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Breaking News: Dinka Government Soldiers Are Still Murdering Unarmed Civilians At POC/UNMISS In Malakal.

By Brig. Gen. Nyagwal Ajak,

Civilians in PoC in Malakal during con formations, groups of Shilluk rallied and marched in the Malakal camp (Benedict Moran/Aljazeera).
Civilians in PoC in Malakal during confrontations, groups of Shilluk rallied and marched in the Malakal camp (Benedict Moran/Aljazeera).

Feb 18, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- UNMISS Protection Camp in Malakal town came under attack last night starting from 8:00pm to 4:00am by group of soldiers in Malakal jointly with Dinka Padang militants operating in the town executed this action despite Gen Chol Thon Balok, new Governor of so-called Eastern Nile State is currently in town for the last four days.

UNMISS Protection soldiers went out with their military tanks but could not return fire to protect Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) being killed by a group of soldiers operating in Malakal with their militants in joint operation against innocent civilians mainly from Shilluk and Nuer tribes in both camps attacked.

UNMISS soldiers prevented movement within the camp attacked, making it difficult to know how many innocent civilians under UNMISS protection killed and wounded throughout the night until when I spoke to my immediate uncle in the camp on the phone.

All the Dinka who were in UNMISS Protection camp in Malakal since war started deserted their camp after their tribal soldiers launched an attack and went away with attackers this early morning hours, leaving their camp deserted which means it is well planned and coordinated, the attack also involved weapons smuggled inside the camp illegally days back before incident.

According to the information I obtained from the camp, this problem started day before yesterday when UNMISS Protection Security Officers received sufficient security report that Dinka Internally Displaced Persons staying in Malakal UNMISS Protection Camp received illegal weapons smuggled from main town center into IDPs camp by their tribe security agents controlling the town since first week of July 2015 when SPLA- IO withdrew tactically from Malakal town. UNMISS protection soldiers wanted to conduct the search for illegal weapons smuggled inside the protection camp but Dinka Internally Displaced Persons refused to allow UNMISS Security to conduct the search for weapons then the attack happened last night at 8:00pm.


The UNMISS Protection soldiers failed to protect innocent civilians in UNMISS Protection Camp since war started and in most cases IDPs are killed by attackers in their present doing nothing in their watchful eyes to protect the dying innocent civilians.

Where is Peace Agreement international community is pushing [IO] so hard to implement when the Jieng Council of Elders’ government is not ready to respect terms of peace agreement? The Security Forces operating in Malakal town including Governor of so-called Eastern Nile state would have prevented this incident if they are not part of the operation that killed innocent civilians in PoC. Some days back, they blocked the road from Malakal UNMISS Protection Camp leading to Wau Shilluk IDPs camp; killing whoever found moving within this road from Shilluk tribe until now etc.

Update in PoC in Malakal

In respect to the attacks of civilians in UNMISS by Government’s forces in Malakal, I reported earlier today as above, here are more details have just received a focal person in UNMISS Malakal:

  1. Number of people confirmed dead are five (5) and the number of the wounded have risen to thirty five (35) people, they are currently undergoing treatment inside UNMISS camp.
  2. Nuer camp has been burned down completely because it is situated next to the Dinka camp and now Nuer have run to Chollo camp.
  3. This morning over seven hundred (700) Dinka soldiers well-armed went back to pick their remaining Dinka Internally Displaced Persons who did not manage to leave the UNMISS camp last night to Malakal town away from UNMISS Protection Camp. Attackers were using weapons and hand grenades to unarmed IDPs that is why many IDPS were wounded.
  4. The situation in IDPs camp is very bad now in UNMISS Camp in Malakal, I will keep you posted in case of any new development on situation there.

I am informed that UNMISS State Coordinator wants to meet Gen. Chol Thon Balok, Governor of so-called Eastern Nile State with his fake government present in town who planned this vicious attack on unarmed innocent civilians from Shilluk and Nuer tribes


Best Regards,

Brig. Gen. Nyagwal Ajak is official Spokesperson of Agwelek Forces in SPLA-IO, he can be reached through nyagwal.ador@gmail.com





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Rol Nyang February 18, 2016 at 3:17 am

This barbaric acts really shows that, this government is not national army but Dinka government. The really government can not target civilian base on their tribes.Dinka should fear God and should also bear in mind that, there is time for every thing. I

I have no doubt one day, this power they are miss using will finish and another tribe will take over. What will happen if that tribe will start to reverge, will they cry for help?

Otherwise, it is not all Dinka who are fueling this, but there are some element who are making other Dinka to be victims of the circumstance.

Gabby February 18, 2016 at 6:24 am

I am saddened with this shocking news from Malakal as per early news this morning, The UNMISS camp attacked while the peacekeepers are at watch without any action.l condemned this barbaric havoc incited by Jieng Padang alleging belonging of the town to them.

Where is so-called peace deal brokered by IGAD-plus, where is international community if innocent civilians could be subjected to killing with impunity to the culprits.There must be something wrong in South Sudan policy and specially Dinka as a tribe.

Does Dinka think that this country could be easily left to them by other tribes? This mean we have to go back to square one and embarks on assaults since their thick mind is blocked to deafness.enough is enough.

The peace has been signed August.2015 and yet killing has not been stopped in Upper Nile and Equatoria. This indicates jieng are provoking and trying to intimidates others tribes to take over the country as a whole.

SPLM-IO should seek other measures rather than relying on this fake peace.

Rev.Gabriel Bol February 18, 2016 at 2:10 pm

To all brothers and Sisters in Christ, I was so bad so worthy for killing innocent people who were seeking for peace.Therefore,I would say that our countries should be ashes that mean God will pushes those who killed innocent.
My pray would goes to the family who lose their love ones.May love of God be with you in new heaven and protect your soul in the right hand our father and savior Jesus Christ.


Tolio February 18, 2016 at 12:20 pm

It is true that there had been attacks on ID’s camp in Malakal. This is of course a very condemnable act.

Gunmen responsible for the attacks are neither identified as soldiers from the government, Dinkas nor SPLM-IO. They are simply unknown.

No single tribe in the camp is known as a target of such attacks.

UNMISS doesn’t know who the attackers were either,though it has confirmed the incident.

brigadier General Nyagwal Ajak told the lie and his writing is irresponsible.

There is no benefit to gain from telling lies that do nothing but keep fueling our already torn social fabrics which the efforts of peace agreement try to unify.

General Ajak should have rather waited for a neutral and independent party such as UNMISS to do its investigation of that incident and informed South Sudanese and the world about what it has learnt of the attackers; their aims and whether the attackers acted discriminately or not.

He (Ajak) isn’t a disinterested person, since he is either from Nuer tribe or Shilluk tribe. It is obvious which side he’s taken. It is quite simple to pick up his bias from his misleading report as simple as that.

By reporting his lie as a fact,he is no different from those unknown gunmen who have committed a terrible crime of attacking harmless and vulnerable IDPs.

Naath United February 18, 2016 at 5:06 pm

The un should be ashamed to see so call goverment of the republic of south sudan killing unarmed civilian in the hand of international community. Question: Is salva kirr in control of dinka miliatians or some one elses is? Clearly this shouldn’t be called a goverment,but criminals, terrist that terrorfying the civilian of the nation. When can the world signal to salva kirr run dinka militians organise crimes enough is enough like the world did to Sadam,and muhamad gaddafi?

Bol Gatjang February 18, 2016 at 8:00 pm

This is a kind of horror and vicious attack on human right while the so called UN peace were available.Those individuals who were committed this barbaric acts must be brought to justices including Kiir. I hope the international community and their allies should take serious actions by ordering ICC to investigate this gruesome massacre committed before their very eyes of their troops. This is indescribable resentment for all of us in diaspora abroad and even inside the country, my condolences to the affected family.

Peacemaker February 19, 2016 at 1:04 am

If you condone the sad incident why not remain silent. Don’t you know that the same could even happen to you or your family given the current situation in South Sudan? It is unfair to attack the author when he is trying to give the information he had obtained. Inference alone tells us of the government complicity in the incident.

Tolio February 20, 2016 at 2:07 pm


Well, silence is decipherable as negative or positive depending on the contexts and whether an action to speak isn’t anticipated.

Unlike the writer,my remarks are impartial. The author is affiliated with one of the rival parties which were directly responsible for military campaigns that led to mass displacement of civilians from Shilluk, Dinka and Nuer who have now fought among themselves at PoC site in Malakal where they reside as IDPs.

The author is a kin of Shilluk tribe and an ally of Nuer tribe in the SPLM-IO who opposes a Dinka led government.

A headline above makes the incident a politicization and it comes before the UNMISS or government has done proper investigations.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ February 19, 2016 at 12:15 pm


this sad news is reported in many sources. you better declear that you are among the killers so you are afraid to be hunted down. You must know that it is too late for the killers to find a hiding hole in the world. You might have realised that things are not going well the way you use to predict. I can see how your ass burn in hell day and night. You were asking why the IO wanted Juba to be demilitarized be it leader Dr. Riak could come to Juba. Have you come across the letter sent to kiir by IGAAD and The TROIKA? Kiir was told not to form any fake of government of unity before the coming of the Peace lover leader Dr. Riak. I told you before that Juba must be made clean from any cow dung. Do you get this? Happy lecturing you today.

Tolio February 20, 2016 at 11:15 am


It is known that other news channels reported the similar story but their news headlines and contents weren’t biased as the one above. Appreciations go to those other news outlets and their journalists for demonstrating an ethically oriented professionalism of impartiality.

There is no involvement of myself in the clashes between IDPs who reside in PoC site in Malakal or elsewhere in the country but If I were a killer as you wanted me to declare,I wouldn’t have targeted innocent IDPs who couldn’t in the first place be my enemy. A foe would be somebody whose threats to my life led me to acquire a gun as the best weapons for clashing with him or her in battlefields. If I killed that enemy, I would have made sure my combat actions were morally justified, conformed with laws of the land and international humanitarian laws governing the best conducts and arts of war.

Hiding or evading those who are tasked to hunt me down and how to confront them in defenses would have been planned and well rehearsed against unforeseen outcomes.

You said demilitarization of Juba is needed so the leader of the SPLM-IO could returned to the city with his bodyguards and be safer. Already,there is good security given to advanced members of his party. Prominent figures like Taban Deng and others are in Juba and they are much safer under the security which their opponents gave them. If Riek Machar goes to Juba,he will be as secure as all his members of the advanced team who are now in Juba. He shouldn’t be so worried about his own safety than those of Taban Deng whose lives, he( Riek Machar) should think are equal to his own life.

If the intention of the government is to kill Machar in Juba, no strengths of his weaponry, munitions and protection can achieve that goal. Killing or harming the leader of the SPLM-IO is not the goal of the government and that’s the truth which will keep him safe in the Capital.

The joined letter from the IGAD and TROIKA which requested President Kiir not to form a unity government but wait for Riek Machar didn’t have word ‘fake’ in it. Fake government is your own invention. Responsible peak authorities have no offensive adjectival words in their vocabularies.

By the way, all the things I say in my remarks aren’t these but those are always true. You term these as my predictions and no matter what names you gave them, feel free to have faith in them and if you don’t, the best credit you deserve is to go get a flying fuck in hell. Lol.


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