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PART II: Why The Parties Will Not Form The RTGNU on November 12, 2019

Part II: Release of Agreed Funding and Extension of the Pre-transitional Period:


By Deng Elijah,

South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, and his bodyguard, getty image...
South Sudan President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, and his bodyguard, getty image…

November 02, 2019(Nyamilepedia)Given that President Salva Kiir has honestly admitted that he failed the Pre-Transitional Period when he failed to release funding for the implementation of the outstanding provisions, which is just everything that has to be implemented, it is important to FIRST hold president Kiir accountable for his negligence, ignorance and arrogance. This was not just a small mistake but a critical violation of the peace agreement that deserves not just condemnations from the South Sudanese people, the region, peace guarantors, AU, EU and TROIKA but also some punishments that may include individual sanctions to ensure that the parties do not repeat such violations and hold the country hostage again.

When one signatory or party intentionally misuses his or their powers to delay peace or encourage violence and possible return to war, the peace monitoring mechanisms such as CTSAMVM, RJMEC and UNMISS should take notes of such impediments and report them to the higher chambers such as IGAD and the United Nations or otherwise confront them forthwith as long as such action(s) falls within their mandates. 

Secondly, it is important that President Salva Kiir has openly pleaded guilty and promised to release funding this time, however, given that the same Salva Kiir has failed to implement his numerous undertakings on several occasions, it is vital for the parties and peace guarantors to deliberate on this promise and put serious measures in place to ensure that funds are released on a timely schedule that is consistent and without further strings attached by any of the parties. I would suggest, one of such measures would be to agree on a portion of oil, say some barrels of oil per day, that should be allocated to the implementation of the peace agreement. Once that is established, the parties should agree to create an account where such money would be deposited into right from the point of sale or by the buyers of the oil. This account could be managed by the NPTC or any other independent peace organ and this would erase the issue of counting on the mercy of one man to release funding for peace implementation.

Thirdly, the promise to release funding for implementation of the pre-transitional period that has already passed automatically amounts to calling for an extension of that period otherwise what would be the point of releasing that money now when you want to move to the next period? Such a budget was meant for implementation of programs (not for loan repayments) and those programs have to be installed before the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity is formed. Therefore President Kiir needs to get out of this state of confusion and reconcile what he says with the realities on the ground. In simple terms, this promise would make sense only if President Kiir means business this time: i.e. release funds, extend the pre-transitional period and implement all the provisions in letter and spirit, otherwise the end game would be an outbreak of the civil war comes next dry season!

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