided himself haughty as being the “Golden Child” and the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème? He (Dr. Machar) is now in castration for the past 2-years, he does not know when he would be let go free, his dreams of vying of becoming the President of South Sudan have been dashed away, faded, gone with the wind, and to his diehards and protégés, the dream of their boss or the Messiah Machar’s has faded away forever to sit in the Presidential Chair in Juba or elsewhere. Affirmatively, and all those who have cursed and painted me negatively, they all should have to revisit my original philosophical prophetic thinking and neo-thinking. Shame, shame, and indeed that many of critics have already returned to the enemy camp to be fed with crumbs like dogs and beggars because they are not part and parcel of the inner SPLM circles. Certainly, they return to the enemy has been indicative that have no guts and gusto and the ability and capacity to withstand, enduring hunger, pain, suffering, and mental anguish.

Emphatically, when they decided to rejoin the enemy, they live on crumbs because they have not been part and parcel of the inner circle and trusted as part and parcel of the Jieng system. As a professional American trained soldier, a US veteran, and a highly caliber renounced academic, I have withstood such things and remained standing firmly and straightforwardly with the Nuer people and all South Sudanese affected by war, genocide or democide, ethnic cleansing, lynching, social injustice; sharing our problems and constantly strategizing for a solution until we final one to overthrow Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime by any means necessary as the ultimate political and peaceful conflict resolution. They should underscore now that a Nuer would become the next President of the Republic in the aftermath of Slava Kiir demises. The Jieng Elders (JEC) could not defeat the Nuer, but the Nuer could defeat the Jieng Elder Council (JEC) because history is on their side.

The Nuer ethnicity was the only ethnicity that remained un-colonized by the British in Sudan and South Sudan in particular. It became unreceptive to the Anglo-Indian laws that were imported hanging or capital punishment that never existed in the Nuerland and its ethnographical political culture from the time of immemorial up to present. As for Ugandans and Kenyans, and some IGAD Countries that provoked the war and got involved fighting for Salva Kiir, they should reckon that should return to their respective countries humiliated, less proud, and many should die like pack of African wild dogs and the German Wolves and should not see alive their loved ones again until the judgment day. The Jieng should not rule South Sudan forever. They should rise and fall apart like all that things the rise and fall. Glad to know that many of all my detractors, critics, and ex-enemies that falsehood, crucified, and alienated me as being controversial academic because they have neither captured nor understood my philosophical prophetic thinking and neo-thinking and the intellectual essence of my works, have now endorsed or embraced all my preconceived philosophical prophetic thoughts, thinking, and neo-thinking that I prophesized or foretold years ago would happen.

Surely, they have almost sequentially happened in South Sudan in particular. We were prejudged and specifically, professor David de Chand as being the most crazy of all,” that I labeled as being mad by very own people who got scared about my talent and wanted to dispose my talent, soul, and body  because I wanted to educate them with things in life that we do know and they do not know. For instance, Thomas Douth Guet in capacity as the Director of External Affairs in the National Security was prima facie individual that wanted and determined to getting rid of my talent, soul and body like he did to many Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals in Juba retrospect to the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide up to present. Because he was not even a high school graduate, he feel jealous, he still remains in total darkness and does not know the world around him. Many of the SPLA officers were fooled to be sent to South African selected to study their High Schools Diplomas’ and assumed they were in the Universities in South Africa. He (Thomas Douth Guet, Taban Deng, Riek Machar…etc) had received the blood money, what would they do with it? They have all become useless throughout the Nuer Community and they have become Nuer wews or Nuer yuini (Nuer for the money).  What would they go at the end of their sojourn criminal acts? In fact, Dr. Machar fears of the unknown, joined the carouse and prided himself as the “Golden Child” of sort, the best educated derelicts, and one of the best and the brightest talented Nuer scholar, but he is weak in spirit and indecisive in decision-making. I termed him as an impressionist” and truly he is on the record. Most important, the worst enemy has been Dr. Machar’s has been that he is an impressionist and does not like any other Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals to have a chance to shine or to show what he/she has got and this has been one of his great concerns and failures by surrounding himself with the weak links, undereducated, unqualified, inexperienced, the least brightest idiots, coco-heads, and sycophants in and around him. In conclusion, I would not want Dr. Machar to be assassinated or poisoned by heartless people like Taban Deng Gai and Thomas Douth Guet and Akol Kor. We would want them all to live at the end as disgraced and useless fellows in the Nuer Community to enjoy their bloodletting money that they have accumulated by killings their own kind.

Specifically, Dr. Machar deliberately and willfully already painted me and others above averaged educated Nuers who defected less Professor David de Chand to rejoin the enemy in Juba to be “the bad guys” on the block, unfortunately. Dr. Machar’s has been afraid because of my talent, smartness, photographic grasping of issues so quickly, popularity, philosophical prophetic thinking and neo-thinking based on my presentations to the Nuer folks alike, Because he has been dealing with innocent, poor, primitive, and uneducated people, he [Dr. Machar] has become an icon that really resembles Jesus Christ of sort and that if you say anything about or against him (Dr. Machar) whatsoever you say can and could be used against you by his primitive officers that could be tortured to death anyone that perceived against Machar and/or could be castrated as many of detractors have passed through tremendous hardship of his enemies or they could possibly be murdered and killed them free at will because they have offended and opposed the man called Dr. Machar that has become an icon like Jesus Christ, above and beyond the Great Nuer Prophets Nyundeng Boung, Dwal Dieu, and the Prophetess Nyaruach Kulang Kier (Nyamatti). He (Dr. Machar) caused divisions from within the Nuer nation, confusion, disarrayed, and misguided many that should take at least a generation to resolve because so many Nuer leaders have been brain washed to have died for miscalculated and misguided plans. Specifically, most of the Nuer problem originated from Unity State where its people have divided into seven (7) to nine (9) sub-tribes in which all and every one of them wanted to become the Chairman and rest should become their deputies. This was the late Paulino Matip Nhial leadership style that was anti-educated people and killed so many without any probable causes or offenses committed except that the only offense they committed they were educated. History would not absolve Dr. Machar even the majority poor, undereducated, and the unenlightened have begun to reckoned at last Dr. Machar’s was an unfit leader because he failed to work with the best and the brightest Nuer leaders and the majority have discovered for themselves about who are Dr. Riek Machar and Taban Gai styles of leaderships have waned and gone down under for good within the Nuer Community forever lasting.

We urge and appeal to all the Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals to return back to our community to re-organize it strategically against Machar’s, and to train more young people for the final victory against Salva Kiir’s genocidal regime and not against the Dinka people. The enemy of the people is not the Dinka folks, but Salva Kiir’s and his cronies and their militias that we should deal with them un-reliantly until the end of time because they have committed things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. They have become cannibals, animals, human less, and terrorists. We urge and appeal to the to the international community, the Western countries, the UNSC,  should  not work to superimpose greater sanctions against a lame duck regime to let go of it in Juba for the sake of peace, democracy, economic prosperity and human development. What have the people of South Sudan have done to the world such they have been neglected and left to suffer so much? Where are humanity, international humanitarian law, human rights law, and human rights protection in South Sudan? Why are we being punished? Is it because of our pigmentation, racism, racialism, and xenophobia?  Rest assuredly, peace would not return to South Sudan as long as Salva Kiir’s remains its president and refuses to step or to resign. Already has vowed to remain in power despite Opposition’s call for him to step down or to resign from power and to handed power over to the governed where all powers emanated from in civilized and truly democratic societies. Dr. Machar would also become weaker because of emerging opposition movement and parties within the IO because he has been reckoned as part and parcel of the SPLM Juba under the Arusha Declaration in 2016 that was supposedly re-united the ruling the ruling party.  The Non-SPLA-IO within Dr. Machar’s camp would have to be united for a need for stronger Opposition against SPLA-IO. Now, that many non-SPLA-IO movements and parties have emerged, SPLM would be drastically political reduced because there would be alternative options compared to the past when there was only one option- that was the SPLM. The members of these movements and parties have been or represented the silent majority within the SPLM/A, Juba, SPLA-IO and SPLA-IG.and G-10 for years because have been the nationalists. The time is now for them to wake up and it should be better off force both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir to be compelled or forces to resign or to step down as the only one way for peace to return from Galaxy to South Sudan. This is the bottom line.



IGAD mediators can’t clean their own countries let alone bring peace to South Sudan. IGAD support same genocides’ to usher in peace with same agenda yet a different face.

Why peace can’t be made without pro temp President Ambassador/Professor David de Chand?

Compare David de Chand to the most notorious guys in South South Sudan SPLA of Salva Kiir are: Paul Malong Awan,(fired/defected); secretly promoted to the rank of Field Marshal Deng Wall, Marial Chinor, Kuol Manyang  Juuk, Akol Kor, Taban Deng Gai (Alas, Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Siddig Ibrahim), and Thomas Douth Guet, all present SPLA under Salva Kiiir’s aid from unaccountable funds. Dr. Riek Machar without authority sold the Nuerland to North Sudan in betrayal of South Sudanese people and accepted in Cash on Delivery (C.O.D) $700m USD monetary funds from various fraudulent businesses and ascertainable fact from China funds was given to silent the South Sudanese people/ IO from gaining oil fields control and benefits therefrom to sustain life. Why Genocide? As if mercy killings? Such agreement is neither legal nor lawful and is prosecutable crime under The Hague, The Netherlands, Convention, et seq.

Dr. Riek Machar spent it at his pleasure without any economic benefit to support South Sudanese/IO. Dr. Machar’s abandoned his ability and the capacity of leadership position when he allowed access to the oilfields and Gas fields by the Chinese economic pleasure. SPLA and its cronies conduct equate of betrayal, sedition, Grand theft, treasonous to what they falsely to claim their hands are cleaned and with intent colluding with IGAD mediators and Some IGAD Countries to do the same. Need any more reasons why David de Chand’s name is excluded from any peace talks?

Because there is no genuine peace to be had and no to conspire by way of superimposition that is not equated with the Nuer/majority? Who is sane here? Or to put it differently, who are sane here concerning themselves incognito to fool the world of its legitimacy? IGASD is aware without “the Nuer/IO there is no peace to have.” Otherwise Pro-temp President David de Chand is considered the legitimate the Federal Republic of South Sudan (FROSS).

The people of South Sudan should know heretofore that David de Chand has taken up the torch and to lead South Sudan to Constitutional Republic form of government by the 95% of the people acquiesce in hope to pros not hugger, to be secured and disposed, freedom not tyranny, life not death (genocide and ethnic cleansing), growth in a de jure government expressed by the majority not by the few with a different agenda/IGAD.

In my hummable ability, capacity and opinion  that I am an intellectual man; I have in me a philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have  written, lectured, foretold or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved in South Sudan have to fruity as we so speak. What I had by saying and anticipating for years goes on deaf ears, not until 95% of the people realized they can’t serve two masters’, 95% of the people voiced that they would rather have freedom from fear as oppose to submission to fear by surrendering freedom.” The 95% of the peoples realizes that freedom is not free; it takes bloodshed to bring down the present de facto government to its knees.

We will do this by any means necessary and we do not need cowards of the cowards, but with red badge of courage, determination, motivation and readiness to die for a cause like getting rid of a bloodsucker and genocidal Salva Kiir to bring down the present de facto government to its knees. To submit to the de facto government is is to surrender God’s given Sovereign rights, and freedom to evil who are involved in genocide resulting from fear. Who can bring peace with fresh new face and as Western allies besides David de Chand? My only consolidation to Salva Kiir would be to resign or step and to return the government it the governed that all power emanated from them.

David de Chand has an alliance in relationship among my people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit to achieve common purpose, whether or not considered explicit bi IGAD in collusion with criminals of the third kind against the Nuer in particular, and the entire non-SPLA silent majority. That is why my name s not mentioned in IGAD Collusion for peace. Actually, peace is too far away in the Galaxy in South Sudan and more bloodshed would fee united as long as Salva Kiir and his cronies remain as the de facto government in Juba. I would to tell in advance to Mr. Salva Kiir, to tear down that wall before we could invade and occupy Juba and to make to become a ghost town and death city. We would leave no stone unturned in Juba when we come with a forces of 800,000 to a million civilian and hard crack nuts guerrilla to enter Juba. We would not come by Night like Museveni’s and his forces on 12.12.2013. We like to entire Juba in a broad day light so that Salva Kiir Special Twic Militias can see how the Nuer White Army can fight them plus it regulars. The real enemy of the people is the so-called Mathiang Aynor that shall be pursued by the federal forces no matter where they go, they shall and will be pursue until the end. If it takes us to complete this joint in 5, 10, 15, and 20 years or so, we will not relent until the mission is fait accompali. We have nothing at all against the Dinka civilians in Juba for they would receive the same equal protection to be received by their counterparts and equal protection for all like any other South Sudan citizens.

To usher a Constitutional Form of Government is to follow the Western countries history and we could learn something worthwhile there from. French revolution resulted from a despotic government, American Revolution fought with less the 10% of the population to win freedom from monarchial despot. To find peace is to find the right individual to make such peace possible with repeating history with results of the same failures so expect different expectations or anticipations.

SPMLA had ceased to function as actual government entities a long time ago, and have continued to function “as” government in namely only. SPLM are, in fact, merely corporations in business of providing “governmental services.”  And increasingly, they have functioned as crime syndicates and human trafferickering in South Sudan and have set up camps as armed pirates acting under color of law by way of genocide without recourse. Superimposition is null and void in the majority opposition fear of deceit. Opposition unified position would be to overthrow Salva Kiir and we are organizing like bee hives daily until we enter Juba through the proposed 2018 Peace March to Juba to take the government Salva and his cronies and to give it back to the people wherefore all powers emanated from.

What needs that you must take heed to?

The international committed has been affirmatively interested in peaceful and political solution to end chaos. You must humble yourself by showing personal relations with the effects of pain, suffering and mental anguish by the majority.

  • Presently 95% of the citizens of South Sudan are suffering from the present regime, and I am one of them. I have been already blacklisted ever since to be assassinated free at will and Dr. Riek Machar’s was a party to that decision because of fear of the unknown. SPLA leadership fear of the unknown is to say, I am suspect as a US veteran could organized a coup d’état in conjunction with the USCIA, MI-6, and the French Intelligence Services. The majority of the people expressed their voice by leadership of David de Chand as their best Choice. Politically, the majority of the people constitute the de jure Constoitutional opposing the present regime and to have David de Chand as tear down fide Pro-Temp President of South Sudan. Otherwise election may prove the same.
  • David de Chand opposes any superimposition of reinstituting criminals from former de facto government of Salva Kiir and with his SPL/A cronies as legitimates candidates to usher in peace. This contemplated of superimposition is a fatal to peace process and the majority will resist rather than to submit.
  • Nationalization is the process by which lawless de facto governments are brought down and dissolved, with their assets going back to Paramount Security Interest Holders and to the Priority Creditors that “We the People” have chartered them in the first place. Nationalization is by far the simplest and fastest way to put an end to all the evils created by these incognito illegal faction entities.
  • We all admit that there is chaos in South Sudan. Many outside governmental involvement who have attempted to bring resolve without success. Repeated mistakes to expect a different result is insane, same as to usher in failure to achieve any possible resolve. “We The People” often in the majority have not acquiesced to superimposition as a solution to problem by way of same criminals with different face to govern them. Only sovereigns can create the constitution to superimpose upon the government to which they have created, without outside interference to the contrary.
  • I, David de Chand have no interest in all-gotten gains. What does it means to gain the whole and loose all your soul and the spirit? I seek no control over any other nation. I do not wish to interfere in the exercise of free will, the right to self-determination guaranteed to all peoples under the UN Resolution 1514, 14 (December 1960s) — so long and it doesn’t trespass on the free of other sovereigns.
  • SPLM/A had ceased to exist and function as constitutional governmental entities a long time ago, and have continued to function “as” government in name only deceiving the world of their purported legitimacy. Present President of South Sudan is an unelected and of the same elk of SPLM/A who re, in fact, merely corporations in the business of providing “governmental services”, and increasingly, they have functioned as crime syndicates in South Sudan and have set up camps as armed pirates, human traffickers, terrorists, and mercenaries under the color of law by way of genocide without recourse. Superimposition is invalidated, and is null and void by the majority opposition to reinstate chaos and genocide as peaceful and political conflict resolution.
  • That is the precise reasons why any and all IGAD effort is a failure because IGAD like to see the same de facto government as legitimate to discuss peaceful and political conflict resolution effectively without David de Chand name is mentioned. David de Chand has no criminal history, US Army Veteran, US Naturalized citizens and a South Sudan’s native. David de Chand is a member of the majority’s Voice with the responsibility to usher in constitutional government to rejoice.
  • SPLM/A vs. SPLM/A-IO is a simple logical and analytical concept. SPLM/A are Salva Kiir’s syndicates, and the SPLM/A- IO less the silent majority non-SPLM/A components are the majority of South Sudan’s citizens, including Jieng (Dinka) ethnocentric or ethnographical tribe. The SPLM/A knows that SPLM/A-IO hold strong in numbers and in government making. When SPLM/A-IO and all its components are left out or excluded of any projected peaceful and political conflict resolution, “No peace can be can be has” or alternatively, there can be no peace without its representation and participation, including all its components because any out, the war continues. Thusly, David de Chand is the leader of the concurrent “headless” SPLM-IO and their future President. Opposition wish that not come into purview by any means, because the fear of their deceptive, manipulative and manueverative ulterior motive is exposed. Now, I ask, when can the true peace Dialogue, per cum pare (equal) discussion can come to into fruition without Pro-Temp President David de Chand? Superimposition to the contrary? Then the international governments don’t truly wish peace to return to South Sudan, except genocide that they have remained silent and shameful as solution to peace. The CMA, the New South Sudan Movement conjoined by the SPLM/A-IO will not stand for it! The international community and Juba should know and underscore that the Opposition is solidly United either on the issue of peace or war. If it wants peace, it must be prepared for war to come a virtual stop and if wants war, Juba be prepared for the longest and the bitter sweet war for 5, 10, 15, or 20 years or more. No matter what happens, we will not stop fighting and the intensification of the armed struggle against Salva Kiir and his militias by any means necessary until they be defeated or crashed.
  • Succinctly, SPLA-IO and Dr. Machar’s diehards angels should know that their icon would not return to the political limelight that he had already tested, enjoyed, and knows how bittersweet it is when you failed doing not or to performing or undertaking transformative leadership to do the right thing. Hitherto, I call for positive, resolved, and affirmative unity within the opposition in despite of political ideological differences that resolvable because our main objective is how to defeat  or to depose Salva Kiir from power by any means necessary.   Machar’s missed the game by having failed to bring closer intelligentsia intellectuals and experts to undertake paving the roadmap towards the revitalization of the 2015 Peace Agreement signed on 17 August by Dr. Machar in the Ethiopian Capital of Addis-Ababa, and a fortnight later was signed by Salva Kiir on 27 August in the South Sudanese Capital Juba.

10)When people come out to rejoice, the government must and ought to be benevolent; when people fear their government then it must and ought to be despot. The only true government is self-governed by the majority of the people” voice is represent and recognized as recognized as a government of the “We the People.” To authenticate that statement is by way of election choice to choose the candidate to speak for his people’s voice. By the virtue of people’s voice declares that David de Chand is their constitutional Pro-Temp President of South Sudan. Who do you support the CMA-IO and SPLA-IO (constitution al) or SPLA-IG, the G-10, and the other appendages or syndicates of the SPLA-IG syndicates. Democratic government often emerged on election based on secret ballot box based on the people’s power, the people’s free will, people’s consent, and democracy that produces social justice and social justice that produces peace and peace produces social justice and vice versa.


SPLM/A had ceased to function as actual government entities a long time ago, and have continued to function “as” government in name only. SPLM/A are, in fact, merely corporations in the business of providing “governmental services,” and increasingly, they have functioned as crimes syndicates, Mafioso, human traffrickering , Money Laundering, Narcotic and have set up camps in South Sudan. Superimposition has been invalidated and declared as null and void. Unless it is recognized that David de Chand is the only viable person to usher in peace in good faith.

How Peace can be achieved?

The international community is interested in the revitalization of the 2015 Peace process through peaceful and political conflict resolution to end chaos. Nevertheless, the de fact government in Juba led by the Dinka Dictator Salva Kiir has become the greatest obstacle that obstructed the peace process on many occasions. IGAD mediators and some IGAD Countries directly involved in the war fighting for the Salva Kiir regime in Juba. Therefore, you must humble yourselves by showing your personal relations with effects of pain, suffering and mental anguish by the majority,

  • Presently 95% of the citizens of South Sudan are suffering from the present regime, and I am one of them. The people express their voice by leadership of David de Chand as their Choice. Politically the majority of the people constitute the de jure Constitutional government opposing the present genocidal and terrorist regime government and to have David de Chand as their bono fide Pro-temp President of South Sudan. Otherwise election may prove the same. Professor David de Chand opposes any superimposition of reinstituting criminals from the former de facto government of Salva Kiir and with his SPLM/A cronies as legitimate candidates and majority will resist rather submitting.
  • Nationalization is the process by which lawless de facto governments are brought down and dissolved, with their assets going back TO THE Paramount Security Interest Holders and to the priority Creditors that “We the People” have chartered them in the first pace. Nationalization is by far the simplest and fastest way to put an end to all the evils created by the incognito illegal fiction entities.
  • David de Chand opposes any superimposition of reinstituting criminals from former de facto government or regime of Salva Kiir and with SPLM/A cronies as legitimate candidates to usher in peace. This contemplated of superimposition is fatal to peace process and the majority will resist submitting.
  • We shall admit that there is chaos in South Sudan. Many outside governmental involvement who have attempted to bring resolve without success. Repeated mistakes to expect a different result is insane, same as to usher in failure to achieve any possible resolve. Only Sovereigns can create the constitution to superimpose upon the government to which they have created, without outside interference to the contrary.
  • I, David de Chand have no interest in all ill-gotten gains through corruption, embezzlements, and/or through self-aggrandizement. I seek no control over any other nation. I do not wish to interfere in the exercise of free will—-so long as it doesn’t trespass on the free will of other sovereigns, including the exercise of the right to self-determination guaranteed to all peoples as God’s given fundamental basic inalienable right by the UN Charter and its Third Committee or the Economic and social Council (SEC) and other available international instruments.
  • SPLM/A had created to exist and to function as constitutional government** and of same elk of SPLM/A that have continued to function  national entities a long time ago, and have continued to function “as” government in name only is deceiving the world of their purported legitimacy. Present President of South Sudan is an unelected. and of same elk of SPLM/A who are, in fact, merely corporations in the business of providing “governmental Services,” and increasingly, they have function as crime syndicates in South Sudan and have  set up camps as armed pirates acting under color of law by way of genocide without recourse.
  • That is the precise raison d’être why any and all IGAD peace effort is a failure because IGAD mediators and some IGAD Countries like to see the same de facto government as legitimate to discuss peace without David de Chand name is mentioned. David de Chand has no criminal history, US Army veteran, US citizen and a South Sudan’s native son by David de Chand is a member of the majority’s voice with the responsibility to usher in constitutional government to rejoice.
  • SPLM vs. SPLM-IO is a pretty simple concept. Succinctly, all SPLM/A in Opposition such as the SPLA-IO, the so-called G-10, Sawaka’s groups and the so-called Dr. Lam Akol’s renegades are all the same Salva Kiir’s syndicate appendages and the SPLA-IO are the majority of South Sudan’s including the Jieng [Dinka] ethnicity. The SPLM knows that SPLA-IO and the CMA/NSSM hold strong in numbers and in governmental making. When Citizens-IO is left out of any peaceful and political conflict resolution, no peace can be had. David de Chand is the leader of the CMA-IO movement and as the future President. Opposition wish that is not come into purview by any means, because the fear of their deceptive ulterior motive is exposed. Now, I ask, when can true peace discussions will or can come into fruition without David de Chand? Superimposition to the contrary? Then the international governments under the auspices of the UNSC and UNGA, the ICJ don’t truly wish peace, except as the preferred possible solution to peace. Citizens for SPLM-IO and the CMA/SSDF/SSNRA, and the NSS movement will not stand for it.
  • When people come out to rejoice, the government must be benevolent, when people fear their government then it must be a Despot. The only true government is self-governed by the majority of the peoples voice is repressed and recognized as a new government of the “We The People.” To authenticate that statement is by way of election choice to choose the candidate to speak for his people’s voice. By the virtue of the people voice declares that David de Chand is their constitutional Pro-Temp President of South Sudan. Who do you support SPLM-IO (CMA-IO) (constitutional) or SPLM/A-IG (de facto syndicates).


We had many reasons to full out from Machar’s failed leadership discourse. Personally, I worked with Dr. Machar’s for years in the Movement with particular, emphasis in the defunct South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) that he unilaterally dissolved on his own accord without undertaking any prior consultations with its founding members, unfortunately. SSIM/A should not have been dissolved, but should have been registered as a political party like the SPLM/A, the SSDFP (SSDP) of Professor David de Chand’s party and many other registered political parties prior the split in the Old Sudan or the mother country and before the emergence of the paradox of two Sudan as proposed in the SPLM/A/NCP CPA of 2005.

The following have been some of the main points for our political exit or divorce from Dr. Machar, poor, disorganized, undemocratic, dictatorial, and terrorist outfit:-

Firstly, he [Dr. Machar] unilaterally dissolved the SSIM/A without any consultations with all its members in Nairobi, Kenya, and in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. When he realized that he secured for himself a place in the would-be SPLM Semiautonomous Government, he could not careless about the rest of the pact for some for the whole equals to some of its parts.  This was a pretty selfish, illogical, dishonest, truly selfish interest first and total human madness because no leader puts his own personal interest first above and beyond his people and his followers.

Secondly, Dr. has been a coward and paranoid that does not withstand working and relating to any intelligentsia intellectuals that he fears the most.  He has been an impressionist and lack decision-making at the end. This was one of the reasons that he could neither agree with John Luke Joak, Timothy Tot Chuol, and Michael Mario Dhour nor with Ambassador/Professor David de Chand. I could not agree more with those who have quit Dr. Machar’s outfit. Nevertheless, their returned to rejoin a genocidal regime that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole in part was one of the regrettable and betrayal of the Nuer Community. They should have left, but not to return to the enemy. They should have remained in exile and could have remained stronger anti-Machar’s intellectuals in search for the truth and to induce democratic change from within the Nuer Community. They have followed a bad cause that could haunt or crack them down forever. I became personally puzzled, stigmatized, stunted saddened, disappointed, dismayed, desponded, and annoyed that Dr. Machar could have destroyed the Nuer Community as one of the strongest, well respected, and the most fear throughout Sudan and South Sudan in particular.

Thirdly, we have really learned the hard way that those Nuer intelligentsia intellectuals and experienced Nuer leaders opted to abandoning the Nuer Community because of their personal quarrels with Dr. Machar’s and opted to surrender or to rejoin the enemy camp because of such antiquated personal differences with Dr. Riek Machar as an individual, without the shadow of a doubt, they have become educated derelicts, dialectic materialists and capitalist pigs of sort. They should have first and foremost reckoned that the Nuer nation is not Riek Machar, but a “collective entity or an enterprise of all Nuer people” in South Sudan and beyond. They should have opted to seek an internal solution that could lead them to tolerate or to dismiss Dr. Machar from the leadership of the Nuer people, to forgive, but not to forget the past instead of rejoining or surrendering to the enemy. Surely, this act was un-Nuer. Our forefathers were united in their historic confrontation or résistance of the British colonial rule that led to the 30-year Anglo-Nuer war in South Sudan from 1900-1930. We are not cowards, but we would surely defeat Salva Kiir’s regime by any means necessary, it’s only a matter of time and space, it would happen sooner rather than later. Kiir’s has  resorted to presently to commit search to politics of desperation because he has sensed, alerted, and recognized that he would not survive for long in his fortress in Lure, Juba.

Fourthly, if we have been marginalized as silent majority, the best and the brightest, and crème de la crème could tolerate the longest Dr. Machar’s poor, un-strategized, disorganized, undisciplined, and nonsensical leadership within the Nuer Community [NC]. The returnees should have done what they done by returning to the enemy because they are stupid, idiots, lack moral consciousness have no senses of remembrance, guts and gusto to have done that, instead of fleeing the Nuer Community that was no solution and leaves NC and its people in the wilderness to be fooled and misguided by Dr. Riek Machar. I have told Dr. Machar’s point blank or face-to-face that I could not leave the Nuer people ever because of your (Dr. Machar) tyranny, dictatorship, and terrorism. I forewarned Dr. Machar that I could not leave the Nuer Community and the Nuer nation compared to my predecessors and colleagues, no matter what happens, even if anything could happen to my soul and body, he should be fully held responsible and accountable. I reckoned No Dinka has become an enemy, but Dr. Machar’s has become the prima facie enemy within the Nuer Community. I am still alive and well, highly towering, respected leader, an elder, renowned academic, diplomat, and former National Expert in the Presidency of the Republic prior to the so-called split that produced what Dr. Mansour Khalid termed as “the paradox of two Sudans” and produced no peace dividends amongst all the Nuer people compared to Dr. Machar’s that ended up in disgrace and shame for having accumulated more bloodletting money on the Nuer sweat and bloodletting. Certainly, he is rotting in castration in South Africa and we have no reasons to believe that he could not return soon and his dream of becoming President of South Sudan has been dashed away by bad luck, bad politics, and other improprieties experiences that he had been passing through that hindered his bit for the President. Most important, Dr. Riek Machar’s popularity has waned amongst his own people and the world neither likes Dr. Machar nor Salva Kiir to leader, but wanted them out of the political scene in South Sudan.

Presently, Dr. Machar does have less support from the Nuer Community than ever before. For Machar’s hardcore and diehards, I would like to alert them that neither Machar nor Salva Kiir and their cronies could ever lead again in South Sudan. Neither Dr. Machar nor Salva Kiir have any ability and the capability of leading and Dr. Machar’s longest dream vying to become President of the Republic of South Sudan has been dashed off and he could not become the head of state and government of South Sudan. No matter what he does, it could not happen compared to Dr. Lam Akol or Lt.- General Thomas C. Sawaka that have sponsored and mentored by Kenya and Uganda to be vying for South Sudan’s leadership when they do not have the capacity, the ability, and the support or backing of the majority to lead the people. We do know Dr. Akol’s blind political ambition political ideology and philosophy for years of uniting the Luo speaking groups against the Nuer-Dinka majority in the leadership and demographic majoritarainism. Could this plan be possible? Nevertheless, if anyone of the two guys could win democratic elections that could make anyone of them likes anybody else to become the President of the Republic that could be well and good. Nobody could object that leadership because the people have spoken through the ballot box. Hitherto, for anyone of them to be superimposed externally; such a dream could become imperatively impractical or impossible to attain that juncture. It could escalate the war rather de-escalating it in South Sudan. This is the bottom line.

Our warning to the Nuer-Dinka majority could be that let’s reconcile our differences that have been minors compared to many common things that we share and united us as a people committed to build a united common front in despite of our political differences on the struggle for power sharing and the Presidency, money, and control. We the Nuer-Dinka folks should reckon that we have real enemies from within South Sudan that have been prepared and plotting to devoir us as a people by assuming leadership through external support and external superimposition.

We have fought so hard for South Sudan political independence and we could not allow the establishment of mobcracy or minority rule and majority rights. This has never ever happened anywhere on the planet-Earth. Europe and North America wanted to superimpose mobcracy in South Sudan. Should we accept this on face value? If the majority did not approve, no minority persons could be vying for the Office of the President. Democratically, anyone could become through the people’s free will through the ballot box based on one man, one woman vote and one value, instead of Dr. Lam Akol and General Sawaka for the impossible thing to happen in their lifetime.

Those guys in our opinion have not be sincere, honest and credible to lead should have patience and to have designed strategies to kick both Salva Kiir and Machar out of power, including their cronies out of political theater or political arena that they do not deserve at all. It’s indeed shameful and disgraceful that such strong people with highly developed brains to run away from a half-cast Nuer compared to Lucifer’s Taban Deng Gai that almost put the life of his brother-in-law to the brink on Friday, 8 July 2016 with a few millions of dollars similar to 33 pieces of Silver that Judas Iscariot betrayed his master’s in the Garden of Gethsemane with a kiss on his cheek for his enemies to have captured and tortured him to death. Finally, the Nuer objective would be a real politico-military commitment that by hooks and crooks could become the next President and could become a non-SPLM member. We should struggle for this right until that objective has been achieved by any means necessary. For those anti-Nuer elements who really hate the Nuer folks in their guts and gusto to lead we fought harder for this right. We would be waiting for anyone that would object the Nuer leadership in South Sudan this time around. The Jieng failed the state and the people’s revolution because of greed, corruption and ethnocentrism (tribalism) because they have negatively pre conceived or pre-assumed that South Sudan belongs and that everything such as the ecological wealth and natural resources therein do not belonging exclusively Jieng. We would like for every Jieng to know that South Sudan belongs to its entire people, one people, one nation, and under God.

Thirdly, Dr. Machar’s has been a cool cat killer. We could recall and attest to this statement before any international tribunals and the proposed Hybrid African Court (HAC) to that effect. Although he accuses Salva Kiir of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity and other heinous crimes committed against humanity, he was no exception to the rule. Surely, he (Dr. Machar) killed so many by utilizing some of his untrained and undisciplined security officers and commanders to do such killings secretly. We could recalled that Dr. Machar’s gave orders to some of closed relatives and officers to murder one of my relatives who was his intelligent officer  (Gatkuoi)  who was one of the best amongst equals in Dr. Machar’s outfit. It was through deception, manipulation, and maneuvering he was suddenly ordered to go to Ethiopia via Kakuma and Dwaldahap to precede at once to Ethiopia and he never reached the predestinated destination, unfortunately. He was murdered in Kakuma, northern Kenya the same night that he arrived. Those who committed such a criminal act were Dr. Machar’s diehards and loyalists that we opted to keep their names secret under Privacy Laws and others from Dr. Machar’s hometown Adok and Leer. In 2016 when the a politico-military broke out within Dr. Machar’s camp in Pagak, he seriously tortured, castrated and killed many Bull Nuer Officers belonged to General Peter Gatdet Yaka. Actually, the plot was engineered by Taban, Machar and wife Madam Machar to murder Peter Gatdet, General Gathoth Gatkuoth after which time they have divided the Staff Command by paying them off with big money from China. Those Generals that left Machar’s were correct and they should have return to reunite the forces against Machar’s instead oof returning or secretly working with the enemy against your own people.

Fourthly, Dr. Machar failed a priori to the split to procure and to provide the necessary war materiel, medicine, and food for men and women fighting the war for the past 5-years. We personally sent him our friends worldwide to help him with the procurement of needs that wanted to fight the war and they were ever ready to provide him with whatsoever that he might withstands in need if he “Asks,” he could have would have been given, if he “Knocks” at the door, it could have been opened, and if he “Seeks”, he would have found. Was he was given big hypothecation on the available ecological wealth available in the Nuer country. Nevertheless, instead, he preferred to be given money rather than war materiel. This was where were reckoned to realize how stupid and idiotic is the man called Dr. Machar’s because he had no sense of understanding the art of the revolution and as the most indecisive decision-making man without any revolutionary concept. Wherever he was trained in the SPLA, which he never capitalized on such training and got it right compared to his colleagues that have done so and killed so many young people on personal grudges.

Fifthly, urge and appeal on both Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir to leave the political scene for post war reconstruction, reunification, reintegration, reconciliation, forgiveness, but could not forget the past. Certainly, their present in the political theater could hamper or hinder the above mentioned revitalization peace process to takeoff.

Sixthly, the, SSDDP, SSDF, CMA  and the New South Sudan Liberation Movement (NSSM) call the formation of an Interim Constitutional Federal of National Unity in exile to be led by a non-SPLM Party from the Opposition as the Pro-Tempt President for 18-21months


All national and international wars began as a consequence of negatively perceptions between the leaders of country- A vs. Country- B and their failures to micro- macroscopically and politically resolve such differences by peaceful and political means. We could trace the root of all wars as hostilities between or amongst leaders of different countries to resolve whatsoever politico-military differences that exist amongst them. We could use the recent North-Koreans summit as a new opportunity of resolving the North- South Korean conflict in or to achieving peace in the Korean Peninsula. Such attempts have been undertaken to de-escalate the ongoing situation in South Sudan, but failed because of one stubborn man and son of a bitch (sob) Salva Kir Mayardit and his cronies. The opposition would be ready for a tenable reasonable conflict in South Sudan. Nevertheless, we have lied down certain objective to be met first by Juba without sand preconditions or quid-pros-quos as sine-qua-non to peace in South Sudan. We would list the following demands as we go along this presentation of the root causes of the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war in South Sudan.

South Sudan is Africa youngest state in Africa and the world at large. It gained it political independence from Sudan –the mother country-on 9July 2011 after an allegedly overwhelmingly referendum vote scheduled on January 9 2011. Consequently, the failure of leadership predestined the country to be at war ever since without the light in the tunnel yet. It was t war for independence or a shared federal system of government with North for two scores and ten years on the issues of social justice; equality; democracy; freedom; fraternity; and equitable power sharing; peace that breeds social justice and social justice that breeds peace amongst people of multifaceted cultural backgrounds, unity in diversity, cultural diversity; and multiculturalism, ecological wealth, and natural resources and peace that breeds justice and justice that breeds pace. Many international scholars in the Western world and African scholars and experts in a variety of endeavors have studied the case of South Sudan haphazardly and concluded that the North –South conflict was a religious war that they proclaimed that it was Islam vs. Christianity was a falsehood conclusion that was at the loggerhead that the former seeks to have dominance over the latter. This conclusion, in as far as many Sudanese were concerned was misleading, travesty to democracy and misrepresented the root causes of the war or the background to the conflict and its early warning system for intervention in the crisis management. The North-South cultural divides was not, however, religious compared to the ongoing situation in Northern Ireland where Catholics vs. Protestants in North Ireland and seeks to exit or divorce from the UK re-annex the territory to the Republic of Ireland in the South. The Irish Catholics could be right to claim exit from the compared the Brexit from the EU that it was founding member in 1973. Specifically, if we were to make any comparisons in the Irish Question and South Sudan question, they were the legacies of British imperialism and colonialism. Comparatively and theoretically speaking, both the Irish and South Sudan questions alike were comparable to the “Eastern Question” that created by the Metropolitan European imperialists and colonialist powers through their intervention in the crumbling Ottoman Empire that suffered in the 19th to 20th century after which it suffered so many bias and prejudices up to the “The 1930 Memorandum on Southern Sudan polecat cracks and economic collapsed, that it was unstable to fix no more and the European powers intervened in the commercial exploits in the Ottoman Empire enclaves and created what they [European] termed as “The Eastern Question” because there was neither any other name to be utilized nor to replace it. In the case of  Sudan and Southern Sudan Question, we have no to turn  back or wind back the clock anti-clockwise to “the 1930 Memorandum on Southern Policy” issued by the Civil Secretary’s Office, Khartoum on January 25, 1930.

The emergence of this policy was neither given critical analysis and its impact on the North South relations down the road nor was it given academic and intellectual discourse nor given at all, given any thorough attention by the ruling power elite or clique in Khartoum who also subscribed to it and created what was known then as the “Southern Questions” similar to the Eastern Question” in the crumbled and collapsed Ottoman Empire. Nevertheless, the so-called  the Southern Sudan Question” created by the North was designed to separate the prevailing social injustice created by Northern Affendiyya to separate  South Sudan socio-political and human development issues from the rest of the country not as having  national top national priority or any political and administrative impact at all the so –called Southern Sudan treated like leprosy, cancer and chronic other terminal diseases in the hospitals, crept into the national top priority questions slowly but surely until it eventually divided the country, unrest bilateral NCP/SPLM/A Naivasha Peace Agreement of two 2005 otherwise termed as the Comprehensive peace Agreement of 2005 under what Dr. Manour Khalid  a ghost writer of the late John Garang  de Maboir termed as “the Paradox of Two Sudans”. Historically, there is a point to be made known to the world that it was a stolen legacy of the 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) between Seven Southern Sudan Movements and the NCP that ultimately addressed all Southern Sudan concerns with so many options to choose from, but that Agreement that was a great Agreement by national, regional and international standards could have kept Sudan as one shared federal system, was rejected by the Western powers under th umbilical cord of the United lobbyists that kept lit tighten on the North- South cultural divides from entering into another orbits, unfortunately.

In the case of South Sudan and SPLM/A quagmire fought by all South Sudanese nationalities, the US lobbyists made only the Marxist-SPLM/A and NCP to become the two signatories of the said Agreement. It deigned so purposely because the US the North-South to enter into another world orbit. Surely, I emphasized that South Sudan was a preborn and pre failed state before the African and international journalist in Kampala, Uganda.  I was forewarned by the Uganda and sworn that whosoever I said as an academic was ob free speech, freedom of the press, and that I could also be protected by international human rights law and the US Constitution in this regard. Certainly, I went beyond the call of duty to qualify that statement by saying that it does not mean that there are no highly qualified and experienced calibers to set up the system and its viable and vibrant democratic institutions for good and sustainable governance.  As a rule of thumb, hey have been left out or alienated by the top military brazes who care only about how to get rich quick, rampant corruption, embezzlement, self-aggrandizement, power, money, and control the destiny of others through the muzzled of AK47s with millions of it around and kill millions more around the world.

The root cause of the ongoing civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare have been multifaceted based on the lack or the absence thereof democracy, democratization, sound and sustainable good governance, the rule of law, constitutionalism, human rights protection and ethnocentrism (tribalism). Of course, “ am an intellectual man; I have in me as philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have written, lectured, foretold or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved in South Sudan have come to fruity as we so speak. I had forewarned them of a creeping civil war in the country before 2015 that could involved genocide, ethnic cleansing, that there could be no elections, that Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar could be at the loggerhead on the Presidency on 2015 elections, that the Dinka could work to initiate a war between the Nuer and the wicked Dinka of Bahr-el-Ghazal that could last generations with no light in the tunnel.

If even any peace was to be achieved, that could not the end of the war it could continue in different phases and in different directions. Other factors involved were extreme mismanagement, rampant corruption, the unilateral abolition of the ruling party hierarchy by Salva Kiir, the dismissal of FVP Dr. Machar from power by Salva Kiir because pronounced that he could bit for the office of the President as the highest office in the land to should be opened to all qualified candidates that not exclusively any for one group domination, that Taban Deng Gai could at the end of the day could betray his brother-in-law Dr. Machar at the end of the day. This happened on Friday, 8 July 2016 and the lives of Dr. Machar and Salva Kiir were all at the brink in J1 Building. It did not mean a thing who gives his story to whom for being the good guy or the bad guy, they were all endangered. All the proposals that were used by Dr. Machar’s group to negotiate the 2015 peace Agreement were my political and intellectual property rights and were mine. I advised Dr. Machar’s to remove Taban because he is an idiot, Dialectic materialist, that at the end could betrays Dr, Machar’s personally at the end of the day. Realistically, Taban, Lul Gatkuoth, and Par Kuol Wang  and many other were (and still are)G-10 molds that still remain operating clandestinely within Dr. Machar’s camp, have been  SPLA-DC, SPLA-IG, and G-10 men deployed as molds within Dr. Machar’s camp to leak out information to Juba. Because I have foretold Dr. Machar’s the truth, which became the turning point of political juggernaut and the political raw between him and me whom I do neither care about nor really give a damn.

Realistically, Dr. Machar a coward of the cowards, anti-intelligentsia intellectuals, impressionist, and weak in decision making, lack vision and transformative political leadership. In academic world I could have accused Dr. Machar’s of Plagiarizing or stealing my intellectual property to make them become his own. I have worked with Dr. Machar’s for years and know that he lack sufficient or adequate and sophistication in international affairs knowledge and experience, unfortunately.  Finally, I also told the Opposition that to be on the lookout because as usual Dr. Machar’s  could proclaim or superimpose himself as the head  of the Opposition when he does not have the ability and the capacity to undertaking responsibility of doing successfully that job or any other job perfectly. We have now my SSDFP party and the CMA Movement combine and other parties as united front the we should work assiduously work to develop to become trainable, viable, and vibrant institution to compete with Dr. Machar’s in the future elections not only in the Nuerland against Dr. Machar as long we are part and parcel of the bigger majority anti-Slave Kiir elements in the country.


Without the shadow of a doubt, Salva Kiir and Dr. Machar have failed the state, its hard political independence for two scores and ten armed struggle and the people’s revolution. History would not absolve them. The state suffered from insecurity, political instability, many personalities disappeared and uncounted for within the state’s detention and without a trace. As a consequence e, the State of South Sudan from political instability to stateless and statelessness compared to Somali in 1992 after the fall of General Mohammad Sayyiad Barre in Mogadishu. The last episode to the prelude to war was the alleged military coup d’état alleged state staged against the present by his FVP, was inconclusive and there was no shredded credible or substantiated evidence to corroborate or to substantiate any of the alleged coup d’état. There were no officers, NCOs, and men involved in the military identified as the ring leader on behalf of the FVP that was cleared of all charges nationally, regionally and internationally to have stage and abortive coup d’état. He was exonerated to let go as a free man because of lack of sufficient evidence to warrant charges ore arrest and the burden of proof of the alleged coup coup d’état attempt against the Dinka dictator remains only with  Salva Kiir and his top senior military advisor as a “hoax” by the international community .


Certainly, the ongoing civil war or as if a treacherous tribal warfare or ethnicities warfare which is often the characteristic of a failed state that many Western analysts like John Prendergast an SPLA partisan for years called it as being a ‘hijacked” state, but “not a failed state.” Given, all things considered, South Sudan has become a virtual failed state like Somalia and Malta that failed for generations ago and still existing euphorically and euphemistically state metamorphosised in the eyes of the beholders- that’s to say, the Vatican. Rather, South Sudan as we know it nowadays, it had become the second failed state in Africa after Somalia in the Horn of Africa (HOA). Even when this ongoing war would come to virtual complete stop, it could not be said to be over in the years ahead and the Dinka Bor could become the first victims because started this war as a “revenge” against the Nuer folks because of the alleged Bor incident in 1991 in which Dr. Riek Machar implicated as the culprit and Dr. John Garang the man who started the incident was exonerated. South Sudan could be disunited and would not be the same because it could become like a glass that cracked and could not be same no matter what we do to fix it. The Jieng has committed genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing with particular focused on the Nuer Ethnicity targeted for extermination as a final solution in whole or in part. Genocide has been defined… as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity. Similarly, the 1994 Rwanda Genocide and ethnic ccleansing committed by Hutus against the Tutsis that targeted the Nuer ethnicity for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part.

The Nuer ethnicity through its own bootstraps has liberated itself and so many Dinka have died an unnecessary death because they have been misled and misguided that things would be not be the same as they were in 1991. Based on what we do firsthand, many civilian Nuer in Juba, but compared to the numbers of young Dinka militias that died in Bor, Ayod, Malakal and in the Shulluk traditional Kingdom and the numbers were surmountable that many of their loved have not known the whereabouts of their loved ones until the end of the war and would have trio revolution at the end of the war because they are being not told whereabouts of their loved ones. South Sudan could remain stable if and only if it establishes a Federal system of government that should divide the country into three regions with each governing itself and utilizing its own resources to undertake development. Meanwhile, both the states and the federal government should undertake trio-revolutions to accelerate advancement- that’s to Healthcare, educational and the Green Revolutions for the purpose of feeding all because we should have more surpluses and no child should to bed hungry. The Greater Upper Nile is the greatest, the richest in ecological wealth or natural resources and fertile hectares of lands and water for Agriculture, animal resources, fisheries, including other strategic critically and crucially in demands in the international marketplace. The Greater Upper Nile could become an autonomous region like Kurdistan Iraq, Somaliland, Greco-Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots political arrangement followed by Athens sponsored and supported military coup d’état in 1974, the case of Abkhazia and South Ostia that separated from Georgia and recognized Russian Federation, the case of Christian Enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in Artemisia, including other political arrangement worldwide.


Ever since the establishment of the Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGAD) by participating countries, namely, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan ,Uganda, Ethiopia, and later joined by Africa’s youngest state of South Sudan) joined for the purpose of socio-economic development and how to collectively unite on how to combat drought issues in the region. IGAD was transformed as institution for socio-economic development and solution to the drought issues in the Horn of Africa. IGAD was not formed as an institution for conflict resolution,, but later on deputized by the African Union (AU) to look for into the conflict resolution on the civil war on the North cultural divides in the North- South Sudan, abated by the European Union and its friends to undertake resolving by negotiating a tenable, reasonable, and conflict resolution to the Declaration of Principles that became the hallmark of the North-South conflict resolution. Because IGAD was not internal cohesive and internally divided by ideological, and conflicts of interests, it failed to achieving results. The mistakes of the past have been also repeated in the recent revitalization of 2016 Peace Agreement signed by both Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir, respectively, for conflict resolution on the ongoing devastating war civil war that produced genocide defined as the gravest and the greatest crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing. Of course, IGAD was sponsored by the European Union, the four (4) Peace Sponsored countries (the US, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway), and the UNSC, but made no headways or breakthroughs.


The 21st April 1997 Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) was negotiated by Sudanese, for Sudanese and of Sudanese, was signed by seven (7) South liberation movements less the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A as per advice from some IGAD Countries within IGAD’s mediators organization. The 1997 peace initiative was acceptable because the initiated terms were reject by the Western powers because the 1997 KPA signed between Seven (7) South Sudan liberation movements less SPLA with Khartoum that was perceived as a terror supporting state, and the it was presumed that Southern Sudan rebel movements negotiated it outside jurisdiction of the Western  supported IGAD’s orbit of the Western powers to dictate the terms of any agreement to preserve their strategic vital national economic and security interests. The defunct 1997 KPA was a success because it was a peace initiative “by Sudanese, for Sudanese, and of Sudanese” that addressed practically all Southern Sudan grievances, including the exercise of the right to self-determination within a 4-year period with two options unity or secession that was clearly initiated in the 1997 KPA Chapter  VII and was reiterated by the bilateral  Naivasha Peace otherwise tacitly known as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement even though it was not inclusive, but acted as a blocker in the whole some functioning of all political parties involved in the War.

The 1997 KPA became known as the hallmark for conflict resolution and the mother of all peace agreements in Sudan in which it convened and negotiated the IGAD Declaration of Principles (IGAD/DOP) in Africa’s chronic, the longest, and the most forgotten civil war in the African continent and the world at large that emerged for conflict resolution that it made attempts to negotiate it. The IGAD undertook many attempts in the quest for conflict resolution on the North-South Sudan based on the 1994 IGAD/DOP that became the hallmark for resolving the most neglected, chronic, the longest, most unpublicized Civil war in Africa, and the most forgotten war through peaceful and political conflict resolution. Rather, for socioeconomic development purposes and the geopolitical and geo-strategic interest the superpowers and their regional powers or proxies would have to deal with South Sudan ongoing conflict resolution. If left unsettled, it could set ablaze the entire region with catastrophic consequences throughout the region and beyond.



In order to de-escalate the conflict in South Sudan, there are many issues to be undertaken by the international community and the IGAD mediators alike:-

Firstly, and foremost, Salva Kiir would have to step down or resign for peace to return to South Sudan. The whole should know and underscore know that Presently, Salva Kiir and his so-called JEC have become the greatest obstacle that obstructed the revitalization peace process. Without removable of Salva Kiir and cronies, it does not matter who would like to use the carrots and the sticks peace remains too far away in the Galaxy and the twine light zone. This is the bottom line. The war would continue and could be intensify to maximum as long as Salva does not resign or step down from his de facto and illegitimate power position. If peaceful and political conflict resolution fails, the armed struggle would be intensify against Salva Kiir regime until it would be overthrown by any means necessary. In my opinion, this would be the only tenable reasonable alternative conflict resolution.

Secondly, Africa’s youngest state in South Sudan should be declared by the national, regional and the superpowers as a failed state that moved from stateless to statelessness. Nevertheless, some analysts like John Prendergast of Washington, DC., lobbyists that had been a pro-SPLA partisan could be identified as having been responsible for the mess tht is now going on for years asserted that South Sudan is not a failed state, but a hijacked state from who, from whom, and for what  remains a myth to be demythologized.

Thirdly, returned to the ten (10) original states with all their inherited political boundaries as they were demarcated by the British colonial administrators in the colonial period;

Fourthly, establishment of a shared federal system of government that could be divided into three Autonomous regions, relegated as self-governing entities outside of the federal jurisdiction.

Fifth, Elected Governors and Lieutenant Governors shall become the chief Executive officers of the state government, legislature, education, healthcare system, and agricultural revolutions and human resources development for self-reliance, self-sufficiency and food-security within each state.

Sixth, Federal government should have no legal and constitutional rights to interfere in matters pretence and defined as regional and states matter except in the field of intergovernmental relations (IGR), interstate commerce, and in the cases of emergencies that Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) could intervene in such matters as per orders of the president and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces;

Seventh, all Foreign troops in South Sudan soil should withdrawal without any pre-conditions or quid-pro-quos as sine-qua-non to peace.

Eighth, the IGAD Countries that have been involved in the war in South Sudan should exit or divorce from the peace process. They have no abilities and capabilities to make peace because of conflict of interests. They could become fighters and at the same time, peace makers in South Sudan. We refer this statement specifically, to Uganda, Kenya, and Salva Kiir that have set themselves to destroy South Sudan. President Museveni has become an international criminal that should be charged for having used internationally banned bombs such as, Cluster bombs, Napalm bombs, and White Phosphorous bombs. The international community already knows the impact of the above-mentioned internationally banned bombs. The would be government of South Sudan should indict Mr. Museveni as a war criminal to be investigated, served with warrant arrests, trail and to be sentenced.

The followings are further characteristics of failed states compared to South Sudan globally:-

  • No established legitimate and democratically elected Constitutional government to maintain law and order, social justice that breeds peace and peace that breeds social justice, delegation of the legitimate authority and appropriate powers; to manage affairs of the state and the bureaucracy from day-to-day.
  • The national economy has collapsed in South Sudan. It is a shame that such tragedy could happen to a potentially richest state like South Sudan. Realistically, the Jing has not only failed in the leadership, but they also failed in designing good governance because of their arrogance and the lack or the absence thereof of sustainable good governance.
  • The President has been de facto and illegitimate for years ever since his term of Office retrospects to the termination of his term of office on 15 July 2015.
  • The present rejected the democratic and squarely put the blames and counter-blames on the former US Secretary of State John Kerry(Re.: See John Sukur, BBC Hardtack interviews of Salva Kiir in 2016), of the Obama Administration and the Opposition now waging intensifying bush war and had already controlled 95% of the countryside and over 90% of the population.
  • Lawlessness prevails throughout Sudan; arbitrary looting, murders and killings of innocent people by National Security both days and nights or at any time that feel like terminating life of someone that they do like to be around.
  • The de facto and illegitimate Salva Kiir has become a “tribal government” leader led by the octogenarian the so-called JEC.
  • Parliament has become illegitimate and so too the state’s sustainable governance system.
  • Democratization, the rule of law, human rights protections, transparency and accountability…etc. have become surmountable things of the past. South Sudan as it stands now is a lawless that has moved from stateless to statelessness. Where anyone could die like a dog and remains unaccounted for forever.
  • Peace could not return to South Sudan through IGAD mediators’ process because some have already taken sides because of conflict of interests and could remain “neutral” parties in the war and the peace process alike because of their direct involvements in the quagmire. They could not any further become impartial peace mediators because of the deliberate and willful direct engagement in the war in South Sudan.
  • Any peace process in South Sudan should be comprehensive and be referred to the UNSC and the UNGA similar to Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.
  • The UN secretary-General should appoint and Special Envoy for peace in South Sudan.

These and many others not illustrated  characteristic of failed states not hereintofore and the lack or the absence thereof of democratically elected based on secret ballot box and constitutionally democratic government constituted the root causes of an engineered failed states globally in Africa in particular. Many African leaders proclaimed that African democracy differs from the Concept of Anglo-American and European concept of democracy. For example, in Africa a family could constitute a political party, whereas, in Europe, the British Isles, and North America, it based been always collective action of the masses.

In order to reverse the concurrent adverse situation, South Sudan has to undergo social revolutionary change or democratic transformation. South Sudanese do not understand or lacks the concept of the revolution that you lead, you fellow and/or get the hell out of the way.


When will Peace returns to South Sudan?

This is the question to be or not to be that is the question. Every South Sudanese should give his/her opinion to the international community on when, how, and why peace should return to their homeland. The following points should articulate the above postulated question.-

  • “We do not make peace with friends, but with our .enemies.” the people of South Sudan as a whole are now living as hostile or enemies, but not as friends, nationalists, and patriots, United by the social fabric of the state, but ethnocentric (tribal enclaves of sport where if you are not a member, you are welcome with suspicion and if you are a Jieng you become a dead dock.
  • If south Sudan really wants peace, it must be prepared for war and if it wants war, it must be prepared for peace. There pre-requisites to be met before any peace talks or any National Dialogue par cum pare (equal) can talk place in South Sudan. For peace to return to South Sudan would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible to attain at this juncture and peace could return only then the international community is committed to exert more pressure points extraordinaire on the de facto illegitimate leadership in Juba.
  • Salva Kiir has to step down or to resign and his entire regime be dissolved to give way for the formation of the Constitutional federal government in exile.
  • The illegitimate GOSS be dissolved followed by formation of a Caretaker Government for a limited period of 18-21months to be led by a non-SPLA entity with a shared federal system and intergovernmental relations (IGR).
  • South Sudan should return to its ten original states with all their inherited political boundaries from the British colonial era and as of 1.1.1956 and post-split from the mother-country-Sudan- 0n 9 July 2011. Any and all states created by Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar have been ethnocentric (tribal) enclaves to fuel further the ongoing treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war. They should all be invalidated and declared as null and void.
  • Salva Kiir and his cabinet should be indicted for the crime of genocide— defined as the gravest and greatest crime against humanity, war crimes, and crimes committed against humanity. We recommend that these points are subject to direct negotiations or Dialogue par cum pare (equal) once we meet to have a proper draft of the post-war Constitutional Form of Government.


The proposed provision ro transitional government of South Sudan should be known as the provisional Federal Government of South Sudan with each state in the “Union” to become as “Sovereign State” less legally as sovereign nation with a Governors and the Lieutenant Governors elected by the people of the each state as the Chief Executives of the State Governments, to have a state constitution  based on customs and peculiarities of the people of each state and to be parallel with the federal constitution.

The Federal President cannot interfere in matters pretence to the Governors in matters relating to the State Government jurisdiction except in cases of emergencies such as, natural disasters to seek Federal assistance through the would-be established Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Every state within the Union should draft its constitution parallel to the would-be drafted Federal Constitution once peace returns to South Sudan.

We could incorporate a specific article within the federal constitution that could be triggered by any states that seek to exit from the Union with provisions attached to that article before any states could declare exit from the Union. It or they must first trigger such an article within the federal constitution for deliberation of their desirability for exit for deliberation similar to the UK exits or the Brexit under Article 50 of the 1973 Lisbon Agreement that created the European Union (EU). Every state should have either a bicameral or mono-cameral House of Legislators comprises of House of Representatives and Senate.

All state constitutions should warrant and encourage representation of all citizens of the state in the governmental and the constitutional processes. They must and ought to become Equal Opportunity Employers with positive discrimination or affirmative Action wherefore possible for minority and women and other gender groups to have access to the state governments.

We would prefer a constitution that truly reflects the mirror of the US Constitution incorporated in the would-be federal constitution for South Sudan. These suggestions or recommendations are only concepts or visions or dreams for the real things to happen and they should be subject to open, fair, just, democratic and transparent, transformative, competent, complexity and credible considerations as well as accountable with the politico-framework for the idea of sustainable governance.

This is only the skeleton of the projected strategic plan and it’s open to further consideration for deliberations and discussions. On our part as the originators of this strategic plan, we would be ready to sales it to all political parties minus the Chinese system that would prefer South Sudan to become a military Democracy like in People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Ambassador/Professor David de Chand is the President of South Sudan Democratic Front Party (South Sudan Democratic Party (SSDP), Chairman of the Civilian Militias Army (CMA) and the South Sudan National Revolutionary Army [SSNRA] in Opposition [CMA-SSNRA-IO]. He can be reached through his email at david.dechand2015@gmail.com

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