Contributor's David de Chand


By Professor David de Chand,

Chairman, SSDFP-I-O,

Dr. Lam Akol, chairman of National Democratic Movement speaks in the United States(Photo: file)
Dr. Lam Akol, chairman of National Democratic Movement speaks in the United States(Photo: file)

Oct 23, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —– The renegades; murderers; and killers like Dr. Lam Akol; Thomas Cirillio Sawaka, Pagan Amoum; and Changson Law from Juba have gathered together to go to the USA purposely to convince southerners and the Nuer people in particular to disrupt I-O unity with the deliberate and willful intentions of weakening Dr. Machar’s leadership and to isolate I-O to become solely as a Nuer thing that no one understands. This policy has been orchestrated, designed, and proliferated by the Dictator-for-life President Yuri Museveni of Uganda, the illegitimate and the de facto President Salva Kiir, and the Jieng [Dinka] Elder Council (DEC) led by the Dinka octogenarians to isolate I-O as an exclusively Nuer Movement, what if, then, what, for instance, if I-O has become an exclusively a Nuer Movement? Could we not fight the Jieng [Slaves] or anybody that would join them? We would warn anyone that is to be deceived, manipulated, and maneuvered to join the IG and its militias would be at their own peril.

I-O is not solely a Nuer Movement; it represents all the sixty-four (64) nationalities throughout South Sudan. The leader of I-O is a Nuer, but his Deputy is an Equatorian and the I-O Sectary-General hails from Bahr-el-Ghazal. What could be more than democracy, equality, and social justice? Therefore, based on such a cultural diversity, and in its military structure, The Chief of the General Staff Command is a Nuer and all his three Deputies hail for Equatoria, Bahr-el-Ghazal and Upper Nile. No matter how the anti-Nuer forces would propagate that I-O has been exclusively and absolutely Nuer, they would propagate that I-O has been exclusively Nuer, they would be bound not to succeed in such a cheap shot drama and propaganda designed by Museveni, Salva Kiir and the so-called JEC to create and to mentor rivalries against the Nuer-Dinka Majority Unity. I do know and every Nuer-Dinka knows that Dr. Lam Akol has been corrupt and has been responsible for the split of the once invincible Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A on 28 August 1991. He was sent as an agent of doom from Khartoum by the ruling party, then, to go to Ethiopia as someone wishing to join the revolution, but had a hidden agenda to disrupt the strong Nuer-Dinka military in South Sudan. He was highly paid off by the then ruling party in Khartoum with foreign currency deposited in his foreign account by the ruling party in Sudan. In other words, he became the “darling boy” or “the loveable boy” designated to destroy the armed struggle for the emancipation of the people of South Sudan. He deceived, manipulated, and maneuvered Dr. Machar’s strategically strategized plan from Khartoum that he must and ought to execute within a given specific short time notice to disrupt the SPLM/A.

Of course, he already discovered Dr. Machar’s had in mind his own zero-sum game plan or political agenda to depart the SPLM/A because of the late John Garang’s hegemonic tendencies, arbitrary killings, arbitrary detentions, disappearance of so many prominent citizens without traces in the Movement, domination, oppression, exploitation; ethnocentrism (tribalism), lack of democracy, democratization; the rule of law, and human rights protection in the Movement. Without the shadow of a doubt, that the departure of the ferociously fighting Nuers from the SPLM/A to form the SPLA-Nasir faction in 1991, which later on transformed itself to become South Sudan Independence Movement/Army (SSIM/A) at Akobo Conference in July through August 1994.


I shall begin to answer the question asked the above renegades and the Nuer murderers, assassinators, killers and mayhem compared to Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien. I have on several occasions forewarned Dr. Lam Akol to keep away from the Nuer Community because of the things that he has done, which he ought not to have done. Dr. Lam Akol’s dreams have been to stand up before the Nuer as their leader that would not happen in his life time. There are other highly qualified Nuers to replace Dr. Machar when the time comes. We could like to forewarn all IO that our boat still drifting in the waters until we cross the river, we shall unite around Dr. Machar would remain to be the Skipper of the boat. As long as the Dinka unite around Salva to protect what is Dinka, the Nuer being the strongest an. potentially the richest would unite around Dr. Machar’s leadership to protect what is Nuer. For the Nuer who have defected across the aisle they have become useless and bloodsucker Nuers and that in the future and the present do not have places and weights within the Nuer Community [NC].

In fact, those Nuers that have left with Salva Kiir’s regime have been those Nuers that have historic genealogic Jieng blood depravity or Jieng roots (kuai Jiengni). For instance, Dr. Riak Gai Kok, Kok Raui, Lt. General Gong Belieu, including many others that have Dinka depravity. Some remained to become Nuer yiuni or Nuer wew (Nuer for the money).  In fact, they should be ostracized or ex-communicated from the Nuer Community because they have become useless, unproductive, consumers, and could not any longer do anything good for the Nuer nation ever. What use could they offer again?

When we cross the river and the war would partially end, we, the people shall stand up for our rights to ask Dr. Riek Machar’s to sit down on the floor with the people to listen to their wantons, grievances, concerns, blames and counter-blames on his failure to provide them with necessary needed most tools to get the job done during the war years to conform or not to confirm him to remain on the leadership helm or to step aside or to resign for another Nuer to be given a chance to lead. We believe that 30-year of Dr. Machar’s leadership has destroyed the Nuer pride, respect, and honor of the Nuer nation and its resilient people.

We needed a no nonsense and aggressive leader within reasoning and reasonableness to lead the nation back to its original roots to our old roots, customs, and traditions to restore our dignity and respect from those who used to fear us to re-fear us again or else we shall do away with them un-mercilessly. It is now about time to restore the Nuer nation pride, its dignity, respect, and honor respect before the sixty-four (64) nationalities in South Sudan. Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric, savage, and cannibal-like regime imported more than Eight (8) African countries, including Sudan rebels to fight the Nuer on their own turf or soil, but they have neither made a dent nor defeated the Nuer nation and its resilient people during the past 5-year of war and still goes on without the grim of light in the tunnel, unfortunately. We shall prevail in this war at the end of the day. The signs of victory are now beginning to appear clear to all observers’ and. archenemies as well.

  1. LAM AKOL PUBLIC ENEMY NUMERO UNO OF NATH (people of the people)

Dr. Lam Akol without the shadow of a doubt, that every Nuer person should know that he has become the premiere Nuer folks’ public enemy number one. He has written heck or bunch of lot of dirty and rubbish episodes against the Nuer nation and it resilient people. He termed the Nuer as people that they are not yet ready to lead, that they lack the art of leadership, that if you wanted to achieve any political and military goal and objective use the Nuer as the best fighters, that later on you could drop them or dump them once they have accomplished the mission, that Nuer could be bought with money like dogs, including many more. He blames the Nuer folks to his British friends for having killed Captain Dr. Ferguson who was a colonial subject fighting his country against the Nuer on their turf or soil. If the British had come with respect of other cultures, ethics, and customs, our forefathers could not have fought the British colonial adventurers.

I hope Dr. Akol would acknowledge that the Nuer did go to the UK to seek colonies, but it was the British that came to scramble for Africa and the Nuerland in South Sudan. If they had come in peace, we would have welcomed them in peace, but they came as colonialists that fell superior over other humankind by virtue of their skinned color. We have no regrets at all, about the death of Captain Dr. Ferguson, it was, of course, war and he died for his country by having forced the Nuer as a defeated to submission to the British suzerainty. I would be obliged to remind Dr. Akol that in the contemporary Sudanese history, apart from the Mahidyya, the Nuer nation was the only nation that was neither colonized nor submitted to the British rule in Sudan and throughout the Anglo-African colonies and the world at large. The Nuer resisted the British colonial rule from 1900-1930 otherwise known as the Anglo-Nuer War or the Nuer Résistance or Sura el-Nuer or khor nath ke Longolithni. The Nuer was the first ethnicity that was bombarded by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and we did down some of them with clubs as they flew lower to the ground. If we had the modern weapons as we have now, surely, we could have defeated the British in South Sudan. Further, Dr. Akol should know, understand, and underscore that if our forefathers resisted the British with their barred hands, spears and clubs; there could be no stupid science jackasses that could dictate the code of conducts on how we should live for that. For Salva Kiir, he acknowledges that he would leave a horrific legacy for the Jieng to rustle with it throughout South Sudan for generations ahead. They would have no peace and tranquility.

These statements uttered by Dr. Akol are, of course, personal and really not shared by many Shilluk (Chollo) who have lived, worked, and stayed with Nuer people. We could prove to the world that the Nuer folks are leaders because we have the art of leadership; how to divide and to delegate power and authority; non-corrupt; de-tribalized; traditionally advanced the idea of federal democracy; egalitarianism; communalism (kondial) (togetherness). Most of the tribes because they were weak and poorer, submitted to the British colonial rule. Realistically, the fact that the Nuer were not conquered or subdued by the British had been the root causes of hatred against the Nuer nationality by some minority tribal leaders like Dr. Lam Akol, Pagan Amoum, Thomas C. Sawaka and many others. In despite of their uncalculated ill-feelings towards the Nuer people, they should anticipate that there would be no peace without the Nuer representation and participation in South Sudan. Most importantly, since we have known that many South Sudanese do not like the Nuer, we could be ready to decide our exit or political destiny for the future and the presence and our resources by declaring the Grater Upper Nile to become an autonomous region compared to Kurdistan-Iraq that we could eventually demand the exercise of the right to self-determination like any peoples worldwide since that has legal and God’s given right has been rest assuredly and guaranteed to all peoples under the UN Charter and international law.

Dr. Lam Akol assassinated Nuer Generals beginning with General Kohl Charah Nyang, his Deputy, including 40 others Officers, the NCOs, and the Enlisted of South Sudan Liberation Army (SSLA) in Camp 23 in Hegglich or Thoar or Panthow. In Hamra, as per Dr. Lam Akol instructions, he ordered General Oyok Ogut who later on escaped to Juba in the aftermath of the offenses committed up to now and the late Johannes Okuiech of the SPLA-DC Militias that merged with 1Lt.-General Gordon Kong Chol to assassinate General Phillip Bipan Machar the designated Chief of the General Staff Command to take over from General Oyok Ogut was murdered in cold blood with thirty-seven (37) Officers, the NCOs, and the Enlisted in Hamra, White Nile State-South Sudan border that was once under the SPLA-DC Militias controlled.  General Oyuk Ogut and the late General Johannes Okiuch committed these offenses were committed as per Dr. Lam Akol instructions and military orders.

Recently, after he resigned from IG as Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Lam Akol lured Lt. General Gabriel Gatwiec Chan (Tangene) to become his Chief of the General Staff Command of a conspicuous third Army that was pro-Juba also was assassinated by Dr. Lam as a form of “revenge killing” in Kuek where he wanted to form a conspicuous Third Army that belongs to the pro-IG conspicuous militias closed, posed physical threats and challenges to I-O positions. After having launched several attacks against I-O that killed four (4) soldiers and officers, such actions became intolerable affair that I-O returned the favor, which resulted in the total annihilation of Dr. Akol’s conspicuous Third Army that I-O Officers knew was receiving military assistance from IG in Renk Garrison and other adjustment units in the areas. These committed crimes or offenses against the I-O Nuer Officers would haunt the man called Dr. Lam Akol amongst the Nuer nation and its resilient people. He was not alone. He was assisted by Brig-General Tutkaw Gatluak and Brig-General Baping Montiuel that were opposed to Lt.-General Gai Yoach and they have had secretly planned to re-defect to Juba. Dr. Lam wanted to become the Chairman of such a force that he could not afford to assemble in his lifetime or even amongst the small Shilluk [Chollo] traditional Kingdom [pop.130,00-150,000] that completely and totally rejected him as the native son and ruled by the Reth (King) as an absolutist rigid spiritual and temporal leader of all the Shilluk and no Shilluk could be above the Reth (King) the in the traditional Shilluk Kingdom located in the historic town of Fashoda, Northwest of the of Upper Nile State and beyond.

Interestingly and with a legal interest, although Dr. Akol has been vying for the Office of the President of the Republic as the highest position in the land, by virtue of the rigid and absolutist Shilluk customs, legal, spiritual, and temporal system amongst the Shilluk, he could not become the President of South Sudan because of conflict of laws and the Constitution of the Republic supreme over the traditional Shilluk Kingdom. Since the state is the most important personality (VIP) recognized entity as the most important personality (VIP) in international law by virtue of such status, it is above the traditional Shilluk [Chollo] Kingdom. Hitherto, let’s assume hypothetically that if Dr. Akol were to become the President Elect of the Republic how could he, surely, would compromise the sovereignty of the state against the traditional Shilluk Reth as the supreme Ayatollah or the Spiritual leader and temporal leader of the Shilluk?

From socio-legal argument, Dr. Akol could not become the President of South Sudan because he could compromise the state sovereignty as the de jure and the most important personality (VIP) in international law compared to the traditional Shilluk Kingdom unrecognized anywhere in South Sudan except by the Shilluk subjects of the Reth. Amongst all the Shilluk [Chollo] when they come to the King’s clusters of Tukuls (huts), they have to vow with their hands on their hemps backward; they kneel 500ft, and crawl to the Reth clusters of Tukuls. They sit like slaves; vowed down their heads, and never to look into the eyes of the Reth when he speaks to his subjects. Any violations by any subjects could lead to death penalty. Let’s assume again hypothetically that by any chance Dr. Akol’s has become the President Elect of the Republic, how could he compromise this serious conflict of the Constitution and the bylaw of the state versus the small rigid traditional Shilluk system? It would be you the people to judge. I have my own vision and legal  reservation and conclusion that I would be obliged to reserve until I know what many citizens would respond to the said legal question.


On December 12 when the Ugandan military forces invaded and occupied South Sudan soil General Thomas C. Sawaka in his capacity as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics had said nothing about them at all. Nobody knew anything about General Sawaka apart from being the Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics. On 15, 16, 17, and 18 December 2013 Juba Genocide when the innocent Nuer ethnicity was targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part by Salva Kiir’s Special Militias, when the Nuer ethnicity liberated it-self from the preconceived Jieng genocide or democide, the Jieng turned around on to the Equatorians, slaughtered them and hewed them down with machines guns and Ak-47s like sheep in the fields to feast on. What did General Sawaka do for the Equatorians as Deputy Chief of Staff for logistics?  Where were other Equatorians in Kiir’s government, including the South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) and others religious organizations or prelates? We would like to keep Vatican out of South Sudan because it had said nothing about the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide. The Vatican or Rome did not care because that genocide was against non-Catholics or Protestants. Without the shadow of a doubt, Rome stood on the side of the Catholics a greater reminder of the Northern Ireland in which Catholics have been vs. Protestants.

The Nuer nation and its resilient people have already overcome the genocide and it would turn it around against the Jieng until they would be defeated in their own homesteads in Warrap and Aweil. They have not seen anything yet and they are not out of the woods yet. We would pursue them anywhere, anyplace, whenever, and however, we shall avenge the death of our loved ones. Already Salva Kiir and JEC promised the Nuer and the Equatorian more bloodshed. The Nuer nation is ever to declare war against the Dinka that we were not interested to do so, but now we have been pushed to the brink by Salva Kiir and JEC that the Nuers and Equatorians would pay a hefty price for their rebellion.

Every rebellion like what happened between the North and South Sudan was as a result of social injustice and inequality and exclusionism. The rebellion that goes on now in the pre-born and the pre-failed state of South Sudan that has moved from stateless to statelessness been duly of gross and systematic social injustice committed by the Salva Kiir regime. We know that Salva Kiir wanted to genocide the Nuer people, but we would not let him do that. We have the guts and gusto, bravery and the red badge of courage. We shall respond with total greater total collateral damage against the Jieng such that they would not repeat it again what they have done, which they ought not to have done.  They would be taught a lesson that ever and no more they would to dare to repeat on this planet-Earth.

We have already known that Salva Kiir has crude microwave bombs and biochemical weapons and Serian Gas similar to the ones used in Syria and immediately collected by the UN NPT and the OFCW in The Hague, The Netherlands. Whatsoever Salva imported and uses it against the Nuer and the Equatorians, the Dinka would also die along with others. In conclusion, if Salva Kiir does good, he did it for himself and if he does badly, he did it also for himself. As men from a faith-based society governs by the Ten Commandments that we all inherited from Moses and live with the Great Nuer Prophet Nyundeng and other prophets before him and after him, we would like to rest assured that international community that we would not resort to use of arms of mass destructions (MWD) and the internationally band chemical warfare. Our Nuer Religion (See Professor, Sir Evans E.E. Prichard, The Nuer Religion, Oxford University Press) compared to Islam, Christianity, and others prohibits any Nuer persons from any use of such arms of mass destruction against humankind, including cheapest of all Anthrax that any fool could make to kill millions, we cannot do it because it’s unethical and prohibited by Kuoth Nhial (Heavenly God) to be used against another humankind.  

We have known that General Sawaka has been a divisive General that urges and appeals the Equatorians to leave both the Nuer I-O and the Dinka IG to form their own movement. We would like to let General Sawaka know that concurrently the Nuer forces remains at the peak of 37,000-50,000 guerillas throughout Equatoria has brought stability and calm to entire Equatoria. We have provided great protection to the citizens of Equatoria. The Nuer by nature, we have been de-tribalized compared to other nationalities in South Sudan. Let’s assume hypothetically that the Nuer people have been ethnocentric (tribalist) compared to the Dinka in particular, we would have neither remained in Equatoria nor Bahr-el-Ghazal, respectively, to fight together with Firitt and other smaller nationalities being bullied by the Jieng in their own turfs or soils against Salva Kiir.

Because of the nationalism, equality, democracy, social justice that breed peace and peace that breeds social justice, equality and social justice imbued to the Nuer folks by our creator from the time of immemorial, we have the moral duty to protect the weak from the strong. Rest assuredly, that the Nuer soldiers are present in both Equatoria and Bahr-el-Ghazal as protectors rather than invaders and occupiers. Our real political realism was to provide protection small and weak nationalities that are also our brothers and citizens of South Sudan against the marauding undisciplined Special Twic Militias commanded directly by President Sava Kiir and the JEC in Juba. Without the Nuer soldiers’ presence, the Jieng would have genocide or democide or ethnic cleansing against everyone in the regions, respectively. The Nuer kinship, egalitarian and communal culture that the Nuer possesses does not permit us to be anti-body because we are all same humankind created equal by Mother Nature.

We have conjointly stopped the arbitrary killings of innocent civilians by the marauding and undisciplined Dinka Militias that they physically could not face the Nuer White Army (NWA). The current stability in Equatoria has been created by the presence of the Nuer soldiers feared by the Dinka and Ugandan soldiers alike like Africa King’s Copra and the African Black Mamba tropical poisonous snakes. He [Sawaka] wanted to establish a Federal Republic of Equatoria if needs to emerge with Uganda. Based on the 2015 Agreement, South Sudan would go federal system of government based on the ten (10) original states. All states created  in the post 2015 Agreement have been non-entities and de-commissioned could be declared invalidated, and to be declared as null and void.

I would be obliged to inform General Sawaka that his idea of annexation of Equatoria to Uganda is a zero-sum game or a far fetch dream because under international law, Equatoria is part and parcel of South Sudan. It could not be annexed to Uganda. If any Equatorians feel that he/she has ceased or terminated his/her inalienable birthrights to remain South Sudanese. they could only immigrate to Uganda as individuals, but the land and the people therein in Equatoria would continue to remain  South Sudan and its citizens would be South Sudanese citizens until death depart.

Under international law, treaties, and protocols any claims of Equatoria by Uganda now and in any foreseeable future could tantamount to violation of international law and a Declaration of war against the Republic of South Sudan that Equatoria is part and parcel of the Republic. We have now realized that President Museveni has been mentoring General Thomas C. Sawaka as a rivalry against the Nuer-Dinka Majority that makes up over 80% of the population and as such its negative political ambition for power that could become detrimental to his health and his welfare. It does not matter how much Museveni mentors General Sawaka and Dr. Lam Akol, it would be the majority rather than the minority that would decide their political future in South Sudan. We do hope that they would reckon that in democracy, it’s always “Majority rule” with “Minority Rights,” representation and participation guaranteed.

Further, I would like to state it loud and clear that in all democratic states, it’s always the majority rule and with minority rights guaranteed. Both General Sawaka and Dr. Lam Akol have a negative strategic plan that could become detrimental to unite the minority ethnicities vs. the majority ethnicities in South Sudan. This could become a pretty dangerous turning point or political suicide. Both the Nuer and the Dinka in despite of the war perpetrated by the Dinka Bor against the Nuer nation and its people targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. It has failed because the Jieng led government imported troops from eight (8) IGAD mediators’ African countries, including Sudan rebel forces (JEM, SRF, and SPLA-N) the US Black Water Company, and the Israeli Mossad.  They failed neither defeated the Nuer nor made a dent against the Nuer in the past 5-year of treacherous tribal warfare or as if a civil war. This war would not end soon as anticipated by many folks and the perpetrators themselves alike. Nevertheless, it would not prevent the Nuer and the Dinka as the majority ethnicities could not fail to unite their ranks and files for their common interests in South Sudan. Henceforth, the idea of uniting minority ethnicities vs. the majority ethnicities as proposed by Dr. Lam Akol for decades and now his new buddy or pal General Sawaka could become a dead end.


Changson Law has been controversial and conspicuous politician that does not fit to lead and has got no military forces himself to become a leader. Above average educated Nuer with an Executive MBA Degree holder from Duke University, USA. He fits to become only the money man because that is what he knows best to do, but weaker in the sophisticated geo-strategic and geo-political world. His ventured into the political world is a reflection that he is “trained and misplaced”. I have no doubt, that to assume hypothetically that he would be welcomed with anger by his own people because of the money that was collected and given to him to go to help the wounded soldiers and disappeared and remained unaccounted for. He has been also implicated in the Chinese US$300 millions plus brides to Dr. Machar’s and his delegation for the I-O rebel forces not to destroy Paloch or Dar Yiel oil or PetroDar that is located in the northeastern Nuerland in Upper Nile State, including 40 buildings in Nairobi that he now occupied one of such buildings in Nairobi, Kenya. This is corruption of the third kind and a Grand theft that could haunt Dr. Machar’s and his entourage in SPLA-I-O s in the movement.  


To all Nath or Naadth (people of the people), know this quote from Pagan Amoum concerning the mid-December 2013 Juba Genocide that “The Government of South Sudan could not be stopped because the Nuer ethnicity has been killed.”

Succinctly, this quote confirms that Pagan Amoum believes that Nuer ethnicity is not humankind and we have no rights to exist on the planet-Earth and South Sudan particular. Without the ferociously fighting Nuers, South Sudan could not have achieved political independence. This is a political reality that the Nuer could challenge any jackasses in South Sudan. It was the USA lobbyists that stole our victory and awarded it to the late John Garang. We would fight back to reclaim it and this is the main purpose of this ongoing war in the South Sudan. We shall and will prevail in this war. It will either end South Sudan or South Sudan will end this war. We will deliver total collateral damage to the Jieng who perpetrated this war.

We hope that he would not forget this malicious and pretty infamous quote that he made to the world that “The government of Sudan could be stopped because the Nuer has been killed.” The Nuer nation would hold Pagan Amoun fully responsible on this quote. The Nuer people are South Sudanese and the world community. Without the ferociously fighting Nuers, there could not have been political independence in South Sudan. What a heck is he going to say to the Nuer folks in America? He lives in the USA with them and they know him pretty well how corrupt and ant-Nuer Shilluk [Chollo]. We hope that Pagan Amoum could recall that without Dr. Machar’s and the Nuers support, he could not have been selected as the Secretary-General of SPLA. Even Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien, without the Nuer protection, he could have been a cadaver a long time ago in the hands of the Jieng and John Garang in particular. The Nuer protected and promoted the Shilluk to have visibility in the government and then turned against us. We have been fooled once and shame on the Shilluk (Chollo], but not twice again because that would be shame on the Nuer (Nath ke Naadth) (people of the people)..


This brief episode and analysis has been about the ongoing visit to the USA by four(stooges) ,renegades and murderers to go tell lies that peace is about  to return  to South Sudan through the so-called National Dialogue proposed by Salva Kiir regime and the DEC. Well, I tell you all in the USA that do not hold your breaths and do not allow yourselves to be deceived, manipulated, and maneuvered by the Salva Kiir’s angels of doomsdays. Affirmatively, there has been neither a roadmap for peace nor the de-escalation of the war that still flaring ups in so many places throughout South Sudan. For the South Sudanese communities in the USA, I would be obliged to warn you in my capacity as party of you in the USA, scholar, diplomat, Chairman of SSDFP- I-O, international strategist, and a veteran of the US Army, I urge and appeal to you not to hold your breaths or take for granted or to accept on face value or to take for granted any words uttered by such murderers to you.

Protect your communities not to be poisoned or disrupted by these thugs, hooligans, angels of dooms and doomsdays. They are all agents and appendices of the de facto illegitimate Juba regime. They assume that they are in opposition, but in reality they remained on the payroll of Juba. They are the peripheral agents of the government or the vultures and hyena outside barking and waiting for the bones, crumb, and scrap to be thrown them by Salva Kiir’s waitresses, servants, and the octogenarian Jieng [Dinka] Elder Council over the fence. On their way to America, they have been paid big fund or have been given big money to buy off people outside of the fence to lured them inside the fence to be grossly and systematically murdered that would be a reminder of the SPLM/A era prior to the split on 28 August 1991 when so many prominent citizens and political leaders, academics, and professionals disappeared without traces, arbitrary detention, arbitrary assassinations, and gross systematic human rights abuses in the Movement.

This episode or analysis has been repeated by Salva Kiir, his cronies, his wicked security men like General Thomas Douth Guet that murdered so many Nuer folks of his kind for the sake of job in Juba, thusly, made him public enemy number one of the Nuer people and his primitive with science of stupid generals in Juba. We would like to urge and appeal to all South Sudan communities in the USA and Canada to do the followings:-

  • Do not allow yourselves to be deceived that there is neither peacemaking nor the roadmap in South Sudan. We have only war in South Sudan in which Salva Kiir and his octogenarian Jieng Council pledged that the people of Equatoria and the Nuer in the Greater Upper Nile would experience more death. We would like to rest assured you that whatsoever Salva Kiir does, would be returned twice as much against the Jieng in South Sudan with no exceptionalism. We should go for total collateral damage. If Salva Kiir got the tools of destruction, we now have them as well. It is not the tools of war that execute the war, but men and women behind such tools get the job done. For I-O any tools possessed by Dinka soldiers are Dinka and the Nuer Soldier would capture them from them as they have done so in the past and still goes on throughout South Sudan. I shall declare to you all communities in the North America (Canada and USA) that unless Salva Kiir changes the language of war mongering to peace-making, we shall be ready to take South Sudan into oblivion and it would rise again from phoenix like the City of Atlanta, GA, USA, burned down to ashes by the Union General Sharman during the American Civil War (1860-1865). We are now preparing to March 750,000-1,000,000 plus armed civilians and guerrilla forces alike to Juba and let’s see who the hell would want to stay or wait for such a well armed rebels and civilians alike all over South Sudan. We want to have “Tet” in Juba Vietcong style like in Saigon and the Old City of Queue on Mekong River Delta in former South Vietnam against the Americans military forces. If Juba is the fortress for Salva Kiir, we shall and will land on it and only God Almighty knows what would happen at the end of the day. We have the capacity to a 100% to go on to Juba to test Saliva Kiir’s capabilities and his art of war.
  • Boycott or isolate them because they are the archenemies of the Nuer nation and its resilient people.
  • Do not trust or take seriously whatsoever anything they say or utter for granted about South Sudan. Remember, they are positions or jobs seekers, traitors, and the murderers of the Nuer Officers and leaders.
  • The Nuer community should absolutely boycott or to isolate Dr. Lam Akol for the thing has done, which he ought not to have done. Without the shadow of a doubt, that Dr. Lam Akol is the real enemy of the Nuer nation and its people. Let him produced first General Gatwiec Chan (Tangene) that he lured to become his Chief of the General staff of the conspicuous third Army and deliberately and willfully murdered him in Kuek. Dr. Akol told some Shilluk who blamed for what he has done that the Nuer would not forget this and they would at the end revenge it against the Shilluk people. He replied to them that “If I [Dr. Akol] did not do what I have done, how could you get the man called Gabriel Gatwiec Chan. He admitted that he did it as a “revenge killing” because General Gabriel killed Shilluk in the past. In addition, he should also produce General Kohl Charah Nyang, General Phillip Bipan Machar, General Nyoun Nyabiel and 37 others Officers. The NCOs and the Enlisted murdered in cold blood. The Nuer should focus on Dr. Akol. If any Nuers would protect Dr. Lam Akol would become a big fool ever lived on the planet-Earth and would be classified as a useless Chollo. Let there be no Nuer soldiers to shed blood for Dr, Lam Akol.
  • General Sawaka has been a “divisive” General that calls on demobilization of Equatorians from the predominantly Nuer led I-O and the Dinka led IG to form their own Movement. He wanted to make Equatoria to be a Federal Republic of Equatoria or emerges with Uganda. Equatoria is South Sudan and under international law, international treaties and protocol it could not become Uganda. Any move of annexation of Equatoria to Uganda would tantamount to violation of international law and a Declaration of war against South Sudan.
  • Changson Law, the Nuer would have to judge him for what he has done, which he ought not to have done. He would be questioned by his community on the money that was  that collected , given him and remained unaccounted for. What did he do with it?

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Editorial Team

Who is behind the South Sudan`s return to conflict? Domestic and international Level.



Odudu Baliba October 24, 2017 at 5:02 am

If it is necessary for Equatoria to go to Uganda and enjoy peace of mind from wars then it is positive to support Gen. Thomas Cirilo.

Stephen Dak October 25, 2017 at 6:37 am

Hi dear! Yes, I would say it is something unfortunate the one I would call plate campaign, I do not mean to offense anyone but if you can define by definition what going on it is a self multi-interest. No one to blame for that that is what happening to the country considered a fail state you may dispute but the fact does not change. Before the Lord organizes a compassionate government and that is what will be the running back and forth supporting A and rejecting B. Support whoever you think suit your political life. Or even private for that matter if that would be the case. I do not put blame to anyone who decided to support Mr. A while B is doing his best to gain it back. Multiple-interest will cease when you have a good government. Wrong rule always create chaos and that is the case to the country of my birth.

GABRIEL BPNGILY October 26, 2017 at 6:46 am

This Writer has forgotten exactly of what landed South Sudan in to the current state. It seems he has learned Nothing at all apart from repeating self. A country does not to be a country on one tribe and He is supposed to talk about the Unity of all the 64 tribes but His center of writing is about the Nuer Unity this is wrong mindset 100% Wise person at the current situation must talk about how can we achieve peace so that we can all share and enjoy freedom? pride of being the majority earned Rwanda what it is now. Formerly it was ruled by the majority but now there is balance and development and peace and to talk about personalities in a self defeating tool and it is not a remedy for peace!!


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