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Officially: The Born to Rule Theory is disapproved

“……… I will always be the president of that country” President Salva Kiir Mayardit,

By Elbow Chuol,

The fierce fighter, Elbow Chuol on multiple machines guns during preparation for SPLM/SPLA Conference in Pagak, 2014(Photo: Elbow Chuol/Nyamilepedia)
The fierce SPLM-IO fighter on multiple machines guns during preparation for the SPLM/SPLA Conference in Pagak, 2014 (Photo: /Nyamilepedia)

Dec 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — With born to rule doctrine in his mind President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit declared himself to be the president of South Sudan pending death. He is more 70 years old.

From 1964 to 1972, the wealthiest and the most powerful nation on earth made a maximum military effort, with everything short of atomic bombs, to defeat a nationalist revolutionary movement in a tiny, peasant country in (Vietnam) – and failed. So, what makes you think, the combined mercenaries of Salva Kiir Mayardit would defeat a single but a half tribe revolutionary fighting for their dignity and the freedom of South Sudanese? This is where peace is fundamental.

Imposing a specific moral belief system on others has been a cause of significant harm throughout human history. Some theories like born to rule in South Sudan are not equipped enough to respect diverse beliefs and therefore officially the born to rule theory is not a better supposition to be a practice in South Sudan.

South Sudan is a diverse country with over 60 tribes. Over the years they have survived through their different cultures and social beliefs. Anybody who came from outside or inside to impose unfamiliar wills into these communities is the root cause of every single problem transverse.

these born to rule boast of everything from fighting North Sudan alone to everything else.

Part One: From Paradise to Paradise Lost

South Sudan has been a paradise to South Sudanese but now from paradise to paradise lost. The greatest chronological betrayal in the history of South Sudan is for President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit effortlessly lures other countries to help him take part in the ethnic cleansing in the new nation. This is a precedent disgrace beyond measure and those sides in this countdown should feel ignominy because they are the laughing stash of every tongue on earth.

Some theories no matter how many times brand when it comes to the reality check they don’t even fit to be mentioned. Logicians and philosophies over centuries have tried their level base to revision the structure of human thinking and the reality of our world but to their dismay, some things they brought into reality are pretty shocking. Like the famous thinker of Greek Socrates believed that “By all means marry;If you get a good wife, you will be happy but if you get a bad one, you will be a philosopher”.  The same case is also pertaining when it comes to logicians. If you buy a good theory, you will not understand the nature of argument but if you managed to buy the wrong one, definitely you will end up being an independent thinker. And this is the problem with the logic. Logic tells us that it is the power of right reasoning and evaluating the other people’s “stupid” point of view. Here I am interested in talks about south Sudanese theories, in particular, the born to rule theory with its embarrassing features.

Roughly, there are three to four theories in South Sudan that I heard being lived out. Let me give them a prospect. The first theory is “Born to Rule”; the second descend in the categories of “Born to Fight/lead”, and anonymously the third is, “Born for peace in between”. The fourth one is “Illusion theory”.

The so-called (as comedian Wanni Igga or famously known as a flower-boy) love to say, Born to rule theory is responsible for the largest perplexity in the land of black people, al suds or Cush in particular. The suffering of South Sudanese can jointly be account into the thinking of these theoreticians who famously called themselves Born to rule without a proper system. Outstanding to its reprehensible establishment and show. The born to rule constrain its name from collective thinking of one man in singularity who happened by good lack overtook the responsibility to lead the people of God; the South Sudanese. As the time goes, just like Big Bang theory out of forgiveness and the love for this country by Born to fight theoreticians with their cousins born for peace and those of illusion, allowed the second man to runs the affairs and this completely gave birth in thinking as Born to Rule.

They establish the system to have a life loop of eight years and after every eight years, it painfully scrambles.

Born to rule without a system. From the very start, some people who are knick-knacks enough to read and learn about the history of black South Sudanese know that it is these born to rule traits who pluck this person into the abyss. Every single individual who led these innocents’ people who were for the last 200 years been fighting for total freedom never faithfully did it in the correct manner.

Recently the Minister of defense Kuol Manyang Juuk from Bor in Jonglei out of darkness decided to overnight to appoint a whole governor of Jonglei State John Kong Nyuon as a deputy of SPLM chapter in Jonglei State. Now let’s ask ourselves, what has happened that Kuol Manyang is appointing a whole governor to be the deputy of SPLM chapter in the State of Jonglei? Is this the correct hierarchy in the system that gives some considerable individuals to do things whenever they are pleased or what exactly is the missing link here? Why is the Minister of National Government going to State appointing without electing such an individual by the people of Jonglei? Did Kuol Manyang consult any person in the entire Jonglei to appoint John Kong Nyuon as the deputy of the SPLM Chapter in Jonglei? You can answer such but let me elaborate something here.

The problem with born to rule without a system is that they don’t feel ashamed at all. In their system, there is no Departmentalization though it exists but in disgust. The entire system is colliding with the working authority of particular Departmentation assume to be in place. If it were not so, Kuol Manyang, the tribal minister of defense could not obstruct the interest of Jonglei people who are ethnically diverse having the right to elect who could be a deputy. This is total disorganization of born to rule-(rusted) which portrayed that, though they claim there is never any system to attest widely regarded theory in Juba and beyond.  And who elected Kuol Manyang as a chairman’s party chapter in Jonglei State? Noticed the synonyms of the word ruling mean diktat or dictate. The right word could have been leading which is impossible to borrow at the moment because South Sudanese are at the crossroad.

The latest embarrassment occurred in the ministry of misinformation. Michael Makuei Lueth whose name Michael means (messenger) and Lueth (lies) affordably created the messenger of lies fitting his current office Minister of Misinformation. Last month the Director of national Broadcasting commonly known as Self Service Television (SSTV) and the Minister of Misinformation which recently gained fame over its steep preacher of hatred against the Nuer of South Sudan went into the misinterpretation of the system. Mr. Luth who believes that he has the power that can even rinse what his king put in place anonymously challenged the decree of Kiir Mayardit. Reappointing the Director for Broadcasting to whatever place pleases his order. The truth is, he ordered him back to the bureau destabilizing the power to grant to him to service the small kingdom builds in the hot sun in Juba by the 21st-century dictator, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Now, for you to understand the deep magnitude to which these cohorts can go, disrupting someone his proper duty because it doesn’t serve the interest of an individual or community is where the system went wrong. This was not only a mistake but an improper way of conducting public service to the citizens. But it doesn’t matter with the born to rule. They can disorder everything since naturally they are born to rule without a system. These individuals are not only sickening in South Sudan but also the root causes of every single problem. They don’t have a sense of feeling shame. What distinguishes the human being from the animals in the forest is an ability of a human being to feel ashamed otherwise we couldn’t have come far for this historic evolution over centuries.

Let me take you back offending no one.

Born to rule theory is totalitarian: Eight years later, in 1982 the whispered hit every corner of Sudan. A young military genius and holder of a Ph.D. being a Colonel in the army of mighty Sudanese Army took a leave to find out what exactly is going on back in his hometown of Bor. That was early 1983. Dr. John Garang de Mabior a Pan African minded fully charged with a communist battery detected leading the southern movement. He knew where his friends were. Dr. John influenced the famous Derge regime of Mengistu Hailemariam whose government by then was scrambling almost everywhere in Ethiopia. The man resorted to human weakness, a trait in the blood is more consecutive than his vision. Dr. John refurbishes to a tribal entity and began to eliminate the figures commonly known fighting for the freedom of the then southern Sudan. The veteran of Anya-Nya II National statutes, Samuel Gai Tut was killed and four days after he was buried Dr. John Garang ordered his clowns to removed the body from the grave and commanded the bodyguards to gave the dead body forty slashes every morning until the entire rotten body of Samuel Gai Tut was torn into pieces giving its body to the birds of the skies and dogs were busier eating the remnant. It was a shame beyond human reasoning and conclusively portrayed instead of unity of South Sudanese the art of hatred and division was at work.  Dr. John believes in authority with unquestioned truth.

Dr. John Garang fought his war among the southern Sudanese killing thousands of civilians on tribal hatred and entity. None of his hordes ever traverses the southern border to fight Arabs in the northern. Why because he was busied executing the born to rule eliminating creed believing that, if he is done with the following guards he could use the poor memories he long ago taught to influence to fight his war. The leadership in Dr. Garang days was a complete communistic ideology which whispered in power of the social contract by eliminating the realists – those whom from the beginning recognized the need for south Sudanese to fight for total freedom.

It took southern Sudanese eight years later to realize the complete nonsensical of what they were being misled to fight for.  Dr. John was a charismatic leader but not a visionary. Because he did not see the reality that Sudan from the very start was never to be the same according to white colonists’ dogma. “Dr. John Garang carried the Movement everywhere he goes in his handbag” – Kiir Mayardit 2004 Rumbek meeting during the SPLM/A reconciliation ceremony hosted by Dr. Riek Machar Teny. Dr. John Garang was perhaps the worse rebel dictator of the 21st century.

But then something strange happened. A young boy with gaped teeth he hosted hate but think highly of appeared to be off the road. Dr. Riek Machar saw the reality of truth. He knew after calculating the features and figures, concluded that Sudan as a whole will never be achieved. He renewed the old calls dating back from the time of Hon. Buth Diu. The selfless called for south Sudanese independent.

Exactly in 1991, the two good friends fell out of the system. Dr. Riek was now calling for self-determination while Dr. Garang was busy believing the communist states still will win the war against human nature born capitalist. And that was a big mistake. The Born to rule version was now spreading across the broad. People from every barrack in South Sudan were busy bullying each other because the system repeats itself twice. Nature was exposing the very individuals fueling themselves up to the top proudly holding unto cheap pride. South Sudanese was led into tribal wars instead to fight for freedom. The problem with born to rule is that they are proud of the small things while born to fight to believe being humble is the course. Garang burnt down villages of Nuer communities in eastern Jikany killing thousands and displacing thousands upon thousands. Presumably thinking Samuel Gai Tut fell out with him, he thought every person from his tribe was also against his scheme. I repeated this method by President Kiir Mayardit on Dec 15, 2013, when the man he thought his rival escaped he resorted to the killing of innocents civilians from the tribe this man came from. This is a valuable truth.

Dr. Riek again made another big mistake but the future for this nation. He saw that being away from his brother will never do his vision good. The difference was, visionaries seem most of the time realist while proud always duel on an illusion the ability to think world still revolves around them because they are born on the assumption of born to rule. They never see beyond their noses but hang around on the hopeless pride.

The real visionary person will do anything everything to make sure his dream and vision come into reality. And that trait is seen in Dr. Machar when he self-effacing came back to his brothers and asks him being separate is not the solution. Born to rule is stubbornness. They only believe their wrong ways are the right way.  The man presented his dream behind the shadow while the born two rules sang the song of pride in the daylight. The world was shocked with an ability of mathematicians to calculate from the distance formula and arrives at the hidden answer. This is why Dr. Machar is Strategies animal born to Plans for a wide range of people living in ignorance. A strategist is always three steps ahead of others. Machar is on this spot. When he knew that, the entire world disinterested his dream and the whole issue turns around almost into a tribal entity, he left for Khartoum. He calculates another numerical number that the real answers always lie with the master. He left for Khartoum to convince the foolish majority in the Arabs lead the government to adopt for the first time in the history of Sudan, the alternative course to Sharia law. The constitution asks the government for the right of the southern Sudanese if they can go for self-determination. He was the third man on that stage. An animal born for his things automatically arranged themselves. After fully sophisticated his plan and well implemented, Dr. Machar again came back to his brothers asking them for reconciliation. The foolish majority didn’t know exactly why the man is back. He smartly used the universal number for new creation- the number 3 premeditated hypothesis.

While they were busier singing the song of Dr. Machar betrayed them here again he is mingling among themselves even those who thought they are fully educated without reading stories books.  Not only Dr. Machar fell out with Dr. John Garang who carried the Movement’s leadership with the handbag everywhere he goes but even Kiir is supposedly believed to be an obeyer this time found out his weakness; is being humble. The man defected too. Who denied this fact that Kiir Mayardit went into curbs noise with the presumed emperor only to be reconciled by the animal of peace Dr. Machar? There is no Dinka man or woman who can come and ask Nuer to reconcile to his brother when they fought among themselves but there is a Nuer who can come and reconciled a Dinka man who fought with his brother. This is a truth it hurt but liberating.

For everyone to see the truth of born to rule is a selfish nature that is never fit to runs the nation but full of hatred. South Sudanese went for self-determination in 2011 and the dream and vision more than 20 years ago was calculated, designed and established without their knowledge plan once more to be destroyed.

It became a nation in 2011. After the death of charismatic leader Dr. John Garang in 2005 the hierarchical born to rule system established that, the man who services al Bashir unto the date was to be the leader of the nation without seeing the reality of who actually made this dream come true. The secret was to keep the system of ruling without vision, mission, and dream keep moving forward to mislead the young generation forcing the entire cloud to indulgent in the old thinking forgetting it is the 21st century.

Good security trained guard in Nimeri government and an officer of intelligent in Bashir government came to power in South Sudan immediately Dr. John Garang died. Someone told me that, the meeting which was immediately ordered by the SPLM Political Bureau suggested Kiir Mayardit to takes the leads. Kuol Manyang Juuk himself was the man who took Kiir’s hand and placed him in the empty chair thus to be for Dr. Riek Machar. The meeting came to an end and Dr. Machar was seen cheering heavily for his friend Kiir Mayardit. They hated him to death.

President Kiir presumably overtakes the country’s leadership running it through military orders and kingship decrees. The characteristic of totalitarianism government who’s the following dominate its system. An ideology of unquestioned truth (decree), a single political party to implement and protect this ideology (SPLM), a secret police that use terror against the citizens (SPLA, Gelweng), a centralized operation of the economy (Centralization in South Sudan), state-owned mass media (Self Service Television, sstv), and the use of preponderant force by the state (the killing of Isaiah Abraham and Manessa Wiyual Manytap) fit this features.

Born to rule without development: As if nothing had happened. The truth remains, south Sudanese were in a deep hole of trouble. The Born to rule are still in power dominating every single kitchen offices and working in toilets. They hear you when you say there is a bad road in Juba. When you say, murle were killed in large number in Jonglei by government force, they take you into prison. Nine years in power Kiir Mayardit government famously known of corruption, favoritism, tribalism, nepotism and all other vices did nothing in its eight years of power than ending up killing south Sudanese. Americans taxpayers donated billions of dollar but they end up into the mouth of few. The entire system is broken down beyond repair.

Look into this fact, every single official in Kiir government has a home he or she bought outside the country worthy millions of dollar. I personally know good numbers of these houses in East Africa bigger than hotels. The government of South Sudan since 2005 has been busy renting her officials’ hotels in Juba paying their bills. Tell me where on earth can we develop this nation while every single official is fattier than Omega? South Sudan will never be developing while these men still run the system serving their self-interest. Goss which is being known as Government of Self Service is running out of fuel because there is no way to keep the flow in check despite south Sudan producing half of the oil which can be used by entire Asia. This country is in the wrong hands.

Born to rule is intolerable. The kind of behavior displayed by these clones is intimidating. They bully on everybody, grasping land, stealing money, faking business, forgeries certificates and the like. I may not go far, there is a lot to say but time is running out the opposition got a lot to do in the conference which is seeking for sustainable peace and being violated by born to rule theoreticians whose aims is a military solution to South Sudan crisis. Let south Sudanese know who destroying this nation. They are these individuals calling themselves born to rule without a proper system, without development, with full of totalitarianism. Look here, they made a lot of enemies within this year. They set up Uganda against Sudan, they made the little suspicious between Egypt and Ethiopia goes into overwrought, putting up China and America over economic. They send delegates to Russia and the US; everything they do is messing up with issues. Unless the system of imposing others people’s beliefs into the wills of other stops south Sudan will never be the same again.

They started it and we will end it all.

Elbow Chuol is being logic, reasonable and reachable through elbow.chuol@gmail.com

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Woi Ngong December 12, 2014 at 5:37 pm

You are truly idiot, if you are not idiot you should have research Dr. John Garang first before you just write street history about Dr. John Garang hometown. Dr. John Garang de Mabior Foundation Team have sent you the man background and hometown with some wants if you will not edit your press about is truly home town. Our website: http://www.drgarangfoundation.org.

Woi Ngong December 12, 2014 at 5:38 pm

The hometown of Dr. John Garang is Panyagor Town of Twic East County, Jonglei State, South Sudan.


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