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Justice and Accountability For The Crimes in South Sudan is Unnegotiable and Beyond Compromise !!

BY Gatgong Koang Thany,

time article gone wrong

June 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— In a latest controversial Article Published in New York Times, later republished by Nyamilepedia website and later quoted by Sudan Tribune (www.sudantribune.com) , in their Wednesdays, the 8th of June edition’s Article ‘’ Right Body Criticizes South Sudan Leaders for ignoring Justice Mechanisms’’ the shocking joint statement allegedly co-authored by the two Principals of the Shaky Coalition Government, Gen. Salva Kiir and His 1st Deputy Dr. Riak Machar Teny , boldly advocated for the scrapping of the section of the August accord, which prescribe for justice and accountability for the abominable and gruesome crimes committed from the onset to the very last minute of the conflict. The Addis Ababa Agreement provides for formation of an African Union instituted, globally backed hybrid Court to investigate and put perpetrators of South Sudan Crimes to account.

As demonstrated by the said article, assuming it is true, in their desperate attempt to thwart efforts , evade justice and run-away from marshalling the responsibility for the heinous and abominable crimes of the just ending war , the two Principals of the TGONU, are reneging from what they signed in August 2015 and compromising their own promises , to ensure justice and accountability for the gross human right abuses and grave crimes perpetrated against the innocents citizens during the two years conflict, they are seen to be shifting toward ‘empty’ new-found, reconciliation and National Unity agenda, in other word, reconciliation minus justice and accountability, arguing that, quest for justice and accountability would jeopardize /destabilize efforts to unite the people’’ their illogical rationale; is that any attempt to serve justice may upset the killers who may go on rampage again, therefore they would rather cordon an impunity to please and calm down the criminals, or should we say to protect their own good selves.

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The statements alleged that, ‘’Kiir and His ‘Brother’ Riak ‘’ offered to form a truth and reconciliation commission which would do an inquiry into the 2013 crisis, but unfortunately do nothing about its findings, in short, a mockery and trickery entity which would only make us relive and weep over our pain and only laugh at us on its way to the Bank, however the bitter reality is that, if such fatal assumptions are adapted, the results would be a devastating catastrophe, considered, the proposal would enrich the already ripen seeds of hatred ,accelerates the pace , and aggravates the urge for revenge as victims of the 2013 crimes would feel betrayed and short-changed, they will then resort to any means to seek and take justice, even a return to war may not be excluded.

So far, the presidency have come out divided over the issue, while the Office of the 1st vice president refutes the Article and deny any knowledge it whatsoever, according to James Gatdet Dak, Spokesperson in the Office of the 1st VP ‘’ the article published by New York Times alleging that First Vice President, H.E. Dr Riek Machar, had agreed with President, H.E. Salva Kiir, to avoid justice or trials for those responsible for the atrocities committed in the war is NOT true. Somebody must have written it without the knowledge and agreement of the SPLM-IO leadership. We dismiss this allegation as false’’ Ateny Wek Ateny, the Press Secretary in the Office of President had this to say about the same ‘’ The intention is that President and the First Vice President wanted to inform the international community that you know they have now come back to cooperation and they are listening to each other. You know they have actually built mutual trust between themselves and they are now for full implementation of the peace agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan and they are appealing to the international community to help in building the nation’’ ….

Given such a confusing situation, now the question is whether the article was indeed a true product, a consensus from the Presidency or a false fabrication, created with malicious intention to taste the waters and generate a debate on this very sensitive and unnegotiable issue, whatever it is, it has become the topic on everyone’s lips with proponents and opponents drawing their battle-lines, ready to fight for or against it, moreover the choice as to whether to trust Ateny or Gatdet may depend largely on Political colours of those concern. But for now I would like to give either of the two gentlemen the benefit of doubts, after all the truth will eventually surface, clearly and squarely. Should it turn out to be a blue-lie then we will hold our tongues and breathe easily but should this evolve in to some bitter truth, then many will find it impossible to swallow.

In short, we have come so far and witnessed so much, therefore it wouldn’t be a surprise for such a scenario to occur, because we are talking about politicians, African Politicians for that matter, and we have learnt from various lessons throughout Africa that; they, Politicians can compromise anything, they can willfully, consciously and gladly do anything doable here in earth to preserve their sweet power no matter how disastrous the consequences might be, worst more we are talking about SPLMs Politicians, People that have betrayed this Country and her Citizens countless times .

Besides a lot of concession had occurred since the start of peace implementation which indicated that indeed the former warring parties, turned partners takes great interest in renegotiating some clauses within the Agreement, the 28 States Issues is one good example, maybe they also think that Justice and accountable for the victims of those heinous, inhumane and grave atrocities could also be compromised and renegotiated or thrown out of the way all together to preserve their sweet power.

If this article is anything to trust, then it only implicitly demonstrate the SPLMs leaders’ well justified fear, ‘their great fear for the known’ they very well know without doubt that they and only them are directly responsible for those inhumane atrocities and with power at their own disposal they wouldn’t be so foolish enough to allow their necks get in to the stinky hole of the-justice-rope, they would rather take another bullet, after all and to be sincere; we could excuse the SPLMs leaders for refusing trial for their crimes, because they individually didn’t lost anything of significant value throughout the bloody-SPLMs-Made-Conflict, it was the peasants, we the ordinary Citizens that lost everything; for instant, it was the poor man’s boy that got castrated and left for the dead, the poor man’s daughter that got rape and set-on-fire after being heartless, sexually abused, the ordinary Man that got displaced, tortured, abused or killed, they were the ordinary man’s son that died either in the frontlines or in cold blood, it was indeed the same ordinary Man’s home that got burned, properties that got looted, just to name but a few , therefore the Big-man, never stayed in the common man’s shoes not even for split second to realize how painfully it feels, and how hungry we are for justice and accountability for being crucified for reasons being our wild imaginations .

To end with, as a common citizen that have suffered and face the direct consequences of the SPLMs created war crimes, I would like to state here on behalf of many that couldn’t even get the strength to speak that; the impending justice for unimaginable crimes committed during the South Sudan brutal conflict is not subject for renegotiation, it is beyond any political compromise ,the aggrieved victims and survivors of these crimes couldn’t wait for that day when, a World backed ,unbiased, free and fair competent court (the Hybrid Court), would finally get hold of those crooked, rogues and satanic criminals , those who ordered castration of human beings, murdered tens of thousands in cold blood, those that raped and roasted young innocent girls like chicken for a feast , who murdered elders, woman, vulnerable and disable people just to preserve power. Indeed we cannot wait for that day when all these thugs are tried, and Nailed to their deserving crosses or thrown behind stinky bars where they truly belong. Only then should we expect, healing and voluntary reconciliation to buds, nothing else on this earth would pay greater dividends of peace than Serving Justice and accountability, the surest way to end impunity and repeats of crimes in this Country.

The author can be reached via email at g.gongk15@gmail.com

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