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BY Daniel Juol Nhomngek, Kampala, Uganda,


April 14, 2017(Nyamilepedia) ——- Before I go to the point I wanted to make in this brief article in which is in response to those in State House who are claiming that I have apologized, I wanted to make it clear using the words of Faye Wattleton that “I do not make any apologies for my manner or personality. I come from a long line of very strong, Black African who neither bend nor bow. I haven’t had very good modeling in submission”.

Coming to the point, in recent article I wrote about the Office of the President entitled: LETTING THE CAT OUT OF THE BASKET: THE DIRTY POLITICS IN THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT EXPOSED, I made the following points “ that in the Office of the President of South Sudan there is dirty politics going on. Such dirty politics is in the following forms: betrayal, original sin, greed, corruption, discrimination, gossip and hatred which are order of the day” and second to it that “the Office of the President has been turned into business where those working there derive profits as some of them are more of brokers than government employees”.

The above were the main contents of that Article and in addition there were some points dealing with Mayiik Ayii Deng and if you read that article you will understand better what is going on in the Office of the President.

However, when that article was published many people advised me including Uncle Daniel Awet Akot that I should for the time being stop writing on politics of South Sudan since the country is in crises. I accepted that advice, however, I refused to apologize as they demanded.

Instead I wrote to the public to explain to them the reasons why I should not be commenting on politics of South Sudan for the time being. The Article that I wrote to explain the reasons why I have temporary stopped writing on politics in South Sudan was entitled: AN APOLOGY MIGHT HELP, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ONE: A RESPONSE TO SOUTH SUDANESE.

However, because those in the State House are readers of headlines, they concluded based on heading of my article that I had apologized for what I wrote about the State House and therefore those of Mayiik whom I made allegations against are innocent, which is far from the truth. The article that they are relying as cited in the above paragraph has nothing to do with my apology to the State House or those working there and for that reason I would like quote the paragraph that I made it clear that I have no intention to apologize verbatim in this article as quoted below:

“… I am not going to apologize to the Office of the President or to any person for two reasons: First, when we make an apology, it means that we have admitted guilt for making false allegations against the person. This is why the apology is defined as an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret. Hence, to apologize in order to kill the truth is injustice and worse than death because it violates the rights of millions of people to information in South Sudan. In that regard, the dirty politics I wrote about in the office of the President is not false but the truth and because of that I will never apologize and whoever wants to do anything to me let him or her do it but the truth is my defender. What I wrote about is nothing but the truth and if I apologize it will defeat the purpose for writing that article”

As seen in the above quote I have not apologized to the State House or to those who are working there. I still maintain my position that I am not going to apologize no matter what. This is because an apology is evil when it is intended to kill the truth and set the guilty free. It is a violation of people’s right. I cannot sell the right of South Sudanese for personal safety. Thus, I am ready to suffer as I am selling the truth to the people and pay the price.

Whatever I wrote in my article entitled: LETTING THE CAT OUT OF THE BASKET: THE DIRTY POLITICS IN THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT EXPOSEF” is valid and no apology is made to turn them into falsehood. The Public is advised to rely on them as truth and help me to call upon the president to remove those in the State House who are trading the right of the public for personal profits or gain and making the public an enemy to the SPLM Party and to the person of the President.

I have now learned my mistake of trying to write philosophy as it can be manipulated by those who cannot read. For instance, the word “an apology” was just taken as it is with analysis and concluded that I have apologized the State House or those working there. I have to make it clear now that I have not apologized.

The reason I chose this title: AN APOLOGY MIGHT HELP, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT ONE: A RESPONSE TO SOUTH SUDANESE was not to apologize but to explain that a person can change without any apology and therefore the apology does not help to add anything to a life of a person. Hence, even if someone is wrong and opted not to apologize, he or she will still change since an apology does not help and it will be waste of time to demand for one.

I must again strongly repeat in this article that I am not ready to apologize. As my friend. P. G. Wodehouse once put it, “It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people does not want apologies, and the wrong sort takes a mean advantage of them.” Thus, I am not ready to apologize to give the wrong sort of people in the State House a chance to take advantage to claim that I made false allegations against them hence setting guilty free and convict the innocent. Those in the State House are guilty of mismanagement and I will never apologize to set them free and instead incriminate myself. They must pay for their sin.

In addition, I would like to tell the members of the State Security in the State House that demanding from me that I must make an apology to the State House or come for me to arrest me that I will never make an apology and they are free to come for me if they want. I am ready to be arrested for the sake of South Sudan.

Moreover, it will be clear that the State Security is an accomplice to the crimes being committed by those in the State House if they arrest me instead of investigating those who are practicing corruption there inside. In that respect, I do not expect I State Security to even question me unless they prove that what I wrote was malicious propaganda. I must therefore, never apologize under any circumstances.

For the above reasons, I would like to tell the public that they should never be misled by those in the State House that I have apologized. I have not. This is because to apologize in order to kill the truth is worse than death. The Mismanagement of, the dirty business coupled with dirty politics in the Office of the President are true to the best of my knowledge and evidence available. Hence, I still I advise the President to take an action against those working in his Office because they are destroying him at the Background.

The author is a Human Rights Law and can be reached through: juoldaniel@yahoo.com

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