Contributor's David de Chand


“The Greater Equatoria is for Equatorians, the Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal is for Bahr-el-Ghazalians, and the Greater Upper Nile is for Upper Nileans.” Let there be no misinterpretations, misunderstandings, and confusions or detractions on the preceded statements. Professor David de Chand [Memoirs]

By Professor/Ambassador David de Chand,

Khartoum, Sudan.

Professor/Ambassador David de Chand during a past interview(Photo: file)
Professor/Ambassador David de Chand during a past interview(Photo: file)

Oct 8th, 2017(Nyamilepedia) — The idea that South Sudan is the Kingdom of the Dinka and Property of the Dinka is an illusion, archaic, nonsensical or gobbledygook and does not stand a chance or a gourd or a pint of water to happen now and forever.


The Nuer nation is committed to fight this genocidal war against Salva Kiir’s regime and no matter how long it takes we shall prevail. We should make it clear that we are not fighting against the Jieng (Dinka) ethnicity, but the bad guys and loyalist to Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric, and wicked regime to free everyone from corruption, social injustice, racism, racialism and xenophobia; embezzlement, self-aggrandizement; genocide, ethnic cleansing, and the yoke and bastion of the SPLA and the JCE inspiring and aspiring domination; oppression; and exploitation of South Sudanese.


South Sudan will never become neither SPLA nor JCE [Jieng] new colony nor a kingdom to enslave people nor a slave plantation nor an animal farm nor a place for other people of South Sudan on the land to be tortured, massacred, genocided or democided, ethnically cleansed nor a place where gross systematic human rights abuses by the wicked, savage, genocidal, barbaric and uncultured Dinka will ever be tolerated. South Sudan will remain to be a free state under the law and the constitution of the Federal Republic of South Sudan based on 2015 Peace Agreement. Any state created or established by the Dinka Dictator-for-Life Salva Kiir without his former FVP Dr. Riek Machar shall be subsequently de-commissioned, invalidated, and be declared NULL and VOID.  


I-O would neither rest nor relent until every Jieng departs Equatoria to return to their ancestral homestead in Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal region and Bor in Jonglei State in the Greater Upper Nile region. The Nuer nation and its resilient people have no shredded interest to settle in Equatoria compared to the abrasive and wicked Jieng. We have now between 37,000 to 45,000 Nuer soldiers fighting side-by-side with Equatorians to resist Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric, wicked, and savage regime that we have disproportionately demoralized in Equatoria region.

This task would have to be done by the Equatorians, but not the Nuer people to tell the Dinka war migrants, thugs, and thieves to exit or to get the hell out of Equatoria, but it would have be done by the Equatorians themselves to do this task for the betterment of their people of the future and the present. When the war would be over the Nuer soldiers with their families would return to the Greater Upper and their respective homesteads in Greater Upper Nile region. We have no desire or interest in occupying anyone’s land. Our culture and ethics would not permit us to do that forever. We should be thankful that God’s has given the Nuer folks the richest land with enormous natural resources and the most fertile agricultural hectares of land, abundant wildlife, plenty of fishes from the White Nile, Zeraf, Sobat, Akoba, and Gilo Rivers, including their tributaries.

The Greater Upper Nile is now freed because we have broken the Jieng necks, experienced bloody noses and they have fled and are fleeing leaving behind for SPLA-IO all heavy equipment, munitions of different types. The Jieng know their places in the Greater Upper Nile region. Many of them would sooner be deported to Bahr-el-Ghazal region. Pretty soon, the Greater Upper Nile would become a free war zone and a free zone of peace, tranquility, and would be the first region to declare and to install an autonomous Regional Administration or a Commonwealth of the Greater Upper Nile within the would-be established ethnically flexible Federal Republic of South Sudan.


“I am an intellectual man; I have in me a philosophy in prophecy and everything that I have written, foretold, or prophesized about the concurrent situation and the personalities involved in South Sudan have come to fruity as we so speak.”

I told my friends that General Thomas C. Sawaka could not have left his lucrative and well paid position and one of the most corrupt individuals in the system. He was deceptively, manipulatively and maneuvering externally coached that the USA would provide him with arms. If General Sawaka were to be a highly qualified and a professional soldier, he could have studied and analyzed carefully and objectively his mentor’s promises whether he meant well or to the contrary. Historically, in the struggle for de-colonization of Africa the United States and its Western allies never ever supported any African liberation movements. Without the former Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc countries, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Castro’s Cuba, Africa would still remain a colonized continent. What make General Sawaka to assume that the USA would supply him knowing well the past politico-military history of the USA and its allies in Africa? I guessed the guy was misled and deceived by his friend that told him that the USA would supply him with weapons and big money.

Frankly speaking, when General Sawaka defected from the SPLA-IG, I have had a two coin case scenario, which in my capacity as an international strategist, a veteran of the USA Army, and an international analyst, I had to critically focused and concentrated mostly on an individual the man called Phil Heilberg who had been on Salva Kiir’s regime pay roll for years.

Firstly, when I cross examined General Sawaka’s background, he could not have defected prematurely from Juba as a well trained soldier as he proclaimed himself to be without being coached through deception, manipulation, and maneuvering. This first case scenario came to be true because President Yuri Museveni of Uganda and Salva Kiir have been involved in searching for a potentially qualified Equatorian behind the curtain or the scene such they could sales him to TRIOKA. Both Salva Kiir and Museveni wanted to convince General Sawaka the leader of NAS to return to Juba and to convince Equatorians to defect from I-O to have their own Movement. This purpose would be that I-O would become an exclusively Nuer Movement that the JEC could utilize as cheap shot propaganda.

Secondly, other opposite side of the coin contains three (3) or more political scenario jargons that both Musveni and Salva have designed that Equatorians need to have their own movement, that they must stop being followers of the Dinka in SPLA-IG or the Nuer in SPLA-I-O. In I-O we are all equal and there is no anyone that is subordinate to another. We are equal with determination and motivation with guts and gusto with one objective that is to dethrone Salva Kiir’s regime in Juba by any means necessary. We all take orders from all Officers, politicians, Equatorians, Dinka, Feritit and the Nuer alike. We have been united by a common cause.

Thirdly, the focus for Museveni’s in particular was to look for a potential Equatorian leader that he could mentor that could become a rivalry against the Nuer and the Dinka that could be identified as worthy and saleable as the potential replacement of the leadership in Juba against the Nuer and the Dinka majority alike and with particular anticipation or hope to cast I-O as solely a Nuer Movement that the SPLA-IG and the JCE dreamed of implementing the old and archaic policy of divide and conquer or to divide and rule. President Museveni sounds like Dr. Lam Akol and Sawaka that minority groups should be united to rule the majority Nuer and Dinka alike. This would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. The Nuer and the Dinka could unanimously bury the hatches and to be reunited as a single majority that could make up over 80% of the population of South Sudan. Verily and verily, in despite of the Nuer-Dinka quarrels neither group could t make it alone. When Salva Kiir’s regime would be out sooner rather than latter the Nuer and the Dinka would begin to mend their fences for the future and the present. They would forgive each other for the things that they have done, which they ought not to have done. Nevertheless, they would not forget the past. Professor George Lukas writes that “Those who forget the past are bound to repeat it.” The Rt. Reverence John Hagee writes that “Those who fail to remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future. History reveals humanity’s triumphs and failures, giving us a compass for the future.”

We founded I-O to be for all compared to the SPLM/A that was also founded by the Nuer folks that was also catered for all before it was hijacked by the late John Garang. No Dinka leader ever formed a liberation Movement in South Sudan from the late William Deng Nhial in 1965, the late John Garang hijacked SSPLM/A from the Nuer abated by the Marxist-Leninist Dreg regime in Ethiopia up to Salva Kiir. Therefore, Dinka leaders are by nature thieves and robbers of the third kind.

The Equatorians and the Nuers have toiled in creating Movements for South Sudan historically, but the Dinka hijacked them to make them become their movements, dissipated, died, and gone with the wind. For example, Sudan African National Union (SANU) was an Equatorian invention and its was stolen or hijacked before they knew it by the late William Deng Nhial in 1965 until he mysteriously died in the post-elections that he won his Constituency Tonj in 1967. Based on social science research, a ‘prominent Dinka premature turned politician’ was responsible for the death of the late William Deng Nhial that was killed by a premature and unprofessional turned premature Dinka politician in the government in Khartoum.

Fourthly, the plan was to demobilize Equatorians from I-O, which is congruent in keeping with JCE regime goal to make it become solely a Nuer thing that no one understands.

Fifthly, we knew from the beginning that President Museveni was, in fact, looking for  a potential Equatorian that he could sale to TRIOKA during his recent visit to United Nations General Assembly (UNNGA) in NYC although that strategy turned out to be soured, fiasco, and a disaster because most the world’s leaders in New York City (NYC) boycotted President Museveni amongst them was the US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson have cancelled meeting with Musveni, including the UK PM, France President, Australian PM; Swedish PM; Norwegian PM; and the Netherlands PM. This is a great change from some of these some heads of state and governments compared to the past when President Museveni was used as a utility against African leaders and the nationalists of like-minds alike. Hitherto, the idea of sailing a potential Equatorian as a possible replacement of the Nuer or the Dinka leadership was dashed away to become the next possible President or FVP at the expense of the Nuer majority has turned out this time around soured, fiasco, and disastrously failed, died, and gone with wind.  

Sixthly, whether we like it or not both Dr. Lam Akol and General Sawaka have been and (still are) the appendices of the genocidal, wicked, barbaric, and terrorist regime in Juba has been doomed and gloomed. They both have got two alternative choices, either to become either I-G or I-O, but not both. They are men with “double faces” or dual spies for Juba. We have also known that the Ugandan Dictator-for-Life President Museveni of Uganda has been all along anti-Machar and anti-Nuer because we killed or captured so many Ugandan soldiers like rats in the Nuerland and because of that Museveni’s became anti-Dr. Machar’s failure to kidnapped or to kill or handed over to Museveni’s jurisdiction of the LRA leader Joseph Konyi that he (Dr. Machar) have had direct contacts in early years of South Sudan split from the mother country-Sudan- in Dr. Machar’s personal attempts as the most tenable reasonable alternative(TRA) in resolving through peaceful and political conflict resolution of the ongoing Uganda’s crisis without a glib of light in the tunnel. President Musveni should know that if he has been anti-Riek Machar and did what he did with the former US President Obama and Salva Kiir as one means in castration or detention of Dr. Machar’s as means of ending or weakening I-O, he (Museveni and Salva Kiir) should have a second thought and should reckon that they have failed in the process because I-O has been growing stronger and thriving stronger day-by-day against Juba.

Presently, I-O controls more than 95% of the countryside and more than 90% of the population. Most importantly, I-O has now new and sharper teeth to bite than ever before. It does not matter, and how long Dr. Machar’s remains in castration or detention in South Africa, the war continues with terrific speed. On behalf of the Nuer nation and the people of South Sudan, no matter what happens, we are so determined, motivated, and committed with guts and gusto to defeat both Salva Kiir and Taban Deng and the Nuer and all South Sudanese folks combined would bring about democratic change in both short and long-terms. As of now as we speak both Taban Deng and Salva Kiir have dung their own graveyards because of the losses that they have incurred in Maiwut and Pagak. If many people believe that their sons and loved ones are still alive in Maiwut and Pagak, let them just begin mourning their sons and husband dispatched to such an unknown terrain infested with all kinds of wild animals and poisonous tropical snakes. Presumably, they are all dead cadavers.

The SPLA soldiers have surrendered to Ethiopian forces, disarmed, and to be turning over to the UN to be flown to a third country until the end of the war. Presently, we have left with less than 600 soldiers that have barricaded themselves along South Sudan territory between South Sudan and Nuer-Ethiopia border. The Ethiopians have given the SPLA soldiers two choices both to surrender and to be flown to Juba or to move out into South Sudan where the SPLA-I-O could annihilate them if they failed to surrender.

On the contrary, I-O commanders have given the remnants of the SPLA soldiers on the outskirt of  Pagak on small bridge two choices either to surrender the arms to I-O and their future could be decided by their actions at the present time. Because they are soldiers even though they are actually a party’s soldiers, they could be covered by Article 1 of the Geneva Convention. They have neither reinforcement nor rations and many of the wounded would surely die of gangrene, gunshot wounds, hunger, and many of them have begun to secretly escape into Nuer-Ethiopia and they could be easily caught by the security forces and the locals and could be identified to be turned over the Ethiopian authorities in Gambela region.

The Nuer majority based on 2010 Sudan Fifth Population Census recognized by the UN, the US Census Bureau, the European Union (EU), and potentially the richest in natural resources, oil and gas, Uranium, gold, and other strategically critical minerals in high demands in the international marketplaces, the bravest, and the strongest combined with all the dominated, the oppressed, and the exploited South Sudanese by the decaying Dinka leadership have united to form a United Front that would be rest assuredly to bring about truly social justice, equality, democratic change, human rights protection in our motherland.

Succinctly, if General Sawaka’s succeeded to convince Equatorians to reject fighting for SPLA-I-O to rejoin SPL:A-IG, with Museveni on his side, Salva Kiir would have no choice at all, but to grant an Amnesty to  General Sawaka to return to Juba to assume a new position in the shaky regime in Juba. Perhaps, he could replace Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan El-Hagg Siddig Ibrahim) with General Sawaka’s to become the new de facto FVP, unfortunately. Could this work? It remains to be seen. I would like to act as a double advocate on this perplexing situation in Equatoria. It is now pretty cleared that Equatorians do not like General Thomas C. Sawaka. If the Equatorians did trust him as a potential Equatorian leader they would have already invited him to visit with them in the bushes. The South Sudan churches and the Mosques were all silent during the genocide and we did not know whether it was fear of the unknown or they have collided with the regime to genocide people that it targeted for extermination as a “final solution” in whole or in part. Surely, the silent of the Churches was against God’s will because God is love and the Churches have a moral duty to intervene on behalf of God will because “It All Starts with God”-

“For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible … everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him (Col.1:16) (Msg).” My philosophical thinking with a neo-thinking is that the Church devoted itself to worldly things (money). Well, a life devoted to things is a deadly life, a stump; a God shaped life is a flourishing tree (Proverbs 11:28).  In the Book of Prophet Jeremiah says “Blessed are those who trust in the Lord … They are like trees planted on along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water. Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought. Their leaves stay green, and they go right on producing delicious fruit” (Jeremiah 17:7-8) (NLT).

Because the Equatorians do not trust General Sawaka, the Equatorians managing the Movement in their own home turf with big positions and leadership neither invited him to their midst nor candidly have been keened about his defection from Juba. Where was General Sawaka when the Equatorians were being genocide, ethnically cleansed by Salva Kiir’s regime? What did General Sawaka do for the cause, pain, suffering, and mental anguish against his people murdered, genocide, humiliated by Salva Kiir’s genocidal, barbaric wicked regime? Most of the Equatorian intelligentsia intellectuals, professionals, including their prelates in the Churches were all silent and never came out to condemned the regime on the gross systematic genocide, ethnic cleansing, massacres, burning of people alive and acts of terrorism in the  streets of Juba.

In the first few days of the Nuer genocide, however, when the Twic Dinka Special Militias turned the muzzle of the guns against their cousins Nuer ethnicity in Juba, many Equatorians also joined the Jieng van wagon participated in full swing in the process. We guest they wanted to fulfill the unfinished Kokoro (secret society) in Juba against the Nuer and the Dinka in the 1980s. They used to say vocally and loud and clear that “Malemigoa-” meaning in Thok Nath (Nuer or rami mi raan) (warmest greetings) – referring to the Nuer that was the engine of the economy in Juba where people ate monkeys as meat was gone out of Juba and they neither imagine that such an ordeal that the Nuer people passed through in Juba they could become the next victims in Juba and throughout Equatoria.

The Nuer servicemen in Equatoria have saved so many lives because we have been able to contain Dinka soldiers and militias’ moments in the countryside villages to commit arbitrarily killings of children, women, elderly, rapping of girls, committed genocide or democide, ethnic cleansing and other humiliations against the local population in their own villages. We stabilized the situation compared to what has been done in the Greater Upper Nile region by both Nuer and Shilluk (Chollo) forces under the overall command of Lt. General Johnson Oolong, Sector Command and the Military Governor of the Shilluk (Chollo) State. Practically, Equatoria is now stabilized compared to what it was a year or so ago. The J1 Building incident on Friday, 8 July 20016 was the turning point of the war and made the Dinka to realize that they would not defeat the ferociously fighting Nuers and it was the turning point of the war up to present.

Without the shadow of a doubt, the genocide or democide and ethnic cleansing did affect the Equatorians. The combined White Army, Shilluk (Chollo) Aguleg forces and the regular army under the overall Command of Lt. General Johnson Oolong, I-O Sector Commander and the newly appointed I-O Military Governor of the Shilluk State have broken the Twic Dinka Special Militias necks and gave them bloody noses in the Greater Upper Nile region that they would not forget. So many of the Twic Dinka Special Militias and the SPLA soldiers alike, foreign soldiers fighting for them have died a terrible death and Salva Kiir failed to inform their folks about what happened to their loved ones, sons, and husbands in the Great Upper Nile Expeditionary Forces (GUEF) of science of stupid adventure that led to so many to their graves without any funerals, with the birds, the hyenas, and the crocodiles feasted on them.


The Ugandan soldiers, Egyptians, Somalia, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Zimbabweans, and the Uganda-Rwanda Sponsored M-23 from the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan rebel forces (JEM, SRF, and SPLA-North) rebel without causes or turned out to become “mercenaries” or “murtagza” that became the dogs of war paid pretty hefty prices in terms of human costs, materiel and equipment. I-O captured their tanks, trucks, Egyptian-Israeli made Walit (APCs), T-55 and T-62 from Ukraine, including the PRC made tanks and APCs, River boats gunships or steamers  that not the best quality in the world and many Ugandan soldiers that nowhere to run and to hide, decided their last choices to fight life and the inviolability of life was that they drove their tanks and APCs into the White Nile River to die a pretty cool death as the end of the road to return to Uganda, Cairo or saint elsewhere.

They presumed that fighting the Nuer would be an easy task as they were brain washed, told, and to believe the renegades and notorious killers like Kuol Manyang Juuk, Minister of Defense [MOD] and their illiterate generals, including the President Salva Kiir that was fighting the Nuer would not last for a long time. Now, we are moving on to a 5-year old war without a dent made by the Dinka and its imported troops against the ferociously fighting Nuer soldiers not only in Greater Upper Nile, but throughout Equatoria and Bahr-el-Ghazal regions.  The readers should know, underscore, and should become aware that before the war begun on 15 December 2013 over 75% of the SPLA Army was Nuer because the Dinka and other ethnicities chickened out of the military service. Let’s put it hypothetically that if the Nuer generals had a devilish plan to stage a military coup d’état against Salve Kiir in Juba, it could have succeeded in less than an hour with so many death, probably, including the President of the Republic.

The Nuer has had no desire to bring about change through bloodshed, but through peaceful and political solution as the best ultimate tenable reasonable alternative (TRA) solution. This war could take many more years and the Nuer soldiers have got stamina, determination, motivation, and with guts and gusto to fight the Twic Dinka Special Militias until the end of their last blood. The White Army and I-O would go into the Heartland of the Dinka in Warrap and Aweil to avenge the madness that they have done to our folks in the Grater Upper Nile, which they ought not to have done. There would be no forgiveness and no mercies because what they somberly sowed, they shall also somberly reap them in Warrap and Aweil States, respectively. There would be no any nation-states, including the UN or power that would stop the ferociously fighting Nuers White Army and its regulars. The Jieng have started this war they have not got out of the woods yet, and they have not seen anything yet.  

Our forefathers fought the British and never surrendered or succumbed to the British suzerainty in Anglo-Nuer War or the Nuer Revolution (1900-1930) like the Madhya Revolution in Omdurman (1865-1898) in which they were bombarded by the Royal Air Force (RAF) (1924-1930) the first of its kind in Africa, the Nuer were gassed by the British colonial government with Mustard and Nerve gasses (1915-1920) compared to the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein gassed the Kurds in Northern Iraq as the last lethal weapon to subdue or to tam the ferociously Nuers and to force them to surrender, which did not happen at all. So what make Salva Kiir to think and to believe that the Nuer fighters would surrender to him? We shall say unto Salva Kiir that No Nuer would ever vow down or sign surrender with the Jieng and that would happen over dead bodies.

In Accordance with the Nuer customs, it’s honorable and respectful for a man to die fighting the enemy to sing his last loved songs for his wife or his girl friend than to surrender to be humiliated at the end. It was always appreciable to die with honor, dignity, and grace before your people as a leader, but never ever to surrender to the enemy. It would be good to use the last bullet or the sword or the sharp bush knife to slight one Adam Apple and the heart to take self-life, but not to surrender to the enemy because would be that would be a cowardly act is disgrace in the Nuer culture and nobody would want to remember a cowards, but the braves because their spirits would have to move on to the other Nuer leaders to become like them.

The Nuer wew or Nuer yiuni [the Nuer for the money] as they are sarcastically called so in Juba are the most stupid and the lowest class Nuers with a depravity of Dinka genealogical tree down the road. There would be no surrender only over our dead bodies. We have captured many SPLA tanks and APCs with Ak-47 the first of its kind in the history of Tank warfare that a Tank that has been designed as offensive and/or defensive weapon had been captured with an AK-47 except by Nuer fighters. The Nuer have made the Tanks to become useless defensive weapon and we would ask the engineers who designed the tank to go back on the drawing board to redesign it because the Nuer have broken the logic and changed the ground rules of the tank warfare engagements in South Sudan civil war and genocidal warfare or as if a treacherous tribal warfare.


Phillips Heilberg is a Belgian-American who has had long contacts with the SPLM/A prior to the death of the late John Garang on 31 July 2005.  Based on my firsthand information that he personally told me and other colleagues, it appeared that he spent a heck of a lot of money worth more than US$10m to build the New Sight buildings, development projects, and supported the late John Garang at the New Sight in Eastern Equatoria.

The relations went soured when he [Phil Heilberg] was invited to go to Nairobi, Kenya, to meet with the late John Garang. He was kept in the Hotel for over a fortnight and none of the SPLM /A Senior Executives gave him any courtesy calls nor visitations of their beloved gust and sponsor in the Hotel during the duration of his long stayed in the Hotel, unfortunately. When he made enquiries as to when Dr. Garang would come to Nairobi, Kenya, neither a single soul neither gave him a clue nor fixed timetable as to when the Chairman would come to Nairobi, Kenya, for their pre-arranged scheduled meeting that never took off or materialized at all. Consequently, as a businessman of course, with so many engagements and XY things to do in different parts of the world to make money, he was frustrated packed his bag and returned to NYC pretty angry with the SPLM/A leadership. In the USA, he wrote series of negative articles about his bloody encountered with the SPLA leadership and he revealed the big cash that they received, gone into the drain, and what a pity that was!

As an anti-SPLM/A personality, I followed up his writings in the newspapers and decided how I could help my fellow American with this tragic ordeal and sad experience with Marxist-Leninist guerrilla leaders that calculated everything on lies, deception, manipulation, and maneuvering. I wrote to Phil Heilberg and he was receptive and able to return my letter or e-mail and then  he freely and democratically told me his story and I did everything humanly possible to console him and to convince that I do sympathize and appreciate his terrible experience and disappointment on such an encounter because business is often based on gains and losses like in the stock marketplace that fluctuates every hour of the day until the end of that scheduled day either you anticipate to make money or lose money and that would depend on the cycle of the stock to rise or to drop on markets worldwide. This situation also applies to the guerrilla movements who are not often sure of what today and tomorrow would bring them and that is the way it is and it will be. Phil and I became new good friends and I became inquisitive as I am always about my environment, undertook precautionary measures and thorough analysis of my new friend character and behavior to know him and his business strategies for South Sudan as well. In addition, I did research and critical analysis to understand micro-macroscopically, epistemologically, philosophically, methodologically to ascertain everything that he had said about the SPLM/A leadership and how he feels about the people of South Sudan in general. Basically, his ordeals and experiences do not represent South Sudanese people, but the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A solo.


The SPLA Torit faction leader the late John Garang lied to Phil Heilberg that those oil and gas fields were under the controlled of the SPLM/A. That was not true. I told him not so, Sir, the whole oil and gas fields, Uranium, and the gold have been located in the Heart of the Nuer country and SSIM/SSIA or formerly the Nasir faction had the virtual controlled of the oil and gas fields up to now as we speak rather than the SPLA Juba. SSIM/A had the control of all the oil and gas fields, Uranium, gold, and other strategically critical minerals, but SPLA Torit faction wrongly told him so to suck out or the swindle money from the American businessman in the wrong way. To prove my point, I made him to speak with General Paulino Matip Nhail, General Gordon Koang Chol, the late General Kuany Latjor and the late General Gabriel Gatewiec Chan (Tangeyne) recently murdered by Dr. Lam Akol in Northern Upper in his abortive attempt to unplug the SPLA- I-O from the area and failed miserably. He was relief and asked me that we go to Sudan, which I did and made him to have met with Sudanese government officials, was always warmly received, welcomed by Sudanese standards, including the above mentioned Generals plus Sudan Government ministers with particular emphasis on the minister of Energy (Petroleum) Dr. Awad El-Jazz, including other prominent figures minus the President of the Republic. I presumed that I made a dawn deal between my fellow American and the Generals that he had signed agreements with to supply them with arms to fight the weakened SPLA that never ever materialized up to this day. Instead, of fulfilling the pledges and the promises that he made with the generals, he drifted away to seek buying lands in South Sudan. I flatly told him that would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. I again told him that there are no lands for sales in South Sudan. Nevertheless, you could lease the land for a productive business that would collectively benefit the community.


I have repeatedly and flatly told him politely that land acquisitions would be out of the question and imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to buy land because South Sudan is not Palestine wherefore those Euro-Jews under the 1917 Sir Arthur Belford Declaration for the Jews to have a homeland in the Middle East quickly grasped or acquired the land with cheap prices from the Arab owners and booted them out or expelled them from their ancestral lands. I lectured my American friend on history and professionally on the issue of land and told him, brother, the issue of land purchases, just forget about it or let go of it, because you could not get it, unfortunately.

I had lectured again and again reminded him that the issues of land purchases or acquisitions have been so volatile and dangerous in Africa and the Nuerland in particular. So I advised my friend to keep off any prospect of the land purchases because it is neither going to happen now nor in the foreseeable future. So I told him not to waste his time on the imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain at this juncture. I advised him that I could not become a party to such a dangerous proposal or assignment, which was not part and parcel of our mission to Sudan. I repeatedly told him that ‘there is no land for sales’ because it is a ‘collective community inherited ownership property’ or enterprise that’s a communal inherited property that must and ought to be pass on or to be inherited by the next generations that no individual could sales the land without the unanimity and the consent of the community as a whole and that acts by itself could constitute or tantamount to a serious offense and unethical. In South Sudan there are no lands for sales. In accordance with the Nuer land law utilization; there are no lands for sales to any foreigners or Juur (strangers), including the Arabicized North Sudanese. Cognizance, that the North and South split to create the paradox of two Sudans it would be imperatively impractical, if not impossible, to attain plots or land ownership in South Sudan for any Jallabni/Kerrekni (Arabicized) in Nuer language, (Juur mathiang in Dinka/Nuer or mandukuuru in Equatoria to lease plots for agriculture, but not to own They could lease some plots of land for Dura (Sorghum) cultivation with permission, but never to own it and they could be kicked out without any priori notice.  

Any foreigners could lease the land if the community that owns that land unanimously and collectively agreed. However, any foreign national could lease the land for XZY- number of years for business that would be firstly approved unanimously by the Court Chiefs and citizens as a whole to allow that foreigner to invest. Before any contract could be granted, written, and signed the community would first like to know what kind of business that foreigner wish to do what he would prefer to do, at what costs benefit to the community development, and what kind of business that they wanted the land to lease for that. For example, No Nuer person because of the brutal, savage and inhumane British colonial experience could permit any foreigners to produce or manufactured chemical and biological companies to operate on their lands because they fear of pollution, leakages, and possible accident like in Bihpol, India, 2-3 decades or so years ago.

Furthermore, it reminds the Nuer firsthand of what the British colonial government did against the Nuer people with bombardments by the Royal Air Force (RAF) with Mustard and Nerves gasses between (1915-1920) and (1924-1930) the first of its kind during the Anglo-Nuer War (1900-1930) otherwise known in modern contemporary Sudanese history as the Nuer Revolution or al-Sura’a el-Nuer or in Nuer language Khor ke Longolithni (war against the British). No ethnicity attempted that in South Sudan except the Nuer folks. Many of the tribes were weak, poor, and submitted quickly to the British suzerainty compared to the ferociously fighting Nuers. Let’s assumed that the Madhya united with the Nuer folks who were anti-British colonial rule, they could have kicked out the English and to make them walked like naked Emperor on Sudanese soil.

Specifically, the fear of the British was that if the Nuer folks united with Ansar el-Mahdi for a second revolution, the UK would have been terribly defeated and forced to evacuate Sudan. Hitherto, the establishment of the Southern Corps was for that purpose. The British exclusively recruited only the Equatorians at the expense of the ferociously fighting Nuers before the First World War (WWI) (1914-1914-1919) or the Second World War (WWII) 1939-1945) without the the weakling Dinka. In essence, the small Southern Corps was to act as a Reserve Force (RF) for the British to hold grounds, a foothold, and a bridgehead in Sudan and South Sudan in particular, against the uncommitted Nuer nation uprising less to the British suzerainty.


In the aftermath of disenchantment and disappointment with the SPLA in Nairobi, Kenya, he (Phil) wrote about his encounters and lost faith with the Marxist-Leninist organization and its leadership under the tutelage of the late John Garang. When I read Phillips Heilberg’s of JASH Management plights and encounters with the SPLM/A, he was, of course, humiliated because he was invited from NYC by Dr. John Garang to meet with him personally in Nairobi, Kenya. Given, the summation of such experiences, they were not any different from his predecessors. So I communicated with him and we met with him and my colleagues in New York City and Washington, DC, with a group of ex-SPLA Officers that departed the war front because of the SPLM/A bad leadership. He was really bloody angry guy in real true meaning of the word, psychologically furious, fully jittery, and was in  deep real psychological frustration mood that if he could have caught anyone, he could have rifted or torn off anyone apart if he met with the SPLM/A leadership, including the late John Garang from his ordeal with the most disorganized leadership without a vision led by the late John Garang in particular, that he vowed to avenge such a disrespectful, disappointment, and the big cash that he spent on Garang’s projects in the New Sight and saint elsewhere in South Sudan. Verily, verily, he told me about all his ordeals with late John Garang and swore to do him harm in conjunction with Mossad because he had spent more than US$10m to do business with John Garang. Anyway, he was not the first and the last to have given up on the SPLM/A disorganized leadership that was not good for anyone except the disorganized American lobbyists who were after the money and disinformation of the US Congress on the situation in South Sudan to get more money from the US Congress for telling more and more lies.

Frankly speaking, Phil Heilberg is not a bad guy at all, but friendly, jovial, respectful, ambitious and compassionate American businessman. He had certain ideals, beliefs and modes of thinking and neo-thinking of doing business that any persons without strong business knowledge and background could misunderstand and blame the guy. Many businessmen executives like Phil often feel hyper and jittery because of fear of failing of losing money in the business where they have invested big money.

We both flew from New York to Khartoum, Sudan, via Egypt Air Cairo-Khartoum. Personally, I had a mission to make sure that the self-proclaimed American business tycoon Phil Heilberg had to meet with ex- SPLA generals who defected and became SSIM/A generals under the leadership of Dr. Machar for him to learn more complaints and contrasts from the men who lived the SPLA and about the SPLM/A encounters. The Marxist-Leninist split of the once invincible SPLM/A was, thusly, lack of leadership. Phil Heilberg’s gave them empty promises that he never fulfilled. Many Nuer leaders, including me were suspicious and skeptic of his actions. In others, we did neither trust nor believe him for a dime or a penny worth.

Therefore, as our guest, we were polite and courteous even though he was not trusted because he had spoken lies and counter-lies and failed to speak with one tongue as that has been the custom amongst the Nuer to do so that nobody tell lies. The Nuer often like anyone that could tell them the truth and they could be ready to die for that person compared to the one that would tell those lies.

Personally, I advised my American friend that the Nuer folks are like Jewish folks because they are one-way traffic, keen listeners faith-based society and believe only the truth, nothing, but the truth, and so help us God. If you lied to a Nuer, it does not matter, if you control the whole world he would not trust you no more because you lie the first time. For example, it had been the biggest problem between the Arabicized Muslim North and the Nuer and the Jieng (Dinka) because they lay, they speak with two tongues, and considered themselves as the people of God. God does not want anyone to lay, but to speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth and so help us God. Conclusively, the Nuer do not trust a great majority of the Arabicized Muslim North Sudan and the Jieng of South Sudan because whatsoever that they have been considered to speak  gibberish and lies (kaini).


Phil Heilberg sneaked in cool like the snake in the grass with a mission to bite and to kill someone one way or the other. This was comparatively on how my good old friend Phil did come into the Nuer society by utilizing the best and the brightest or la crème de la crème and other enlightened friends as easy preys to enter into the Nuer Community that is liberal, egalitarian, communal (kondial) (together) compared to Harmbee in Kiswahili, with strong kinship amongst the Nuer folks and a pretty real religious-based political culture and political socialization with prophets like in ancient Nuer compared to both Ancient and modern Israel.

In the interim, he had secretly wanted to divide or to dismantled the unity amongst all ex-SPLA generals who were so angry with the late John Garang leadership in the Marxist-Leninist SPLM/A prior to the split on 28 August 1991 that was responsible for the ongoing concurrent sociopolitical and socio-ethnic disarrayed. He became closer to the late 1Lt.-General Paulino Matip Nhial and he went as far as trying to sign lands deals to buy instead of land leases for agricultural development in Mayom County. General Matip’s son in the USA became the agent of such deals. Nevertheless, one thing was self-assuring that the land sales could not go through because the land belongs to the “inherited collective community” property and does not belong to General Matip, his sons, and the family. It belongs to the Bull Nuer of Mayom Community, Unity State.

Based on my firsthand contacts with Phil Heilberg as a Sudanese-American, he had funneled big money to the late John Garang through the New Sight and supplied war materiel to the SPLA from Israel via Rwanda to South Sudan. We knew this firsthand because SSIA captured caches of arms from the fleeing SPMLA to the refugee camps in Kakuma, northern Kenya, and Ajumni and Gulu refugee camps in Uganda. He became a pretty close friend of General Paulino Matip Nhial and Gabriel Tangenye. Down the road we discovered that Phil Heilberg persuaded the Generals among them were Peter Gadet Yak, the late General Gatwiec Chan (Tangiyne) to leave SPLA-I-O to form their Movement that he would supply, but that did not materialized or came to fruition since his ultimate goal was to unplug the SPLA-I-O on behalf of Juba. He sought that he broke the spinal cord  of the Nuer Unity, their Adam Apples,’ and their long legs bones to be broken because of defection of Taban Deng Gai (alas Mohamed Hassan el-Hagg Siddig Ibrahim) who does not have any support within the Nuer Community(NC) because of his wickedness, corruption and that since Dr. Machar’s remains in castration or detention  in South Africa and defections amongst the Nuer soldiers in I-O and the Equatorians defections to occur to cripple I-O because of his wickedness against I-O to rejoin General Thomas Cirilio Sawaka’s NAS new Movement.

Liked, I said, both the Nuer-Equatorian soldiers and officers would neither venture to defect from the cohesive and united I-O forces nor to rejoin General Sawaka’s new Movement that he does not even have a ground to hold on or soldiers to provide project from that ground from I-O attackers in Equatoria. General Sawaka’s was already ever since he defected from Juba has been suspected as  a “double faith” and appendices of Juba like Dr. Lam Akol Ajawien, to unplug I-O  unity and they have totally and completely failed, unfortunately.

The defection of General Sawaka from Juba could have been pre-arranged by Phil Heilberg who has adorned himself as a counter-intelligence guru and expert by making General Sawaka appealing on 21 September 2017 to the people of Equatoria that “they must unite their ranks and files to push out the Dinka and the Nuer from Equatoria region in order to have an independent Federal Republic of Equatoria State or Emerge Equatoria region with Uganda as an alternative.” We are fighting in unionism to create a Federal Republic of South Sudan that its constitution would be the mirror of the US Constitution and Liberia Africa’s First Republic (1847) on the West Coast of Africa formed by the freed Slaves from the US and those captured in the High Seas from the Congo by the British Royal Navy and returned to be settled in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, to admixed with the natives in such regions.

We shall establish Regional Administrations with each state with a constitution modeled on the federal constitution, Governors shall become Chief Executives elected by the people of the States without any interference from the central government. Government shall be divided into three tiers- the executive branch, Legislature branch, and with an independent Judiciary. We would have a national army and the President shall be elected by the people shall become the Chief Executive and commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of South Sudan. The President shall have only two terms of 4-year each in Office and unless by popular demand he could run for re-election.

We shall revert to the ten (10) original states based on the 2015 Peace Agreement. All states subsequently created by both Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar shall be “de-commissioned”, invalidated, and to be declared as null and void.


Firstly, not many southerners know about the guy called General Sawaka. People knew that he was in the SPLA, but they do not know what roles he played in the war. Secondly, General Sawaka has shown that he is a divisive military leader rather than a uniting politico-military of the people of South Sudan. I would like to probe a question as a double advocate: How many people really do support General Sawaka in Equatoria or in Bari country? Where was General Sawaka when Equatorians were being genocide by the regime in Juba? As a military commander and a leader he should have been a unifying person. His calls for the Equatorians to de-mobilize from the Nuer in I-O and the Dinka in IG and urging them to create their Movement in which there would be no object to such a proposal.  

Equatorians have been with the Nuer on many occasions throughout the armed struggle under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Riek Machar. We helped them created the Equatorian Defense Force (EDF) and I could not be pleased that I was among the initiators of such a plan as a US veteran and it did work well for the EDF. The failure of EDF was not the Nuer, but the Equatorian leaders that were deceived by the late John Garang to leave the predominantly Nuer led SSIM/A and failed to promote and to offer to the Equatorians higher military positions, including many Equatorians with greater military and combat experiences. The Equatorian politicians were also ignored by the Jieng in the aftermath of their premature departure from the “Green grass” of the SSIM/A to the SPLM/A Gobi or Saharan Desert. They were told to leave the Nuer and they did. They were not integrated into the SPLA with equal ranks, but were degraded or demoted, unfortunately.

The Nuer led SSIM/A applied Positive discrimination or Affirmative Action in promoting Equatorians of junior ranks to higher ranks in the commands because  we wanted to have equity in the SSIM/A because we fell that they were really done gross social injustice that must and ought to be corrected. SSIM/A also did that to the Shilluk (Chollo), Murle, Anuak, Mban cadres to achieving equity. Thirdly, the call for the Federal Republic of Equatoria would not be a problem because we are all fighting now for the establishment of a shared federal system of government similar to the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Belgium, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). In South Sudan, we would go federal system of government that create three (3) regions, namely, Greater Equatoria, Greater Bahr-el-Ghazal and Greater Upper Nile regions. Every region would govern itself without any interference from the central government. In my capacity as a political scientist, I would not object the proposal by General Sawaka appealing on 21 September 2017 to the people of Equatoria that “they must unite their rank and files to push out the Nuer and the Dinka from Equatoria region in order to have an independent Federal Republic of Equatoria State or Emerge Equatoria region with Uganda as an alternative.”

We would not object for Equatoria region to become an independent Federal Republic if it wishes to do so within the framework of South Sudan federal system. Any idea of Emerge Equatoria with Uganda that is too dangerous to call. Equatoria land and its people belong to South Sudan under international law, treaties, protocols and international demarcations of international political boundaries. General Sawaka’s must be daily dreaming and shares this nonsensical or gobbledygook daily dreaming with Dr. Lam Akol calls for all minorities to unite against the Nuer-Dinka majority to rule in South Sudan. This would be the reverse of democratic system that majority rule and minority rights. In the case of Equatoria to emerge with Uganda that would tantamount to the declaration of war because if such a grandeur idea comes from the Uganda Dictator-for-Life Museveni he would be taking Uganda underground because there was no country called Uganda before 1895. The entire Northern Uganda belongs to South Sudan and this could be the best time for the people of South Sudan to invade, occupy, and to annex Northern Uganda to become a sanctuary for the LRA rebels to be assisted and trained by the White Army against the UPDF. Most importantly, we know that President Museveni is mentoring General Sawaka to become a rivalry Equatorian leader against the Nuer-Dinka majority. The Nuer-Dinka could handle General Sawaka’s rivalry against the Nuer-Dinka majority in South Sudan. We have nothing to fear except fear itself. I hope that Dr. Lam Akol and General Sawaka would make their fabulous grandeur ideas to come to fruition as we speak in South Sudan.

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Stephen Dak October 11, 2017 at 6:06 am

Dear Professor David, it is always interesting to read your article. You sometimes make a very interesting points and back up your ideas which you try to present. Yes, there is one proverb By Nuer, that say ” nothing like what only one person knows” I am saying this because South Sudan in the next few coming years it will be known as a kingdom but not by those who are running it now. I am saying all these with sincerity of truth, not assuming that could happen. Now as i am speaking through this media some people who read this will characterize me as someone who lack sense because they see nothing in the future ahead either of the world nor South Sudan in particular. So they think for impossibility for that to be a South Sudan Title. You will all be looking for me when these things happen or closer to be the reality and you will all come to realization.

James Tot Mathiang October 11, 2017 at 4:26 pm

I used to be a Die-hard supporter or a fan of this expert, professor/Ambassador David de Chand, but after the Nuer genocide I withdrew my support to him. I always ask myself, what is Dr. de Chand thinking? What is he waiting for? I remember Dr. de Chand made a very memorable statement to the world before independence that South Sudan was not ready and Independence of South Sudan would means bloodshed and this is exactly what had happened. I know very well that if Professor de Chand was still active in politics, Obama Administration would not allow genocide to continue in South Sudan. Professor de Chand as a US Army, and political analyst is capable of changing any human behavior, but the man is sitting and watch is own people being slaughtered like goats.

Stephen Dak October 12, 2017 at 5:51 am

Hi dear! Yes, I am aware of that before you do so, do what you think suit your feeling. I am already have been notified regarding your judgment. Keep your motive up when you see my comment take it down it is a good time for you to practice what will become real in a short term. Nothing personal to educate is general public awareness. Let me say one more thing if you really keep that attitude it will go wrong with you just reminder so when happen not confuse.


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