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Congratulatory article to those who resigned from the junta and tribal government in Juba


Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)
Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirillo Swaka, former Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistic(Photo: file)

Feb 23, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— I, col. Loku Lo Laja, the governor of Central Equatoria State would like to take this opportunity to appreciate and congratulate the brilliant and wise decision taken by: Lt. Gen. Thomas Cirilo, deputy chief of staff for logistic. Lt. Gen. Gabriel Duop Lam, South Sudan Minister for Labour and Public Services. Brig. Gen. Kamilo Otwari, Col. Khalid Ono Loki, SPLA military judge who quit the tribal jeing government in Juba. The reasons for your resignations are all the same comprehensive challenges which are not been address by the regime in Juba and has led the current regime to fail the Country. The tribal regime in Juba had created hopeless situation to the entire people of South Sudan, because, it is crystal clear that the regime has turned the country, South Sudan into miserable fail state; politically, economically, socially and etc. The leadership in Juba had made the absolute political power of the country to rest in the hands of tribal ruling mafia. And these tribal elites had turned the country, South Sudan into severe violence resulting into rampant killings of innocent people in Equatoria, Western Bahr El Ghazal, and Upper Nile, and uncontrolled land grabbing especially in Equatoria.

The current leadership has also torn the young Nation leaving it without political rights and freedoms and without strong institutions or laws to protect all its citizens regardless of their tribes and Religion etc. This has led the people of South Sudan into total loss of confidence in the incumbent Junta regime in Juba.

In this regards, these present mass challenges that the junta regime in Juba has failed to address due to its mistaken tribal policies which resulted into crisis management, economy total collapse of the country; the SPLM/A- IO is determined to confront such challenges by reforming the entire superstructure with the new democratic federal State.

The SPLM/A- IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar, feel duty to pursue constructive policies which will address this miserable situation and create enabling environment for the development of South Sudan. The destructive individual interests and tribal policies manifested by the regime in Juba will be put to an end by SPLM/A – IO in order to allow peace and development in the Country.

The mission of SPLM/A – IO under Dr. Riek is to offer the South Sudanese people a better alternative system of governance based on democratic federal government. It is the most preferred system accepted by the majority of South Sudanese excluding the current tribal elites who are destroying the country. These elites are threatened by federal system of the governance because such system empowers its citizens economically with the devolution of resources and, politically with the devolution of power to the grass roots.

The SPLM/A- IO noticed that, the successful Federal system of the governance will have common characteristics that stipulate the distribution of power among the states ( not 28 tribal states but 21 states with historical and territorial boundaries) to ensure neutrality and equality in the representation of communities and interests.

In the conclusion, I would like to say, for those who are still serving in this current tribal regime in Juba, you should know that, you are implementing tribal policies of JCE, since the system is Dinkanized, therefore you are logically and critically partly contributing to this hopeless situation of the severe killings and suffering of our innocent people in South Sudan.

Again, I would like to say, Congratulations to those who resigned, history will record itself.

Best regards,

Col. Loku Lo Laja


Central Equatoria State- Juba

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