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SPLM/SPLA-IO at Fourth Anniversary: The Politics of Contradictions in South Sudan; The Just Vs Unjust:

SPLM-IO founding members (Including Dr Machar the founding leader)  posting for a photo in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa (File photo)
SPLM-IO founding members (Including Dr Machar the founding leader) posting for a photo in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa (File photo)
April 16th 2018 (Nyamilepedia)Four years down the roads we set our eyes onto a higher mountain, a moral virtue after realizing that the floods of impunity, feudalism, parochialism, chauvinism, manifesting itself before our very faces inform of blood sucking ethnocentric dictatorship and kleptocracy; nepotism, tribalism, endemic corruption, looting of state coffers; the culture that “we have arrived it’s our turn, ….survival for the fittest!”; “we are majority, the country belongs to us first and to the rest later” “born to rule!” “Me my family against my brother, me my brother against our cousin, us and our cousin against our neighbor, and us against a stranger”

For that matter,every person for himself so are families, clans, tribes,  ethnicities, regions of South Sudan for themselves against the other. If you are strong, Loot, or kill to satisfy your egos. You are licensed by the culture of Impunity. The political devil and his demons tried to possessed every aspect of our society!

Consequently, the country was engulfed into a perilous trajectory; the lost of over 4 billion USD, statelessness, anarchy and proliferation of grave yards, systematic killings and genocide and humanitarian catastrophe of a global scale. The sovereignty of the people was replaced by sovereignty of one man and few cliques ruling by swords.

The very essence of our social contract, the notion of commonwealth embodied in our independence of 2011 was defeated and torn asunder. The country bleeds unabated to the enjoyment of those who cherish the status quo.

Around this very moment, in the year 2014; South Sudanese political, civil and traditional leadership and intelligentsia, met in Nasir from April  15, 2014 to set a stage for a new political dispensation, a renaissance of the soul of our society, restructuring of politics of our times, state system and government of the young republic, this resulted into 2015 ARCRSS which was unilaterally abrogated by the JCE regime in Juba in 2016.

Nonetheless, the spirit of our fore fathers; justice, liberty, fraternity and love for reason couldn’t be defeated, hence continuous resistance resulting to HLRF going on in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. South Sudan is too big to be squandered by the generation of our time, or individual, tribe, ethnic group or a region; none can claim exclusive ownership or exploitation of its vast potential.

In lieu of ongoing consultations of stakeholders in Addis, Ethiopia, and SSOA, position paper on governance; point number 06; Quote ” The next transition shall be led by new leadership ( president Kiir and Dr. Machar shall NOT lead the transitional government) because of their successive failures in managing the previous four (4) transitions, unquote; this position was signed by;

1. Hon. Changson Chang, former minister government of president Kiir deputized by Dr. Machar;

2. Hon. Pagan Amum Okiech, former minister of Peace, government of Kiir deputized by Dr. Machar; Secretary Gen of the SPLM ruling party; he was signing on behalf of Former ministers; JOHN Luk Jok, minister for constitutional affairs, Kosti Manibe, for Finance, Cabinet Affairs; Deng Alor, for Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Affairs, Gen. Oyai Deng, former Chief of staffs, minister for regional cooperation, minister for national security; Cirino Hiteng minister in Office of President, Gier Chuang minister for interior, etc; all served under Kiir and Machar,

3. Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin former minister of Foreign Affairs (Khartuom), minister of Agriculture Dr. Who was a senior member of ruling SPLM defected from SPLM and formed SPLM DC and later Chollo based rebellion in upper Nile;

4. Gen Thomas Cirilo Swaka, he served Cdr JIU, and in the SPLA GHQ, in different capacities; Director for Administration and Finance, Trainings, and DCoGS for Logistics under Kiir, etc.

5. Col. Bangazi Joseph Bakasoro, Governor (elected) for western Equatoria under Kiir, if he was not kicked out, he would be in government today;

6. General Peter Gadet Yak, served under Kiir until his defection in 2013,

It’s fair to say, all those who served in government of South (ern) Sudan  especially those whose names appeared on the short list of 75 government officials charged with corruption and mismanagement of government of South Sudan have contributed immensely to the prevailing conditions and state failures. The fallen elephant bears the spear of every hunter! SSOA says Kiir and Machar are the “devils” of South Sudan but refused to name who are the demons? obviously those who served under Kiir and Machar as ministers and generals are the “demons” that possess South Sudan. They shouldn’t be glorified as technocrats or saints. It’s said “Those who come to the alter of justice must have clean hands”, or “if you live in glass house don’t throw stones”.

Exclusion from the transition should be on the basis of who is willing to implement peace agreement, and who is not? Here Salva Kiir will never qualify to serve in the transition because he abrogated the agreement, violated it. Declared it null and void, he said it’s neither a Quran nor Bible, he attacked peace partners and created what IGAD called “Estranged Groups” he doesn’t qualify to lead another transition.

In the agreement signed by Dr. Machar, all those who siphoned funds from South Sudan (G75-plus) shall be followed to pay back the loots, this answers the question whether we in IO are breaking with the past or not? If not why must IO fight to include such a clause in the 2015 agreement?

Happy Fourth Anniversary,
Aluta continua,

Nathaniel Pierino,
Governor Imatong State, and
Founding Member.

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