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The Leadership of Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria

For Immediate Release,


Nov 25th 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —— First foremost, I’m very grateful to God and deeply humbled to the entire members and the general assembly of Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria .Inc, for entusting me with this huge responsibilities and for bestowing me, the Chairmanship of Lou Nuer Community for 2016-2018. I shall preserves our unity, work for the collective interest of our beloved people here in Australia and back home, thus adhere to our constitution.

On behalf of Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria Inc, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thanks the outgoing Lou-Nuer Community Chairman Mr Musa Abraham Gatluak, and the outgoing Lou Nuer Chairwomen Mrs Nyantew Kong Choul and the whole team including Nyakhor Luk, Chol John Jal, Martha Nyapuka Hoth and Elizabeth Bangout for their outstanding contibutions and leadership to our people. Your utmost service and dedication had made Lou Nuer community strong, progressive and proud.

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Former Chairman, Mr Musa Abraham had accomplished many great things to our Great Borchaar community here in Australia, including organising a successful nationwide national conference here in Victoria, fruitful countless fundraising, dinners and crafting a progressive constitution among many others great achievements.

Moreover, I take this great opportunity to congratulate the new team. I hope the spirit of cooperation, understanding and team work shall reign in throughout our term. I must reiterate strongly that, the position of Lou Nuer people back home and across the whole diaspora have been very consistance since December 15th. That is, Lou Nuer people shall never collectively betray our human dignity nor surrender to the enemy. But shall continously stand firm and fight for our rights.

Moreover, I take this golden opportunity to salute all freedom fighters, the brave sons and duaghters of Greater Lou Nuer who have sacrifice their dear lives for our freedom and to those who did not change their position since December 15. Your noble commitment to the struggle is a clear testimony to our curren realities and we are proud of that.

The Declaration of Lou Nuer Community Leadership in Victoria

  • Reaffirms Lou Nuer people unwavering commitment to stand shoulder to shoulder with December 15th victims and the victims of this ongoing conflict back home as well as to fight for our collective freedom, justice, and accountability and for a meaningful reforms to be realise.
  • Collaborate and work in partnership with Lou-Nuer communities across the diaspora, including Australia, Nuer Community in Victoria, Nuer-Sub Communities in Victoria, Federation of South Sudanese Association in Victoria, and all SPLM-IO Departments.
  • Recognise Dr Riek Machar Teny as the only Chairman and C-in-C of SPLM/SPLA IO and that, the Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria does not recognise the illegitimate FVP Taban Deng Gai and all his associates who have betray the fights for freedom, justice, accountability and reforms.

My leadership shall dwell heavily on principles of rendering services to our community and my cherishing aspiration is building a cohesive and united progressive Greater Lou Nuer Society. We must continue to stand strong for our human rights, freedom, justice and accountability.

God Bless Lou Nuer

God bless South Sudan


Mayian Tot W,

Chairman Lou Nuer Community Association In Victoria Inc

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