South Sudan Delegation To DRC Signs An Agreement To Support President Kabila To Extend His Term Limits Comes December 19th

Kuol Manyang Juuk, South Sudan Minister of Defense and Veteran affairs(Photo: file)

Kuol Manyang Juuk, South Sudan Minister of Defense and Veteran affairs(Photo: file)

Nov 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— A South Sudanese military delegation to Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has completed a three-day official visit to Kinshasa.

According to a very close and reliable source to press within the circle of the presidency, the delegation was headed by the Minister of Defense, Hon. Kuol Manyang Juuk and comprised of highly senior military generals in Salva Kiir’s war-ragged administration.

The source revealed that the delegation negotiated term and conditions of a new Security Cooperation agreement which is due to be signed shortly by the Minister and the Military high command in Hotel Flave in the capital ,Kinshasa, before the delegation takes off for Juba.

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No one knows the exact details of the cooperation agreement and how Kiir government would support Kabila extending his term limit; however, Juba is working hard to sabotage the August peace agreement as it opts for a military solution to the conflict and isolation of SPLM/A-IO leadership.

The source revealed that the visit has not made any significant impacts as the delegation reportedly failed to convince the civil societies, NGOs and MONUSCO to campaign for immediate deportation of the Armed Opposition forces back to South Sudan.

According to the insiders, Kinshasa has no political interests in South Sudan like Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan but Juba promises that this could be a new beginning.

The Kabila’s administration stresses that Kinshasa is going through its own civil war and lacks budgets to deport over 700 fighters of SPLA- IO, who accompanied Dr. Riek Machar to DRC.

The civil societies groups and MONUSCO also expressed a lot of doubts on alleged amnesty the delegation said has been promised to SPLM/A-IO leadership and fighters who were militarily forced out of the capital in July this year.

Supporting Kabila To Extend His Term Limit

The reliable source said the Security cooperation agreement is meant to build relationship between DR Congo and South Sudan in term of any political crisis that may ensure on or before Dec 19th, 2016, the time President Joseph Kabila is expected to relinquish powers as his terms would constitutionally come to an end.

The South Sudan military delegation is of the view that President Kabila is still young and fits to lead the country for another term or two and therefore his leadership should amend the constitutions to extend his term.

The duo signed an agreement to work closely to protect and smooth out any eventuality should the extension of Kabila’s term limit goes wrong.

According to the list of the delegation, which was extended to Nyamileepedia by insiders, Manyang’s delegates were mostly his fellow dinka tribesmen in South Sudan military.

1. H.E. Kuol Manyang Juuk (Defense Minister).
2. Lt Gen. Mangar Buong for operations.
3. Maj. Gen. Kuol Deng Abut (Director General for International relations)
4. Maj. Gen. Marial Nuor (Chief of Military intelligence)
5. Maj. Gen. Majak Arop Kuol (Director for Data base Division for external National Security)
6. Col. Lazarus Lalik Awan (Military Intelligence)
7. Mr. Deng Athuai (Office manager for the Minister of Defense)
8.  Mr. Arok Bol. (Camera man for the Minister)
9. Mr. Peter Anyieth. (Body guard to the Minister)
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