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Breaking News: Malong Returned To Juba, Demands Not Met


Malong Awan, former army chief landed at Juba airport from Yirol after escaping Juba (Photo/supplied)
Malong Awan, former army chief landed at Juba airport from Yirol after escaping Juba (Photo/supplied)

May 13, 2017 (Nyamilepedia) —— Sacked South Sudan army chief has returned to Juba without his demands met, and on arrival appealed to be allowed to return to his home in Aweil. Kiir despatched a high Jieng profile figures to meet Malong in Yirol, Lakes States, it’s in such meetings where Gen. Malong was convinced to return to Juba in order to preserve the unity of Jieng. The former army boss set forth demands saying he would only return to Juba if the regional protection force is deployed to Juba and demanded the relieve of Akol Koor and Thomas Duoth Guet, both holding the post of director of internal security and director of internal security respectively.

Initially, Malong stated he left Juba because his presence might cause problems, and easy way to avoid such problems, in his view, is to go home in Aweil. According to him, if he wanted to fight the government, he would have fought in Juba because he has some forces loyal to him.

“I left this capital with no any ill-intentions. The intention was just in my heart to leave towards my home area, avoiding some matters that might occur if I am around. If I want to rebel, I will rebel here and I was having guns here and these soldiers do not belong to anybody. Some belong to you and some belong to me, if I was planning to fight, I would have fought here.” Malong stated.

“I was asked to come back and I have come back to come and listen why I am needed here. I will again ask them (government) to go back to my family, home area, because it is my choice. I want to go and stay at home not for any intention. I am somebody who having a strong family, I want to live with my family if I am not asked to do anything for the nation, I should do something for myself,” he continued.

South Sudanese are speculating as to what will happen to the former general chief of staff in which he, by military laws relative to the nature he left Juba, rebelled by taking with him an army that he was commanding as army chief, took with him two-month salaries of the army, and left the national capital without handing his office over to his deputy who took over the role of chief of general staff. Lt. Gen. James Ajonga Mawut, deputy chief of general staff for logistics from Aweil as Malong, was sworn in as South Sudan chief of general staff after Malong’s sacking. Malong lauded Ajonga’s elevation in that matter describing him his relative and honest man who can perform better him.

The relationship between Kiir and Malong soared a year ago and many attempts were made to bring the two together but never materialized. Although President Kiir said he granted him good security, he didn’t say whether he granted him amnesty.

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