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Opinion: “One frog spoils the water.” is that so in our case?

By T.T. Shaka

Members of the Jieng Council of elders,a controversial group that advises Salva Kiir, meeting elders from Jubek State(Photo: file)
Members of the Jieng Council of Elders meeting elders from Jubek State(Photo: file)

Sept 3, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan has two frogs mainly that spoiled the water; Kiir and the Jieng Council of Demons. 

Where does that leave the rest of the Dinkas?

  • Any Dinka who watched what has been taking place all this time and has not in any way reacted is not innocent but supported what was going on
  • Any Dinka  who benefited during all these ill treatments is a supporter
  • All the international bodies that came to South Sudan after CPA and witnessed the deteriorating situations since 2005 are supporters of the system and the sufferings of the innocent South Sudanese.

Everybody, every Southerner, International bodies and the Dinka as a whole know the root cause of our problem. Incidentally, to cover up, they always pretend to say it is power struggle. Ask yourself, why should power struggle between Kiir and Machar opens doors for one tribe to drive away owners of the land, destroy their livelihood, rape, kill, and take away what they had? Why did they send their animals to feed on the crops the Equatorians grow to feed their children? If it were Power Struggle, why would Dinkas want to take every inch of the land in Equatoria, Upper Nile and Bahr el Ghazal, which belong to other tribes?

The Dinkas have created the seeds of hate all over South Sudan, which they know they will pay for even if it takes 100 years. Any Dinka, who moved and settled in someone’s land, must know that it is a time bomb before someone pulls the trigger.

My appeal to every Southerner is that we all know the formula to bring a permanent peace. should not pretending to see Kiir and Machar continue to play and referee their own game while holding the nation as good spectators or Kick them like a ball without interference, would not bring an end of the play. Do we all think our education has any meaning?

Dear Dinkas all over the world, whether you are supporting Kiir and the Jieng Council of Demons, support or hate NAS, Know that the seed of our problem is not wrestling for power. It is how the Dinka in power is doing to enslave all of us as a nation. NAS’s programs or system is not for Equatoria but the only possible option to keep unity and once again, to forge forgiveness to and forget all that has happened over the year Kiir did to the people. Nevertheless, remember if we allow the hate deepens, who will then pay the price?  NAS will be there to stay until we know the meaning of a NATION. More sufferings will mean more hate. You will pay the price too and heavily.

If you still remember in my article, I said,” No nation can be formed of one tribe”. If you read that, sit down and think trice. Do not ever think in the name of peace, love and forgiveness I will give up the occupation of my father, mother or other ancestral graves? You must be kidding if that is in your mind. Suppressing someone can never create peace, love or acceptance but chronic wound difficult to heal and the scare will be prominent too.

To all my readers; if you think Thomas Cirilo is your enemy, that is your problem. NAS is not any enemy to anyone. God controls Cirilo’s life and if he went tomorrow, NAS will not go with him. Therefore, if we all love South Sudan, we should focus on how to make it exist. The only movement and systems that can salvage our decades of problem is NAS 

Do not take my opinion as they did with Jesus saying, “Nothing can come from Nazareth” to mean, “Nothing can come from Equatoria”. As an intellectual, just read and discard the article. If we need peace and development, it cannot come from the international bodies. I know all my sufferings are from my brothers the Dinka but I do not hate them because all my life will be with them. I hate the so called the International bodies who use the South as source of jobs employment and continue to corrupt the government so that they get their share.

If you put a dirty shirt, it does not mean you are poor. That is how the South is or DRC. The International bodies are in the South or DRC to siphon our resources with the help of the so call Leaders who are either stupid or myopic. Signing a contract with a devil because of an offer, is signing a death warrant. Kiir’s government has done a number of these. In the name of the country, Kiir has borrowed millions waiting for refund by even unborn child.

Sometimes we do not understand the meaning of theft. When someone takes what you have without your permission, we can call it theft, but when someone plays a good game to ask to borrow him/her and you gave, you cannot call it theft if he/she does not give it back to you.

Indeed, this is what is happening in Africa. Companies, countries and individuals come in the name of giving you help, they go deep into your land, harvest whatever hidden in your eyes. We have witness wise Leaders who have programs for development in Africa, end up dead. Only the ones used can live indefinitely.

Dear compatriots, think as a Southerner with no tribe in mind, where do we go from this situation?

The author of this article, T.T. Chaka, is a concerned South Sudan that can be reached through his email at hicksambira@yahoo.com

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