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Regional Forces Intervention, an Immediate, Vital Necessity and A Public Demand

By Gatgong K. Thany,


African Union has agreed to send its troops to South Sudan to prvent escalation of conflict(Photo: file)
African Union has agreed to send its troops to South Sudan to prvent escalation of conflict(Photo: file)

July 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The 27th African Union (AU) Summit in Kigali, unanimously endorsed, IGAD Proposed, UN Boss Backed Plan to send intervention Forces drawn from the region in to South Sudan, the move sent butterflies into the Stomach of the blood thirst regime in Juba which frantically vowed to fight any Foreign Forces.

Ironically, Ugandan Forces (UPDF) that took part in the Execution of innocent civilians and even dropped globally banned Cluster bombs, during first phase of the conflict, but that were briefly withdrawn as demanded by the accord had since returned to Juba with pretext of evacuating their citizens, however many believe, evacuation is just an excuse to join the Combat on the President’ side.

The latest proposal is long overdue, despites the painful Rwandans lesson, the united Nation (UN) and Africa Union (AU) once again failed the Africa in south Sudan; when on Midst December, two thousand and thirteen (2013) a boiling inter-SPLMs Political friction exploded violently, in less than a week , before the glaring eyes of the Whole world, over thirty thousand (30,000) South Sudanese from Nuer Nationality, mostly innocent, unarmed civilians were disseminated by Government’s trained and armed militias (Gelweng, Dot Ku Beny & Mathiang Anyoor) , part of National Security Forces (NS) and part of the SPLA, which was believed to be the National army until then.

Between 16th to 25th December 2013, the perpetrators went from house to house seeking out Nuer Nationalities killing them brutally instantly or whisked their victims to mysterious external disappearance , women, girls including teenagers were gang raped at gunpoint while others were forced to either eat the flesh of their dead relatives or drink their bloods, murdered pregnant women had their stomachs cut-open and the foetus removed and outrageously cut to pieces, with others having their bodies bizarrely dismembered to unrecognizable bits.

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The gruesome, cruelty, horrifying and brutality with which these state-managed, heinous crimes were exercised sent a shock waves across the world which was expected to act decisively, however as Weeks turned to Months and Moths to years, with the ethnic cleansing rampage worsening and extended far and wide, targeted mass-killing, torture, raping and looting, becoming the order of the Day, substantial’s evidences and numerous, credible reports from even United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and other independent Monitor were filling the air with hope to back any action to halt the ongoing mayhems, however the World remained quite serve for empty rhetoric,

Taking full advantages of this complacency and inaction, the criminal of South Sudan took their war into the United Nation’s Protection Sites, indeed they had been firing, aim-full shots into the UNMISS bases before, resulting to numerous fatalities and hundreds of injuries but on 17th April 2014, armed Government Soldiers mixed with local vigilantes, disguised as protesters, ruthlessly attacked, United Nation Civilians protection side (UNMISS) in Bor, the Capital of Jonglei state, the barbaric attack on unarmed Nuer civilians sheltering within UN’s Sanctuary left over thirty (30) internally displaced persons (IDPs) dead according to UNMISS Report, though victims believed the death toll could have been in Hundreds, including infants and women, UNMISS and other World Powers later shouted verbal condemnations while begging the perpetrator, the Government to investigate, a saddening and unprovoked, abominable act, we haven’t, might never hear any report coming forth,

The assault on unarmed Civilians stranded inside UN-Camps became a trend when once again on 18th February 2016, Machine gun welding elements of SPLA-IG Forces forced their way in to the UNMISS Civilians protection sites and killed over Sixty innocent Citizens , the victims were mostly Nuer and Chollo Nationalities , a brawl had just occurred among the IDPs within the protection Site at a time, few Month later, Medicine San Frontiers(MSF) a charity Organization that provides medical services at the site later released a report which put the blame squarely on the UNMISS which according to the report failed once again to honor its mandate, to protect the IDPs, there were also several attacks against Citizens sheltering insides UNMISS Basis across, including in Unity State which resulted to some death as well,

Undeterred, as the war rages on, Juba regime continued with its ethnic cleansing spree, from Mundri, Maridi, and WAU in Equotoria and Bhar Al Ghazal respectively, without flinching the government also employed besides ethnic cleansing, Politically motivated assassinations, disappearances, arbitrary arrest, ruthless media censorship and other dictatorial tactics to tighten its dirty grief on power.

In 2015 Government Forces backed by heavily armed militias from Unity State’s northern Counties notably Mayom, Abienom & Parieng rumbled through Central Unity toward Southern Part of the State, where a whole new level of brutality and savagery was employed, government forces in this particular offensive committed some of the most horrific and abominable crimes imaginable.

with strict directives from the above, the assorted Forces of Salva kiir carried out mass-exterminations of unarmed civilians including women, children, elderly as well as disables, the murders were done in the cruelest manner the world ever witnessed since creation; for instant, young boys were castrated and left bleeding to die, Women, girls, including teenagers were ganged rapped and burn insides tukuls or shot to death, while others where simply rapped till their breathes disappeared, those spared were forcefully abducted as sex slaves for the Military,

While men caught alive were shot instantly regardless of the age, all the source of livelihood were looted, from cattle, to grains leaving those who survived the cruel bullets to die of merciless hunger, the entire area was torched ‘heartbreakingly’ clean, nothing was left standing, not even the few concrete structures, they were all razed-down to the ground, it was an scotch earth Policy that could have shocked-up the world in to a military action to save the lives,

Recently, Amnesty international has listed three top SPLA-IG General; Malong Awan Chief of General Staff, Thayip Gatluak Unity State Former Area Commander and Fooljang Top, one of leading Commander in the State, as possible target for investigation for War crimes and crimes against Humanity, the three have played a deadly role in the destructive, 2015 offensive in Southern area of Unity State, even after the peace long signed, these commanders ordered the suffocation to death of eighty (80) civilians in Leer County, the unarmed men were collected from their villages and arrested in a small container without aeration causing their intentional demise.

After the region and the world at large failed to provide enough grantees to protect the peace agreement, violent broke-out in the capital once again as the Government attempts to scrap the ARCISS, unfortunately instead of fighting its rivals, the SPLA-IO Forces, SPLA-IG also bombed IDPs sheltering in UNMISS with Military Helicopters Gunship, Tanks and other artillery resulting to several casualties and injuries including peacekeepers,

Besides bullets the IDPs IDPs, like other targeted citizens are also intentionally starved to death, on 17th July 2016, the SPLA-IG with instructions from the above looted the World Food Program’s (WFP) largest store in the Capital, with an attempt to deprive food to south Sudanese that benefit from that agency, including the vulnerable, they also barricaded all the roads and denied or restricted access to Humanitarians agencies ,that provides live-saving assistants, markets store were also looted , IDPs leaving to market to buy food and other essentials were either shot or raped to death. Sofar according to the United Nation’s report, up to one hundred and twenty (120) rape cases had been reported, that’s a very conservative figure of course, and the truth is that, thousand had been raped since resurgence of violent.

The current push by the regional leaders, particularly the IGAD Country’s, notably the great efforts by the Kenyan President Uhuru Kenya and Paul Kagame of Rwanda is commendable, it gesture a true African and Humanity spirit, though this comes so late in the day, we are hopeful that it could change the situation and rescue our people from this monstrous brutality, I understand, the International Community and African Union (AU) are loud talkers that put little to action, but we hope given the gravity of this particular situation they will walk their talk this time around,

In conclusion; South Sudanese, particularly the true victims of this brutal conflict can’t wait for foreign troops to arrive, for that will mark the end of killings, rapes, looting and other evil acts masterminded by the Jieng Council of Evils (JCE) and their cohorts and exercised by their unruly tribal army and militias, besides, it’s the World’s Obligation to salvage, enforce and strengthen the unraveling peace agreement and save innocent lives of innocent remnants of this bloody mayhems, having terribly failed this people so many times, in terrible ways, the World could not afford to let us down once more especially now that all options seem lost, all South Sudanese from all background banks their hopes squarely and only on the Addis Ababa Acord which provides the only possible hope this for Nation and its tired population, therefore deployment of regional forces is a vital, immediate necessity and a Public demand, which is opposed only by those wishing to continue ethnic cleansing, ethnically based raping, Looting and other evils action which would eventually culminates in to an irreversible destruction and collapse of South Sudan .

The writer is common Citizen, that believes in Freedom of expression and desperately need the return of peace in the Country, so that justice could be served for the victims and survivors of this Man-made catastrophe he could be contacted at g.gongk15@gmail.com

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Gatwiech Dunrin Philip July 30, 2016 at 12:52 pm

still won’t help buddy-” it looks as you have more confident in foriegn troops as if you haven’t seen before somewhere in other places e.g Libya, Syria to mentioned few what happened there to date? your heart isn’t south Sudanese brother you’re probably a south sudanese by ID sorry you got it wrong? ?

Anthony July 31, 2016 at 1:21 am

South sudanese badly need the intervention of foreigh troopz unless if u value resource morethan human lives,country like zimbabwe is well develop though with limited resources .mass killing done by the dinka tribes against their fellow south sudanese need thiz troopz.


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