Elbow Chuol

Dr. Riek Machar the Great Ideologies Debater

By Elbow Chuol,

Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon leader of SPLM-IO [Photo supplies Ali Ngethi]
Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon leader of SPLM-IO [Photo supplies Ali Ngethi]
July 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Some people hate Dr. Riek Machar with passion and others love him with immense admiration. South Sudanese politics since the formation of SPLM/A has been contiguously centered in person of Dr. Riek Machar and his political debates. Did you ever ask yourself why this man with gaped teeth never closed his orifice but always gives smiles to his close enemies and friends alike? Perhaps a joke was told in a village near Nasir, Torkiech. An old man approached us. I was holding an AK-47. It was March this year. I went to visit my family and be part of those defending our home from being bombs by clusters explosive of Uganda and hazard down by Salva Kiir and his foreign mercenaries. To this end, the world is already having a clear meaning of what Salva Kiir government and his mercenaries doing to the people of south Sudan. Raping young girls and then burnt them alive. Castrating boys and then cut off their pennies.

This old man is a former Anyanya one veteran and a “separatist” as John Garang called them, to the heart. His legs wobbly and verily holding well the stick he had in his right hand. Something about him tells me why Dr. Riek Machar circumvents his father age mates and his generation in political debates. “Riek Machar my sons, even if you are competing with him within your family, your own mother will stood by him” he paused. “Riek Machar is in the blood of Nuer and each year his popularity evades all his mistakes among Nuer people”. I was convinced. “Today you are fighting Dinka and Uganda, Salva Kiir will dies and Riek will still be here”. I was wondering what he meant but I moved on.

I asked him about the allegations of Ngundeng prophesying Dr. Riek Machar as the future leader, this is what he had to said, and “Ngundeng mentioned almost everything happening today. Even the war you are fighting with Kiir Nyaldiing was taught to us since we were young boys by our fathers. This war is Tick yual Kuothpiny war. I knew I was not to die without this happening. We count the years. We know every turn of the history. Almost all the old men in this village knew that this is the last war among south Sudanese and Salva Kiir will be conquered.” The gaped teeth and the left handed man theory I was waiting to hear from him was dispersed by Juba troops shelling a nearby village in their hide out at Wec Yar adiu. We never meet until today. The old man didn’t know that the Igad compromise peace proposal is against Ngundeng prediction perhaps Salva Kiir will not be conquered but south Sudanese will still be under Tekyuak Kuoth. The man who killed my 21 relatives in Juba will still be the president of south Sudanese according to the Igad compromise peace deal proposal.

Riek Machar has been leading Nuer for the last 30 years. This alone hurt the intellectuals Nuer who are sick and tired of no change to attract followers among the Nuer community. His popularity in south Sudan politics hurt his competitors beyond his tribe. This explains why some south Sudanese indeed hates him with obsession. Meaning as long as he still here, none of these dreamers will ever steal the center of attention this man enjoys since he joined south Sudanese servant hood. Dr. Riek Machar is not a Nuer leader but a south Sudanese man who can transform this nation to the next level. He has the interest of south Sudanese to the heart than anyone else. It is something many south Sudanese sees beyond his own doubt. He was born to lead the civilized societies in the West not the land with tall and smooth skinned people fear far beyond the rivers of Cush.

Away from the myth of Ngundeng and recently “much invented theories endorsing Riek Machar as a future leader”, something else is important to realize. Dr. Riek is a great ideologies debater. He focuses toward the great needs of south Sudanese. Just like many leaders before him, he realized as a strategist class why is hard for south Sudanese diversify communal population can never be forever one with Arabs North’s system baptized fully in Sheria Law. Something his political partners, the like of late Dr. Garang never envisioned.

I will focus on his fight for Self determination and the Federalism he currently endorsed.

The reshuffling recently made by Dr. Riek Machar sent a gigantic wave of doubt whether the only hope for south Sudanese to move to the next echelon is going down to the derail or not. The problem about was the misinterpretation made by the enemies within. Many people personally condemned the way the opportunists surrounding the people’s leader twist the whole things spreading remorse that are completely unnecessary for the people of south Sudan. They are these kids who never tell Dr. Riek Machar the truth.

Please come down let me explains.

Dr. Riek Machar like Salva Kiir Mayardit is surrounded by people who’s their legs is crossed between the rivers. One leg in the land of illusion while the other one stranded lingering with too much doubt forward to the promised land. They are capable of destroying anything Dr. Machar has been building for the last decades because of their personal ambitious, and search for personal glory affected by desperation and unpopularity. Whatever everyone even kids sees in him must be accomplished whether he like it or not, and that is, the leadership under him that will unite the people of south Sudan with no discrimination walled by democracy and prosperity.

I personally don’t benefit from the hotels project in Addis Ababa or I has been appointed anywhere in his leadership but I believed in him like many other south Sudanese back home and in Diaspora who are none beneficial to his leadership but still held to him because of his vision and mission to save the young nation. He is someone who can bring the desire of the people of south Sudan. I don’t support him as a person but his vision, the great political ideologies debater in our nation. Macharphobia is killing many people.

As I was to say,

These people went around telling people that the Generals defected creating a vacuum of confusion forgetting that these generals have people, I mean massive soldiers loyal to them by military structure and Cades. By creed and virtue the ground commanders in the field remain loyal to the Opposition Movement and its leader Dr. Riek Machar and his idea of SPLM vision for Federalism despite the heat. But it never gratifies the spoilers within the Dr’s Camp going around telling the old man him and him are going away. This and that are the problem. I even heard some stories going around that the generals are forming their own Movement supposed to be lead by Dr. Majak Agot supported by Museveni of Uganda. This is unimaginable lies powerful enough only believed by the dumb and those who lack understanding. This lie has been place in the middle of Nuer tribe by the enemies within and out to cause division among the Nuer so that Dr. Machar become weak in the face of his enemies. It will never materialized. Did you ever calls any of this general and ask what is going on? One have to do it to ashamed the devil.

These are the people who today when the freedom fighters break up, they loss nothing because their legs are crossed between the rivers of opportunities. They claim whether we like it or not, we are all ending up to Juba. I say no, we shall not all go to Juba because south Sudan is a land of free men and women who do what is base for them, that is why we are at war because Salva Kiir can do anything that pleased him and his followers and take it like nothing has happened, the killing of thousands of Nuer innocents. How shortly we forgot that?

Forget about the theory of “we are going to be crushed” that is big lie created to scare the hell out of cowards. Nobody is going to be mash. Nobody crush anyone in this world. Nobody crush those fighting for a cause that is justify and genuine. Even the America herself tried to crush the nationalists in Vietnam back in 1970s but miserably failed. Nobody crush people with vision and mission. Nobody crush people with power but those who don’t use their ability are the one would be the victims of the world’s stereotypes and myths.

We want peace is the language of our today’s world but the realists face the opposite, “the might make the law.” Japaneses understood in three things, the power of sword, power of a gold coin and the self belief. Those who have the powerful sword ruled the world. But most importantly those having self belief conquer mountains of doubts and stereotype.

I hope I didn’t forget too…..

Some people have easily forget that our fields commanders are value more than some fake politicians I see trying to build their wall of popularity by looking down at their senior members without even first buying the supports from the masses. The case of Gabriel Chang-son being accused of meeting Akol Akol and Duoth Guet and left with thousands of dollar by some people within the Freedom Fighters is really worrisome. This is not also true.

The very people they get their supports from, the very field commanders who make them who they are. We are the one who make the might, we the people of south Sudan are the very people who entrust our power to the people we decide to leads and it seems they are leading us to hell. But the field commanders accepted the power given to them by civilians for protections. The circle is rotating. Politics dictate the nation.

As lies travels half way around the world while the truth still on the foot, anyone claiming that our generals defected are the very people who want the disunity among us. I want the united Opposition freedom fighters to see these people with care. These are the one in sheep clothes while inside are the wolves depressed with hatred for the success of Dr. Riek Machar and his field commanders. They are the one creating the problem between the people’s leaders with his loyal field commanders who listen to him, who endorsed him with power to decide the normal activities of the People’s Movement.

Losing someone like Peter Gatdet is not just a walk to a park. It tells us something big is missing. It was Gordon Koang Chuol who defeated the forces of Dr. Riek Machar in Nasir until they evacuated to Maiwut. He was never defeated until 2006 when he ordered his force to joins their brothers and sisters. Gen. Koang Chuol was in Ketbek from 1995 with 320 soldiers until he himself decided to go no one force him.

David Yau Yua also defeats the government of Salva Kiir until the Lou Nuer helped. It was impossible to defeat Gen. David for three and half years. It was the entire south Sudan fighting David Yau Yua force if you never know. Was he crushed? No, he was not. Nobody crush anyone in south Sudan. Salva Kiir and his mercenaries didn’t even crush the freedom fighters. It is all a myths.

If you are telling Dr. Riek that he have the supports of the people without his field commanders, yes it is true but half true. And I can say you are a big problem threatening the existence of Naath unity world wide. It is just a matter of time before the people realized who you are and you will be done for good. I cannot support Dr. Riek in the hotel while he is being chase beyond the border of Ethiopia and claims to be reasonable. The field commanders make sure Dr. Riek Machar handle his political fight internationally and they keep the civilians in the ground safe. They keep the Territory of Dr. Riek Machar intact. Please our unity matter than ego.

Like in the days of Noah and Lot,

President Kiir was being told that Dr. Riek Machar don’t even have the slightest supports among his own people, and the world was shocked by the self mass mobilization that took place when thousands of Nuer were being slaughtered in Dec 15 2013. Was he not the same Gen. Peter Gatdet who defeated SPLA in Unity State early in the days when he was allied to Khartoum and you tell me things are OK? Let us get our facts straight, we are a rebel Movement not an established government feeding the nation. We must avoid anything that must divide us and the case of the generals is not an isolated one.

The common sense tells us that it was this ignorance that made Gen. Saddam chased Dr. Riek and Chuol Gakah out of Longuchuk. Someone went and tells Dr. Machar that Gen. Chayuot had no people until the situation scroll to the uncontrollable level that dispersed the breaking down of Dr. Riek’s strong and powerful movement like this one. Those scum security advisers to Dr. Riek where nowhere to be seen by that time. Even some people now, the enemies of Dr. Riek were telling him that Gen. Gatdet, and Gen. Gathoth are leaving the Movement and they don’t have supporters. Are you kidding me? Gen. Gatdet doesn’t have supporters? Where? In the internet or in the hotel pension? Generals have the largest supporters within the Opposition Movement for their brave decision that saw Dr. Riek Machar get his life back together in Bor. Gen. Gatdet was to captured Dr. Riek and return him to Juba but he didn’t do that, why? Because he is our eye to the heart he cannot betray us.


This is just an example to a shamed those cooking up problems among us. Anything that made us loose the Generals is not just a walk to a park my friends. Let us be rationale and think twice. We need our generals united here so that Dr. Riek Machar becomes strong in the face of his enemies and the world. These are the people who when the Generals finally go away for good, Dr. Riek with his few remaining generals will mess up to face the enemies and the enemies will not accept to implement anything put into the paper as an agreement to bring peace to the mass suffering population of south Sudanese because the People’s Movement will already be on the blink of discrepancy.

Now what was I saying,

The problem is, Nuer intellectuals both at home and in Diaspora are not seeing it, instead for them to come together and cleanse this shit up they are taking sides which I see will not help us. These Generals can be detach while in Gambella, detained or imprison, but also anything endanger their security can also be a problem. There is no person a without a person in uncivilized society of south Sudanese. Anything that makes Gen. Gatdet go immediately made us loose Unity State for good. Whether Gatdet may be forming his own Movement or joining Juba, all we are getting is a lost. Wise men contain situation not fueling it. Gen. Gatdet is an eye to Bul community. underestimating his anger for being accused means a lot. Some politicians within the Opposition are not fighting in the front; they don’t know what Gen. Gatdet or Gathoth is capable of. And so they are talking in the hotels saying anything they feel either because they hate the generals or any other motive behind their actions. I am sorry to say this but I was born in the community where truth leads the society as the constitution. Come together and clean this shits up. Stop being ignorance and repeat the past mistakes.

Well then,

Anyway anyone who wants to go can leave us in peace and alone without causing problem within among the Nuer who are the majority in the Movement. Still the People’s Movement will still emerged stronger and better in trust for the blood of those innocent souls we unfortunately lost in the hands of killers because of political ambitious and interests.

Self Determination

After all, whatever happens, Dr. Riek Machar remains the champion for the stipulate of the desperate south Sudanese. It was this truth that south Sudanese don’t want to see that drives our nation back to the days of 1990s. When Dr. Machar asked for Self-determination, Dr. John Garang thought Machar was mad. South Sudanese could be far a better nation now if by that time people implement and endorsed the idea of Secessionists. Rather, with his bold outspoken voice, Dr. John Garang convinced the people of south Sudan to persist and have trust on his new Sudan vision. It was never to work from the very beginning because any leader that doesn’t see the demand of the people is just a leader not a great leader. Many are leaders but not great ones.

South Sudanese where not meant to be one with their brothers from the north fully baptized with Sheria Law and Arab-ism against their Christians brothers from the southern. And Dr. John Garang didn’t see that, he see a history of unity that saw more than 2.5 million lives lost and over 21 years or something in struggles mingling around the tribal foes and break down among the brothers in the south.

With zeal and courage Dr. Riek Machar persisted debating his ideological mind among some of his illiterate friends who never see far beyond the border of North. One doesn’t need telescope to see what Machar was fighting for. He must move on despite the cruel world he planted his vision deep into.

Dr. Riek Machar mingled  with a small note pad in his hand along the Sobat river each morning trying to preach the passion he held deep in his heart for the prosperous the then southerners. A voice calling from the desert but nobody listen to him. People tell him he is a failure but he knew it was little bit far from the horizon before the great need of his people would be achieves.

Ezekiel Lol the former south Sudan Ambassador to US once tells a story of how they debated hotly with Dr. Machar one night when the percentage for voting for referendum was being put into the paper. The northern brothers put the figure 50 plus one. Ezekiel protest and asked Dr. Machar to alleviate the figure to closed round of 60 percent or something bigger than that. This is what Machar told him, “I know these people will turn out in unbelievable way. Let the percentage be 50 plus one. I am aware what south Sudanese need.” Mr. Lol gave up disappointed only later the result was 99.98 percent when the south Sudanese went for Referendum. Ezekiel later admits that he was shocked.

Dr. Riek knew that south Sudanese has been asking and waiting for this very moment to come for a century. Despite some of the leaders eyed for unity to keep the vision of Dr. John Garang of united Sudan, the great ideologies debater won at last despite mountains clouding up on his way to achieve the south Sudanese intentions. The enemies who don’t want south Sudanese to be independent when seeing the success of this man claimed the opportunity and begun singing one of the most boring song I always hate to hear, “we liberated you” or something uglier like this, “we fought Arabs alone”.


Dr. Riek Machar is known of lifting up his enemies when they are trembling and completely  scrawny. When they are on that stage of going down entirely, he lift up his hand to the dying enemy and tell him, get up my brother catch my hand and be back home. Only after the ungrateful enemies rearranges their position and hit Dr. Riek hard on the face again. The selfless leader who helps the enemies begins again to proclaim the good news while the enemies pick up their positions so that they keep fighting forever.

ah aha.

The good thing is that the enemies die alone, he doesn’t kills them or even trounce them. Complicated isn’t it?

Today south Sudanese enjoys Independent South because one man is their champion for their needs; and that is none other than the man himself, Dr. Riek Machar, the great ideologies debater in south Sudanese political arena.


My Ex-girlfriend recently forced me to read the IGAD compromise peace deal between the two parties to the conflict. She had the interest so I may return back to Juba. Indeed, she was surveying my attitude toward the proposed document. As I went through the document which was already accessible on the Face book timeline of Aggrey Idri, the sentences were so sweet that even a satisfied degree holder could be mislead to celebrate the coming of peace to south Sudanese. But something else was very wrong.

The document is suggesting the Opposition to return back to the government of Salva Kiir under the cover that it is Transitional Government of the National Unity. Not bad. The ten Ministerial positions or so given to People’s Movement by the government of Salva Kiir excited some of my friends who are eyed certain posts. Isn’t it?

If not,

Allow me to say this; there will still be rebellion in south Sudan even after the peace is sign as expected by August. Why, because the history of SPLM/A is written by killing south Sudanese. When SPLM/A is falling apart, it killed Nuer and when Uniting it left a gap of suspicious, unsatisfied, hates, revenge attitude and massive confusion among the tribes of south Sudan. It either killed Dinka of Bor or Nuer or any of either tribes. This leave south Sudanese as a victim of political interests, crimes and I am speechless what next this time around. It never addresses the root causes of the problem and so the leaders are not held accountable leaving the civil population waiting for the next opportunity to revenge. This is the history of SPLM/A solving it own problems for the last three and half decades.

Something else I almost forget before I move on, there is this saying, SPLM Political Leaders commonly known as, G-Zero because of their latest division, and some even called them G-Corruption for their bad record in alleging stealing of $4 billion, and others say they are G-Problem, “the south Sudan’s yesterday, today and tomorrow’s problem” would agreed with me that, the 7 percent supposedly for them is an additional share for the Juba regime which already took the share of 53 percent running home with 60 percent. I thought south Sudanese knew this but some people are not seeing it. So, if it the SPLM/A dividing up the country, where is accountability, federalism which supposed to be the alternative to accountability because SPLM/A (s) will never be accountable for their crimes against humanity committed all the years against the people of south Sudan for their own political interests. Pagan and his comrades already reinstated to their positions and are under the Juba regime, why would one think there is nothing wrong if we decided to talks about shares rather than accountability?

OK where is federalism? Only in Greater Upper Nile betraying those brothers and sisters from the Equatoria and Bar El gazel regions who took up fight alongside the Nuer to bring an end to the south Sudanese’s today and tomorrow’s problem?

Well, no matter what, whether the agreement paints a little blue color to puzzle us that federalism is there, the Juba government which we are all going to will never accept the federal system. And why is it that the three governors of Greater Upper Nile are given to Opposition with government sharing the appointments? Will they now break up the three states into several 21 states in their federal doctrine? I love the agreement because it will relieve the Nuer from fighting mercenaries for this 18 months or so with nothing in their hands but it practically betrayed the People’s Leader, Dr. Riek Machar which the document featured as someone fighting for Greater Upper Nile and not the entire south Sudan to bring the change we, the people of this shaky country has been asking for the last 189 years, the peaceful coexistence of all the diversified civil population of south Sudan through federalism.

Equatoria will continue to fight and many other groups because the main target is not being hit. The document featured People’s Leader Dr. Riek Machar as a positions seeker and his team. I read the whole document, it look like bible to me, so sweet and comforting or rather kind of constitution.with it 77 pages or so, indeed it is a comprise document.

Well, the issue of Federalism is already reactivated in the minds of our people and the fight for it must continue. Federalism will be achieving no matter what.

God bless south Sudan

God bless Freedom Fighters

God bless Dr. Riek Machar the father of Self determination and now championing for Federalism the solution to south Sudan problem of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Elbow Chuol


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Staff Editor

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Karab July 28, 2015 at 12:56 am

I enjoyed reading your article. You are really another heroe like riek machar & your generals. You see,the nuer elite should think critically at this time. This is not a time for division. It is time for unity. There can be problems here & there, but they should be fixed wisely. The generals should also be smart. They should not be used by people like gordon buay who is just a dead person to me. Political difference should not lead to split. They should solved democratically. Imagine, if the ambasador split from riek machar because it is 50 plus, just like that. People admire generals for their fight for their fearless fight of the enemy. They are not expected to be political decision makers to decide everything. They should agree to collective decision of the leadership. Anyways i like the author.

AGUMUT July 28, 2015 at 2:02 am

Is it a body,fashionable or a Rebellion.You might be kidding with your HEROISM.

AGUMUT July 28, 2015 at 2:35 am

Former Unita leader Jonas Savimbi was fresh like SPLM-IO Leader Dr.Riek Machar,but he had left our wonderful world. So his Dementia had being TREATED with begging money.

Karab July 28, 2015 at 4:14 am

One more thing is that don’t underestimate the reason why the leadership is staying in Addis hotels. That gives them the chance to meet international diplomats to tell their cause. It is because of this, the SPLM IO has won the diplomacy than that of the dumb group of salva kiir. SPLM IO should stay intact in all fronts so that south sudan will benefit from your sacrifices.

Semei Kakunggulu July 28, 2015 at 11:54 am

Karab, you got this right budy. the rebels have upper hand on the diplomatic front because the government’s diplomats are either semi illiterates or just rent seekers who don’t know what they are doing. they had terribly failed the government in Addis and Nairobi.

Madut Abraham July 28, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Elbow Chuol ( Dr evil Moron and walking dead) Evil Riek Machar is a donkey who went to school and still a Donkey. Here are they reasons :During the 21 war between Sudan and south Sudan , Riek Machar had did a lot of damages to his fellow South Sudanese. Here are they: Help Omar Bashir in Mayom when Omar Bashir was capture and let go to Kartoum, Riek Machar rebel against SpLA?SPLSM and he ordered Nuer to attack civilian in Bor , committed genocide in 1991 , In 1997 he signed south Sudan’s oil to Omar Bashir enemy of south Sudan, He signed stupid peace with Omar Bashir in 1997 which did not last long . He also rebel against in 2013 , all these plus more show that , he have no love his own people. He only used Nuer for his own gain, power hunger. He only be rebel in the history of South Sudan as the most evil person ever in south Sudan. He is out of touch with Nuer people, his family is staying in a place and him too. He destroyed they South Sudan for his selfish power hunger. Where in the world that betrayal or trader has been allowed to rule. A trader is always a trader. Kiir made a mistake by allowing evil Riek Machar to vice president in the first place. Riek Machar think that he is the only educated person in south sudan but he is not . Why did he rebel? And the government was control by him. Because he is a moron and brain dead . Riek Machar and Lam Akol are secret muslim and they have secret sealed symbol on their bottom. That was discovered in the late 1997 plane crash which killed Sudan minister of defense also Lam Akol was injured in that plane crash. And nobody is question them now. It was discovered on Arok Thon bottom. All of them , were rebel and have joint Muslim regime in Sudan lead by Omar Bashir. That is why Omar Bashir trust them and gave them weapons and money to destroyed South Sudan. Look when Riek Machar rebel again in 2013 , there is no reason, Nuer people where he came from were holding many position in the goernment. These were the positions: vice president Riek Machar, minister of defense John Kong, second in commend of army forces Peter Gatdet Yak, general chief of staff James Hoth Mai, minister of health Riak Gai, Minister of law John Luk and mister of information Begemin Marial . And south Sudan have 64 tribes and Nuer were more than 60 percent of the army. That was Riek Machar planning to take over by force that why he did not do anything positive for the last 9 years he was vice president of south Sudan. He have is own agenda , He want to give south Sudan back to muslim, so they can use oil for their islamic agendas and propaganda . Now people should him up with a doctor, do physical exam to find find out this secret they seal on their bottom.

tutu July 28, 2015 at 3:03 pm

This man got us back to square one in 1991, the whole South Sudan was liberated except big towns, that move
was fatal to southerns including Nuers who think Riak is their hero. Riak is after power, before,now and in the
future, he does not care about how many people die or the immense destruction that can take place as we already witnessed, so please be careful when praising someone barbaric like Riak Machar.

Karab July 28, 2015 at 8:48 pm

Madut & Tutu, Don’t hate some one because they rebel. You should look at the reason why they rebel. The whole SPLM was a rebel right. Any where, if there is no democracy & rule of law, there will be rebels. If it is for the right cause, only the hero rebel. I am not talking about position seekers. Riek machar did not take a single solidier with him. If he wanted position & power, he would have taken solidiers with him. Only your attrocieties in juba forced nuer generals to abandon the army & rebel. Dont accuse machar that he is after power. if he is after power, he would have done better than that. But this man is for a real change in south sudan. As far as it is for the right cause, i will support riek machar if rebels 1000 times more. Only people with big heart do it.

Madut Abraham August 2, 2015 at 8:08 am

Karab, You are not making sense with your point of view talking. Nuer people were majority in south Sudan army and in government position . So there is no reason for cream war to bring a change which they could done it when Dr Satan Machar was given all the executive powers by Kiir during the self rule before independence in 2011 . Instead , Dr Satan Machar planned war by creating some many problems for south sudanese to make Salvar Kiir look bad and Dr Satan machar turn around and blame Salvar Kiir for government bad jobs . While he is Vice president of South Sudan . Nuer people always like to be brain wash by Arabs, every time south sudan fight with arabs , nuer people betrayed south sudanese by ally with they Arabs in Khartoum. In 2013, Nuer people were holding many positions than any others tribes in south sudan in the government . Even Dr John Garang home town, there was no minister in the government representing them, but they did create war to get positing.

iiiiiiiiii October 28, 2015 at 3:37 am

yes all bro,and sister i am tilling you that, we are waiting for the coming of good, Dr Machar i thing that he his the coming of president of south Sudan. it his a born leader be naturally, intellectually and good wash.


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