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PDM calls for alternative NADAFA Government of the people

An Opposition leader, Dr. Hakim Dario, Chairman of PDM in Washington, DC(Photo: supplied)
An Opposition leader, Dr. Hakim Dario, Chairman of PDM in Washington, DC(Photo: supplied)

December 19th, 2018 (Nyamilepedia) — PDM has learnt with deep and profound shock about a grossly violent and criminal security incident by the National Security agents of the incumbent TGoNU in Juba, which came in a statement issued on 19th December 2018, by the CTSAMVM Chairman, Major General Desta Abiche Ageno. The statement was addressed to the Chairperson of IGAD Council of Ministers; H.E. Dr. Workneh Gebeyehu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

The incident comes only four (4) days after the 5th anniversary of 15th December 2013 atrocities and massacre of thousands of innocent civilians by President Salva Kiir’s regime and tribal Dinka Mathiang Anyor militia, based out of Luri Training Centre in Juba.

The physical assault perpetrated on international members of CTSAMVM by President Salva Kiir’s National Security agents ranged from blind folding, kicking, to stripping four (4) of the international members of CTSAMVM naked, amongst them a woman Colonel in the Ethiopian Army, who was “forced to remove all her clothing and remain completely naked”, the statement said.

The three other male officials assaulted and stripped naked “include a Colonel with the Sudanese Armed Forces, and a Major with the Kenyan Armed Forces”, the statement added.

In the aftermath of 8th July 2016, Kiir’s TGoNU triggered violent and continued civil war in violation of ARCSS 2015, and the horrific violence that followed included the raping of American Aid workers by the regimes security agents.

It is no surprise that in the past few days, the United States and President Donald Trump’s administration described the South Sudanese leaders ruling the country as being morally bankrupt. South Sudan is reeling under the rule and tyranny of criminal SPLM elites who captured the state and who are without a moral compass. How can IGAD, the country and the people of South Sudan continue with entrusting the incumbent SPLM leaders with implementing R-ARCSS, which they are violating day in, day out with impunity? Why should R-ARCSS legitimize criminal rule of the country by SPLM elites whose leaders are without a moral compass for the people and the country!

PDM, on behalf of the oppressed people of South Sudan, condemns in the strongest words possible the criminal assault and inhumanely deliberate acts of humiliation on CTSAMVM members who were diligently going about observing and carrying out their normal duties and obligations under the terms of the R-ARCSS that President Salva Kiir has violated with impunity.

PDM and the people of South Sudan are ashamed of and outraged by President Kiir’s criminal gangs continuing atrocities for which there are no words befitting description of the height of their sense of impunity in South Sudan while the world watches on doing nothing about it.

A President and TGoNU under which conducts of atrocious and criminally liable acts are perpetrated against citizens and members of CTSAMVM who were tasked with assisting the country to observe and implement a peace agreement, are a shame and a dark cloud on the people of South Sudan that must be ended forthwith and cannot be entrusted with their future.

PDM reiterates its call upon our people in Upper Nile, Equatoria, and Bahr al Ghazal to lead freedom action for installing an alternative NADAFA Government for their country to end tyranny, corruption, impunity and the rule of criminal tribal elites. Make NADAFA of Upper Nile, NADAFA of Equatoria, and NADAFA of Bahr al Ghazal, from Kiir’s impunity, work for the country as a whole to put the interest of people and the country first.

PDM NADAFA Government of the people for the country

PDM calls on the masses of our people and opposition groups to join in NADAFA of our country, in a people-centric grassroots socio-political movement to cleanse the country and put the people first, not the criminal and corrupt elites-first. The people and the youth have an obligation to engage in freedom actions for NADAFA Government of their country, to bring justice and emancipation from SPLM/A tyranny and impunity of the elites.

Alternative NADAFA Government for the country is long over due for a new dawn of justice and accountability in our country, which puts the people first in South Sudan and atones for all crimes and atrocities committed against the people.

Signed by:

Dr. Hakim Dario,

Chair, PDM

Email: press@pdm-rss.org

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