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The Continuation Of War In South Sudan, Whose Benefit Is It?

By Gatgong Thany,

South Sudanese women fleeing violence in the town of Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile State(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudanese women fleeing violence in the town of Malakal, the capital city of Upper Nile State(Photo: file/Nyamilepedia)

Feb 04, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The heart-aching, continuous wrestling between pro and anti-peace elements in South Sudan, seriously and rapidly evaporates the Citizens’ hopes and dreams for a return to peace and normalcy, and an end to this torturous, bloody and catastrophic Crisis sooner, indeed while the proponents and opponents continue with their heart-wrenching push and pull gimmicks, innocent South Sudanese continue to die as the war and its painful effects continue to spread far and wide.

Yes, most South Sudanese, whether ordinary or extra-ordinary desperately need peace, and they need it now, they had suffered untold miseries, they had been put to hell on earth, thanks to this SPLMs-Manufactured War, South Sudanese, especially the Population of Greater Uppernile region and now Equotoria as well have lost everything ,even their hard-won freedom and independence is robbed, they are now either slaves, refugees or internally displace persons (IDPs) in their own Nation, they would love a break, an everlasting break from war, they need time to ‘sit’ safely, properly and painfully mourn their loved ones, they would love to return to their destroyed homes, rebuild and restore their destroyed lives somehow.

Unfortunately, though a shaky, imperfect and unsatisfactory peace-deal was inked late last year to end the war and return the Country back to its feet, direct beneficiaries of our people’s suffering also known as anti-peace crusaders are irritatingly putting-up a whole-hearted fight to derails it implementation processes, with various schemes and Maneuvers at work, the peace is cornered and unless rescued quickly it might be suffocated and killed.

We need no scientific research whatsoever, we could without fear or contradiction tells those directly interested in the continuation of the conflict in our Country, we know their names, their faces, we even know their voices, those standing on the way of peace, be they group (s) or individual (s); from Political Elites at both National and local levels, to Military elites, Militias, Mercenaries, to specific interest groups and international Bandits and other actors, whatever their interest might be, we know there are numerous different Forces that are tirelessly working to block any process that might resolve the current crisis;

Politicians at both National and local level who seized opportunities created by the defected players pray that they never return, hence loath peace which would only slim-out their own chances of political survival, in the rebel stronghold where most of the famous, seasonal and respected politicians joined the rebellion for instant, the community rejects and less known-blunts players who remain behind and filled the vacuums so created and amassed huge but dirty wealth through thefts and crookeries, and who suddenly and sadly climbed heights they could only imagined then in just a blink of an eye, their wishes are therefore none but for the war to rages on for eternity, for they know peace would swiftly send them back to the cold, empty and dry corridors they once were.

And With the recent creation of new yet empty and valueless political positions, we could only expect stiffer, even fierce opposition to Peace especially from those groups of desperate sycophants, opportunists and Community rejects who turned this conflict into such a lucrative, God-sent opportunity for dirty, quick riches and speedy Political rise.

Formerly inactive and almost forgotten warlords, military generals have suddenly woken-up, pulled-out their rusty rifles; they have since been groomed and given a new interesting tasks, killing of innocents, a huge reason for them to dine, wine and smile . They would rather die fighting than committing to peace which would only send them back to isolation and inactivation.

These gangs of thieves and militias vividly envision how useless and redundant they would be in a peaceful and democratic South Sudan, they are therefore fighting to death to protect the current chaotic, kleptocratic, disastrous and jungle state-of-affairs where they don’t only survive but also thrive as well.

International War-entrepreneurs (arms-dealers) under the Umbrella of Russia and China have found a profitable market and test-ground for their illegal, lethal and dangerous hardware, for instant the latest Government Military Equipment including Attack-Helicopters and other Lethal Weapons are said to have their origin in either China or Russia, they would therefore give anything to keep the destruction and killings rage-on, thus it never comes as a surprise whenever these Nation Veto proposals of sanctions, arms embargo and other punitive actions against the war Mangers in South Sudan.

Regional peace-spoilers under the Ugandan Command, Sudanese rebels and others Mercenaries under Museveni Directives and supports are not willing to let go their major source of in-come, the South Sudan Conflict, regional and International Money Launderers, and other criminals have also poked their noses deep in to current South Sudan disaster, with uncontrolled, unregulated, messed-up Foreign-Currency Market, all types of thugs, Poachers, maybe even terrorists are possibly active either directly or indirectly in South Sudan, these groups loves nothing more than a lawless place.

In conclusion, the International community have the right to not only take South Sudan to the River but forced it to drink as well; if the World is obliged to shoulder the heavy costs of this Manmade disaster in our Country, then it must also take responsibility for putting those most responsible for it to account for their heinous crimes, including crimes against humanity, this must starts with rapid identification, investigation and prosecution of those currently obstructing peace implementation.

It should rain on the West and its peace partners that their extra cautious, linen and soft diplomatic approach only embolden, boast the morale and enhance South Sudan’s anti peace crusaders’ activities, it’s therefore time for swift, proactive, realistic and practical approach that would make the killers understand that their villous, cowardice and inhumane actions are illegal and unacceptable. Peace destructors must go to jail now!!

The author of this article, Gatgong Thany, can be reached for further comments at g.gongk15@gmail.com,

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