The South Sudan Students Association in Kenya (SSSAK) response to Dak Both Gabriel Articles:

By Deng Bol Michael,


Feb 03, (Nyamilepedia) —- Dear readers, this Article is in response to Articles posted on Sudan Tribune on 13/01/2016 and on 01/02/2016 by self proclaimed leader Dak Bouth Gabriel in the name of South Sudanese Students in Kenya.

First and foremost, The South Sudan Students Association in Kenya hereafter known as (SSSAK) (#28052) is a registered none political, social welfare Students Association founded in 2006 by Colonel Philip Aguer Panyang, the current Governor of Jonglei State and former Spokesman of SPLA. It membership comprises of South Sudanese Students in Kenyan Universities and Colleges. The aim of SSSAK is to create platform of social interaction for South Sudanese Students in Kenya. Since its creation in 2006, the Association has experience significance growth and had been involved in a number of activities at the national level. Significantly, the Association has conducted and assisted South Sudanese Students in Kenya in attending leadership skills, education, livelihood activities and sports.

In regards to Dak Both Articles, We the South Sudanese Students in Kenya would like to dispel the claims /sentiments aired by Dak Bouth Gabriel who pretended to act on behalf of students in Kenya. First, on 13 January 2016 Dak posted an article on Sudan tribune in title: “SOUTH SUDANESE STUDENTS IN KENYA HAVE WELCOME PRESIDENT SALVA KIIR RECENT APOLOGY OVER THE DEADLY CONFLICT AND DEMANDED ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THOSE RESPONSIBLE”.

Secondly, on 1st February, 2016 Dak Both Gabriel made another reckless statement by lamenting that the S. Sudanese Students in Kenya are demanding the unconditional release of Ex- Governor of Western Equatoria state, in his own words Dak claims that The “ south Sudanese congress of patriots , a body comprise of students in Kenya is calling on human rights defenders and the international community to investigate the disappearance of former western Equatoria governor”.

Before we strongly condemned these horrible acts committed by Dak Bouth Gabriel on behalf of South Sudanese Students Association in Kenya (SSSAK), there’s need to understand who is Dak Bouth Gabriel?

This is the photo of Dak Buoth, the author of this article
This is the photo of Dak Buoth, the author of this article

Dak Both Gabriel is a controversial drop out, a self defeated student of law and a prophet of doom who always believe in negative propaganda. He has been at Law school for more than prescribed time at the Presbyterian University of the Eastern Africa, a University that does not offer law or even a certificate of law. After the closure of his law school by the Commission of higher Education in Kenya, he then moved to another University called Kisii University. In his controversy, Dak Both Gabriel had been consistently writing on behalf of The Union that he never led. For instance, he claimed to be a former Student leader in Kenya (SSSAK). In addition, the so called South Sudanese Congress of Patriots does not exist anywhere in Kenya. However, his claims only exist in his mind.

Therefore, we the duly elected leaders of The South Sudanese Students in Kenya (SSSAK) would like to condemned with strongest term possible the continues writing of Dak Buoth Gabriel on articles that are negative in nature and controversial to the extent that can perpetuate more violent in our country.

The views aired out by Dak Buoth Gabriel in Media outlet does not represent students’ fraternity in Kenya headed by Deng Bol Michael who was overwhelmingly elected through free, fair and transparent election conducted on 04/07/2015. Thus, The South Sudanese Students’ leadership in Kenya would like to bring to the attention of the public that sentiments echoed by Dak Bouth Gabriel should be treated as his personal views/opinions and therefore, he should carry on responsibility in the even need arises. His unruly- ill mannered insults on the president is amounted to treason.

Subsequently, we the students’ leaders in Kenya are intellectuals who are capable to response to any development in our country and therefore, denouncing Dak Bouth Gabriel’s emotionalisms purported act on behalf of Students to desist from such irresponsible deeds. However, we urge him to refrain from further publication on behalf of the Students in Kenya. Failure to do so will result to legal disciplinary measures by SSSAK leadership in Kenya.

Lastly, we argue the media consumers to be aware of these goons who publish articles of their own interest at the expenses of the Students. Please be cautious at all time!!!!.

This article was written by SSSAK leadership in Kenya under the auspices of Deng Bol Michael, Chairman of SSSAK. Any queries should be directed to these contacts:

Email: info.sssak@gmail.com or luoncyp2013@gmail.com, Cell phone: +254700715082 or +211953339003.


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