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Unity state: County commissioner evacuated to Juba after traditional chief killed

Mayom and Abiemnom County (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

February 8th 2020 (Nyamilepedia) – A commission of one of Greater Mayom County has been evacuated to the capital Juba after a traditional chief has been killed by rival clan, officials said on Saturday.

Fighting between rival clans in Greater Mayom claimed the life of prominent traditional chief raising fears of revenge attack.

One government source said “the situation in Mankien town is relatively calm after the intervention of the SSPDF forces in the area to contain the situation.”

“The commissioner of Mankien John Maluk Matai has been evacuated to Juba today in fear of serious retaliation from the armed youth belong to the shrine of the spiritual leader Pey Karekna who has been killed by the armed youth belong to the section of the area commissioner Major General John Maluk Matai who has been appointed recently in the second time by the governor of Northern Liech state.

“The commissioner will have to submit his resignation letter to the governor of Northern Liech state to appoint a new commissioner to avoid being assassinated by the armed youth of the deceased spiritual leader.”

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